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Hanoi What to Eat

 5 Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Hanoi

5 Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Hanoi

In Hanoi more and more vegan and vegetarian restaurants appear, bringing delicious vegetarian cuisines to diners. The frugal taste of the vegetarian dishes is not bland at all. Although there are some vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi, the vegetarian culture is almost non-existent in Hanoi’s street art. The article is also tragic for anyone who wants to enjoy the very attractive vegan and vegeterian food in this city.

A Vegetarian dish made from lotus seeds and decorated with lotus flower
A Vegetarian dish made from lotus seeds and decorated with lotus flower

I, Vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi

I.1 Some must-know things about vegetarianism

Starting from southern India, vegetarianism has now become a new culinary trend in Vietnam. Vegetarian food properly provides nutrients to help the body become healthy, while maintaining a slim figure and avoiding many diseases.

Although made from vegetables and non-meat ingredients. vegetarian foods are nutritious
Although made from vegetables and non-meat ingredients. vegetarian foods are nutritious

Previously referred to as “vegetarian”, people often think of the meager meals of Buddhist, temple and spiritual practitioners. But today vegetarianism is becoming more familiar, not only in the Buddhist countries but in some European countries.

There are several “levels” of vegetarianism, or types of vegetarian, starting from the most restrictive and working our way down. But basically the term Vegan is referred to people who don’t eat anything related to and derived from animals. They also avoid animal-derived items like leather, fur, ivory, horns, silk,… Other “levels” are Lacto Vegetarian, Ovo Vegetarian, Lacto-ovo Vegetarian, Pollotarian, Pescatarian, Flexitarian referred to those who do not consume a specific animal related product.

Vegetarian food is very rich in taste and processing. In each country, vegetarian food is made with traditional recipes. Even in the same country, vegetarian restaurants serve diners with different cuisines. But the similarities in these vegetarian meals are that there is no meat,  so green vegetables and organic food turn into nutritious and healthy foods.

The vegetarian diet is not detrimental to the physical, mental as people say. Vegetarianism used to be compulsory. But vegetarianism today is to protect your health, purify your soul, gentle to enter the uncircumcised.

Scientific evidences also prove that vegetarian diets are very beneficial to health. In particular, vegetarians are healthier than those who are none. Vegetarian foods are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and help purify the body, eliminate toxins in the body.

So where can we find best places to get these healthy foods? Let’s follow the list below.

I.2 Vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam.

1. An Phuc – one of the most special vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Vietnam

An Phuc restaurant
An Phuc restaurant is one of the best vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi

Located in Thai Ha area, An Phuc does not only serve fresh vegetarian dishes but also creates a warm interior which makes customers feel like being home. Besides, An Phuc purchases the freshest ingredients to use in vegan dishes, including tofu and mock meat dishes – such as vegetarian beef noodle soups or vegan shrimps. Moreover, the staff in there are friendly and quick.

  • Price: Mid-range
  • Opening hours: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Address: No.11/131 Thai Ha street

2. Loving Hut Nguon Coi Restaurant-A touch of simpleness in Vietnamese vegetarian cuisine

Com chay (Rice with non-meat foods) is one of the best orders of Loving Hut restaurant
Com chay (Rice with non-meat foods) is one of the best orders of Loving Hut restaurant

Loving Hut specializes in fresh, seasonally inspired vegan meals offering a variety of healthy dishes which  are suitable for all diets. The menu is extensive, range from vegan chicken, vegan pork or ribs, and Chinese vegetable-based food, to fresh Vietnamese dishes such as vegetarian pho. This is a great place to have a vegan lunch or dinner.

When you come to a Loving hut restaurant, you can immediately feel the warm welcome from the staff and the medium to small size of the place gives them a cozy and home alike feel.

With sauces dishes from different types of mushroom, tofu and aubergine cooked in brown vegetarian gravy to deep-fried and stir-fried dishes from rice dough, bok choy, vegetarian sausage and bitter melon.

  • Price: approximately VND 30000 per dish.
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 9 am – 9 pm
  • Address: Loving Hut The gioi chay, No.192/4, Quan Thanh street; Loving Hut An Lac, No.8, alley  40/2, Ta Quang Buu street; Loving Hut Nguon Coi, No. 3, alley 121/10, Chua Lang street; Loving Hut Thien Phuc, No.18, alley 71, Nguyen Hong street.

3. Nang tam-vegetarian restaurant – A loving place for peaceful souls

“Nang tam” restaurant is attracting both local people and tourists to come and enjoy the art of cuisine there
“Nang tam” restaurant is attracting both local people and tourists to come and enjoy the art of cuisine there

“Nang tam” is among one of the famous for vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi. The place welcomes its customers with such quiet and calm sense.

The ingredients used often used by the chefs here consist of vegetables that are common but still outstanding and mild in flavors like cauliflower, banana blossom, tofu, zucchini, mushrooms,..

“Nang tam” restaurant is attracting both local people  and tourists to come and enjoy the art of cuisine there. Another great thing is that, besides vegetarian dishes as listed above, this place is also famous for its Vietnamese non-vegetarian dishes, giving customers the wide-range of food-choices.

  • Price: Mid-range
  • Address:79A Tran Hung Dao street
  • Opening hours: 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM

4. Phat Truong Tho restaurant

Phat Truong Tho is a famous vegan and vegetarian restaurant run by local Buddhists, located near the West Lake. A lively hangout, the place has an inspiring Tibetan Buddhist décor that features two large gold statutes of Buddha. The menu features mock meat dishes such as lemongrass ‘chicken’ or Lau, the famous hot pot, here served as a vegan version. The Buddhist chants as background music and a cat roaming around the place add a special charm to the restaurant’s atmosphere.

  • Price: Mid-range
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Address:184B Xuan Dieu street, Tay Ho Lake.

5. May Trang/White Cloud restaurant

May Trang earns its reputation as one of the best vegan places in Hanoi for serving up excellent foods. The menu  avoids the two things that are often the downfall of many vegetarian restaurants — too much fake meat and not enough flavor.  Order anything — it’s all delicious.

  • Price: Mid-range
  • Opening hours: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Address: 299 Au Co street, Tay ho District

II. Vegetarian street food tour in Hanoi

 II.1 How to turn street food in Hanoi become vegetarian food

  • Although there are some vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi, the vegetarian culture is almost non-existent in Hanoi street food. This is tragic for anyone who wants to enjoy the very attractive food in this city.
  • First, when you go to any cafeteria, you should not tell the waiter that you are “vegetarian” but add the phrase “no meat” after each dish. If you can not pronounce it, write it down on paper and give it to them.
  • An important ingredient in vegetarian meals in Hanoi is “soy sauce” which you can use to replace fish sauce. Because not every food item has soy sauce, it is not a bad idea to have a small bottle of soy sauce in your pocket. You also have to ask the chef not to use the fish sauce in your dish, even though the results are only risky.

Here are some vegetarian, vegan versions of Hanoi street food:

1, Stir fried Pho (no meat)

Stir fried Pho with tomatoes, vegetable oils and other spices
Stir fried Pho with tomatoes, vegetable oils and other spices

If you find a food stall that has a large black pan, you find a great stir fried Pho with tomatoes, vegetable oils and other spices. Just need to order “fried noodles without meat” for a perfect vegan street food.

2, Pho Cuon (roll) with egg

Vegetarian Pho Cuon is a dish made from fried egg and raw vegetables
Vegetarian Pho Cuon is a dish made from fried egg and raw vegetables

Pho Cuon is a dish made from square beef rolls and raw vegetables. But fried egg can be substituted for beef, which is widely accepted by vegetarians. At Pho Cuon stalls, you can also order fried Pho and fried corn which also are attractive vegetarian dishes.

3, Banh mi trung ( Vietnamese sandwiches with egg)

A lighter version of the most popular Vietnamese street food for vegetarians
A lighter version of the most popular Vietnamese street food for vegetarians

A lighter version of the most popular Vietnamese street food for vegetarians. You just need to replace meat with fried egg and cucumber, onions and chili sauce. The taste is still amazing.

4, Xoi (Sticky rice)

Xoi Xeo - one of famouse sticky rice in Hanoi
Xoi Xeo – one of famouse sticky rice in Hanoi

Xoi are usually served with different types of meat, but it’s not bad if you order this with peanuts, green beans or eggs. You can even eat the sticky rice with ice cream. Trust me, this is the best dessert ever!

5, Che (Vietnamese sweet dessert)

Che is a famous Vietnamese dessert
Che is a famous Vietnamese dessert

Che is a mixture of green mung bean paste, coconut milk and many other things. On winter, there are other kinds of hot Che called “Banh troi tau” which are made from black sesame or mung beans with hot ginger juice.

II.2 Hanoi vegetarian street food tour

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan and you want to discover the street food culture of Hanoi, take a look at our vegetarian/vegan street food tour


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Hanoi What to Eat

5 Best Choices for Breakfast in Hanoi Old Quarter

Breakfast in Hanoi, Old Quarter? You don’t know what to have yet, and You don’t know where to eat? Don’t worry, get dressed and head to the best places for a local breakfast around the Old Quarter to enjoy a peaceful morning like a real Hanoian

1, Breakfast in Hanoi with Banh mi (Vietnamese bread)

The first highly recommended food is Banh mi. Since tourists and foreigners have praised about Vietnamese bread recently. It seems that the bread has become the most popular Vietnamese street food. As a local, Banh mi is my preference for breakfast among other food because it is not a picky-eater food but a convenient food which can be easily found and eaten at anytime, anywhere.

Banh mi can be best described as a Vietnamese sandwiches with familiar ingredients such as ham, paté, marinated meat,..The spirit of Banh mi is the sauce which is made from generation secret recipe. It is sure that with just one taste, you will hardly forget this food.

See the Hanoi Street Food Tour in the Morning

Where to eat?

  • 38 Dinh Liet Street. Among all the “modern” Banh mi, this shop is best known for the traditional taste of the food.

– Time: 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM

– Price: 20,000 – 25,000 Dong

– Rated: 5 .0/5.0


✓ If you prefer rich flavor, ask the owner for more sauce. A secret recipe for sauce has been made and kept through generations.

✓ The shop also has other kinds of Banh mi, but the original one (“Banh mi kep”) is still the best.

  • 34 Lo Su Street. The shop is considered as the oldest Banh mi shop in Hanoi, which was first opened in 1979. The owner gets a new batch of bread each 3 hours to make sure that the breads are always warm and crispy.

– Time: 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM

– Price: 20,000- 30,000 Dong

– Rated: 4.5/5.0


✓ The “best-seller” here is Banh mi with paté (A rich, savoury paste made from finely minced or mashed ingredients, typically seasoned meat and liver) so if you are so confused to choose, get this one.

2, Breakfast in Hanoi with Pho (Noodle soup)

If you have a chance, please try Pho. This dish is one of the most popular traditional food in Vietnam. The steaming hot broth made from meat bones simmered for hours is severed with rice noodles (banh pho) and slices of tender juicy beef or chicken.  A perfect bowl of Pho would be some green onions and herbs on top with 2-3 lime drops for a taste of harmony in the morning.

Where to eat?

  • Pho 10 (Address: 10 Ly Quoc Su street).

– Time: 6:30 AM –10:30AM

– Price: 50,000 – 70,000 Dong

– Rated: 4.0/5.0


✓ The place is always crowded and small so there is no service here. Just eat, pay then leave.

✓ Be ready for a surprise conversation because you may have to share table with strangers.

  • Pho Bat Dan (Address: 49 Bat Dan Street) Once you come to this place, you will have to stand in a queue and have self-served instead of waiting for waiters to order.

– Time: 6:00 AM-10:00 AM

– Price: 40,000-50,000 Dong

– Rated: 5.0/5.0


✓ This stall is not recommended during high time if you don’t want to wait for too long

3, Breakfast in Hanoi with Bun moc (Vietnamese pork and mushroom rice vermicelli soup)

Another Vietnamese traditional breakfast is Bun moc. The meats commonly include pork paste balls made from “gio song” (raw pork sausauge), “cha lua” (pork sausage). Combine all, this kind of noodle soup has an unforgettable taste with an unique flavor from the light broth.

Where to eat?

  • 57 Hang Luoc Street. The shop has been opened for nearly 30 years with a traditional taste. Bun Moc here has the rich flavor of “wood ears” (one kind of fungus) and fragrant aromatic mushrooms.

– Time: ~ 9:00 AM

– Price: 25,000 – 50,000 Dong

– Rated:  4.0/5.0


✓ The shop is in a small alley, so the sitting place is quite limited. You may have to stand waiting for around 10-15 minutes before ordering. But don’t worry, you will have your Bun Moc after 5-7 minutes.

  • 14 Ta Hien Street. Bun Moc here is simple but full flavored with the broth and bamboo shoots and the unique “moc”.

– Time: ~ 9:00 AM

– Price: 20,000 – 40,000 Dong

– Rated: 4.0/5.0


✓ You can ask for more bamboo shoots.

✓ Soya bean milk or Green tea is not a bad choice to drink when you are having this food.

4, Breakfast in Hanoi with Chao suon (Ribs porridge)

Porridge is made of rice flour stirred till the mixture becomes creamy and consistent. The taste of pork ribs is in harmony with the sweet taste of rice and the spicy taste from a pinch of pepper. The congee is served when it is still hot with chopped scallion and cilantro.

Where to eat?

  • 32 Hang Bo Street. This place is owned by a street vendor who has been selling Chao suon for over 20 years. The place is always crowded, and a lot of people are into this food. (normally in 2 hours after opened)

– Time: 6:30 AM – 9:00 AM

– Price: 10,000 – 20,000 Dong

Rated: 5.0/5.0


✓ To have a perfect taste, please try one bowl of Chao suon with “ruoc” (dried pork) and “quay” (one kind of bread)

✓ If you order when the owner is about to cook one more pot of porridge, don’t hesitate to ask for some last spoon of the former pot. Trust me, that’s the best part of this food.

5, Breakfast in Hanoi with Xoi Xeo (Hanoi yellow sticky rice with fried onion)

Although Pho is well-known all over the world, people can’t tell whether Pho or Xoi is more popular for breakfast in Vietnam, especially for students and laborers because it doesn’t take time to prepare and it is cheap, too. Convenient, right? There are so many kinds sticky rice in Hanoi, but standing out among all distinct types is Xoi Xeo. People are attracted by its bright yellow color made from turmeric powder with mung bean and the crunchy brown color of fried chopped onion on top.

Where to eat?

Xoi Xeo Hang Bai. A street vendor named May, she sells Xoi Xeo on the pavement at the crossroads of Hang Bai and Ly Thuong Kiet streets.

– Time: 6:45 AM – 8:30 AM

– Price: 5,000-7,000-10,000 Dong

– Rated: 5.0/5.0


✓ If you don’t want to wait for quite long, you should avoid going here from 6:45 AM to 7:15 AM.

After having breakfast which are the local food, you can treat yourself better with a cup of coffee or hot tea around the Old Quarter to get the full taste of best breakfast in Hanoi.

Here are some beautiful street coffee shops we highly recommend to you:

1, Cộng Café (35A Nguyen Huu Huan Street)

2, Giảng Café (39 Nguyen Huu Huan Street). This place is really famous for “egg coffee”

3, Lâm Café (60 Nguyen Huu Huan Street)

4, Cộng Café (27 Nha Tho Street)

5, Tạ Hiện Café (39 Ta Hien Street).

New experiences, new perspectives! Enjoy your days in Hanoi!


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Hanoi What to Eat


If you are in Ha Noi and want to have a different experience to explore the Viet Nam’s capital, I think our Ha Noi Street Food Tour online is very useful for you.  I think you may know that Ha Noi has many delicious dishes and each dish has many kinds of it. However, you have only a limited amount of time; can you enjoy all best dishes?  Don’t worry because we have a list of top 10 dishes to try in Ha Noi. The top 10 street foods will make you become a real Hanoians.  The only one question you should ask yourself is “Hey stomach, are you ready?” I hope so.


About: I think every Vietnamese has the same opinion that “ Crab noodle soup that is so delicious that it very popular with the locals.” It has a light and natural sweet  that make it different from all kinds of food you have ever tried before. Moreover, it is very good for your health because there are a perfect mixture of protein., vegetables and noodles.  Thus, there is no need for you to worry about gaining your

What are included:    the soup has many ingredients basing on regional culture. However, some elements are common in all regions: Noodles, Vegetables, Crabs.

What are servered accompanying: Vietnamese have habit of eating vegetables with soup. For crab noodles soup, they often choose: fresh lettuces, coriander leaves or onion leaves. Even if, they eat soup with “ quay” (a dish made of potatoes) or tofu.

Where to eat in Hanoi: top 4 the most famous places

— Notes:

This is offen servered as  Breakfast in Hanoi Old Quarter

Vermicelli  & Tofu With Shrimp Paste- The Weird Food Of What To Eat In Hanoi

1.Hoa Ma:

  • Address: 42th Hoa Ma Street, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi.
  • Reviews: Crab noodles soups are very big which full of crab’s meat, beef and yellow- fried- tofu. The serving attitude is very high so you can enjoy your
  • Price: 30000 VND – 55.000
  1. Mrs Teo
  • Address: 104 C6 To Hieu, Nghia Tan. Cau Giay, Ha Noi.
  • Reviews: the soup is colorful of many kinds of elements. Especially, the vegetables eating accompanying is very delicious. The place is very crowded in the noon and in the evening.
  • Price : 30.000 VND
  1. Nguyen Sieu Street.
  • Address: 32th Nguyen Sieu, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi.
  • Reviews: although it is quite narrow, it is always full of people. The broth is mixed of much taste but it is still keep its original one.
  • Opening time: 6AM -6 PM
  • Price: 000 VND – 45.000VND

Vermicelli  & Tofu With Shrimp Paste- The Weird Food Of What To Eat In Hanoi

  • About: it is one of the strangest dishes you have ever tried but I think you may be surprised but its taste. The first time you see the dish, I guess you may hesitate of trying because of its smell but it is the dish that you should not miss.
  • What are included:  fried tofu, fishcakes, pork and tightly compressed vermicelli noodles “patties” cut into cubes. These elements are eaten dipped into a shrimp paste. It is a special seasoning of Vietnamese. It is very strange taste but be aware of eating too much may bother you stomach.
  • What are servered accompanying fresh herbs, pork.
  • Where to eat in Hanoi:

  1) Hang Khay :

  • Address: 31th Hang Khay, Ha Noi.
  • Reviews: it is the most famous place for people who want to enjoy bun dau mam tom. You may be surprised by its crowd. It proves the attractions of the place.
  • Opening time: 10h30 am – 19 pm
  • Price: 45.000 VND

    2 ) Cay Bang, Dai La Street:

  • Address: Cay Bang,  Dai La street, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi.
  • Reviews: people choose the place because of many reasons but the most important one is its delicious taste.  Therefore, in high times, you many have to wait about for  15 minutes to 20 minutes to have the dish on your own.
  • Opening time: 10am – 14pm
  • Price: 000 VND


Stir Fried Noodle-Special Noodle Of What To Eat In Hanoi

About: If you are bored with beef pho or chicken pho , stir fried noodles is one kind of pho that you should not miss. The rice noodles are worked fried with greens and meat.

What are included:  noodles, vegetables, beef and onion leaves.

Where to eat:

1) Bat Dan:

  • Address: 45 Bat Dan, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi.

It is opened may years ago but until now, there are different opinions about its taste. For some people, they think the dish is hardly eatable. However, for most people, the dish’s taste is very unique. The sweet and salty sauce is the most special taste that nowhere in Ha Noi has. That why there are people being  addicted to the dish.

  • Opening time: 08:00 Am – 11:Pm
  •  Price : 30.000 VND- 66.000 VND

2) Hang Buom

  • Address: 11th Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi.
  • Review: the dish is not only fried well done but also its high quality beef that make you never forget. Thus, since about 7 pm, the place is crowed until late.
  • Opening time: 06:00pm – 03:30 pm
  • Price: 50.000- 110.000


About: are you wondering about its name? False or real? You are far from alone . Most of people are also not sure about it. In fact, I can make sure that it is false. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about trying it at least one time because  you love it may be. In winter, enjoying the dish is not the bad choice to dispel cold.

Dog meat noodle soup
Dog meat noodle soup

 What are included: pork, galangal, shrimp paste and mẻ ( a kind of seasoning made of rice fermented).

What are servered accompanying :noodles, savory nature and lemongrass

Where to eat: according to and – two best of voted attracting  places websites In Viet Nam, places below are recommended:

1) Kim Lien
  • Address: between the C6 and C9 dormitory, Kim Lien, Dong Da, Ha Noi.
  • Reviews: the place is clean. Noodles are white and tough. Pork is well done but soft enough. In addition, good serving and cheap price is plus mark for this place

However, you should notice on its  address because it is quite hard to find the place. You go to the 132th house in Phuong Mai Street. Then, you will see a large alley opposing you. Going in the alley, you are arrived in the place. One recommend for you, don’t  be the guest after 1 pm or you are nothing to order.

  • Opening time: 07 Am- 10. Pm
  • Price: 20.000- 35.000 VND
2) Vu Pham Ham
  • Address: walking side Vu Pham Ham Street, Cau Giay, Ha Noi
  • Reviews: opened in walking side, the place is quite clean. The dish is very good, especially  greasy broth.
  • Opening time: 6 Am- 11 Am
  • Price 25.000 – 33.000 VND


About: bun nem is another attracting dish in Ha Noi. The greasy of fried spring rolls, the sweet-and-sour sauce and the toughness of noodles make a great impression on you since the first time. No surprisingly that you will drop in a place to enjoy the dish in the second or the third time like real Hanoians. Try it if you see it.

What are included: noodles, spring rolls, sauce.

What are servered accompanying : vegetables such as been sprouts, fresh herbs.

Where to eat:

Hang Cot

  • Address: 36th Hang Cot, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi.
  • Reviews: the place has been highly recommended by customers on its location, price, dish quality and serving attitude.
  • Opening time: 6h30 am – 9h30am
  • Price : 30.000-40.000


About: the dish is local delicacy in Ha Noi despite many regions in Viet Nam sell it. It can be said that steamed pork wraps in Ha Noi is the best. Its distinguish taste is not like any taste of any dishes in Ha Noi or in the world. Furthermore, I suppose that no one can deny trying a colorful and skillfully made dish like it. Try it and while waiting for being served, taking notice around because I may sitting next to you.

What are included: pork, mushroom filling wrapped in freshly steamed rice paper. After that, chiefs top banh cuon with crunchy fried shallots.

What are servered accompanying: fish sauce, chili sauce and fresh herbs.


Where to eat:

1) Thanh Van.
  • Address: 12th -14th Hang Ga, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi
  • Phone number: 0438.280.108
  •  Reviews: in Tripadvisor, people laid great store upon it.

A foreigner- John said “I was so surprised when I saw many people eating there at 10 am. They don’t have to work or the dish is too attracting? I am not sure.”

  • Opening time: 6h3-9hpm
  • Price: 15.000-28.000
2) Hoanh
  • Address: 66th To Hien Thanh, Hai ba Trung, HA noi.
  • Reviews: charice “the first time I saw it, I said “oh my god, is it eatable?”. It is very strange to me. Nevertheless, after that, I ate the dish every morning during my period of time in Ha Noi. I wish I could cook it for my family.”
  • Opening time: 6:30 am -10 pm
  • Price: 30.000 VND- 60.000 VND


About: you have a habit of eating sandwich but you are afraid of not finding it in Viet Nam?  You don’t need to order a sandwich in your country and wait for it transferred to Viet Nam (if you can) because in Ha Noi, Vietnamese sandwich is an ideal alternation for you. From my point of view, Vietnamese sandwich is one of the most ingenious France-meets- Asia creations ever!

Banh mi - best dish for your one day in Hanoi
Banh mi – best dish for your one day in Hanoi

What is included:  a fluffy baguette is full of many kinds of elements such as pate, cold cuts, cucumber and picked daikon and carrots.

What are servered accompanying : in Ha Noi, this sandwich is served with hot sauce and mayo drizzled on top?

Where to eat: 

Notes: 7 Best Banh mi Hanoi 

1) Pho co (the old quarter)

  • Address: 38th Dinh Liet, Ha Noi.
  • Reviews: you may be simplicity of the place but it has existed for a long time. Its dish- Vietnamese sandwich is favored by many people. Especially, all of elements used are made by owners
  • Price: 20.000- 25.000

2) Dan

  • Address: 34th LO Su, Hoan Kiem HA Noi.
  • Reviews: it has been existed since 1979 so it is one of the most long life places in Ha Noi. Even though the country has changed a lot since that time, the dish’ taste in the place is still kept. Thus, it comes as no surprise to me that the place is always crowed.
  • Opening time: 6h am- 9h pm
  • Price: 15.000-25.000


About:  Vietnamese have habit of eating rice in all of their dishes. Sticky rice is a different kind of rice that it the one of the most popular dish in Ha Noi.

xoi xeo – one of famouse sticky rice in Hanoi

What are included:  sticky rice with various toppings. Differ from your first imagination of it, it does not come plain.  Grilled pork, ground meat and eggs are dispensable elements.

What are servered  accompanying:  sliced cucumbers.

Where to eat:

1) Xoi Yen

  • Address: 35B- the corner of main street Nguyen Huu Huan and Hang Mam, Hoan Kiem Ha Noi.
  • Reviews: Hana “I thought rice is not my favorite before but when I ate the dish, I changed my mind. It is very good.”
  • Opening time: 5 am – 1 am
  • Price: 35.000- 44.000

2) Yen Ninh

  • Address 98th Yen Ninh, Hang Bun, Ba DInh, Ha Noi.
  • Reviews: “the bowl of sticky rice very big but I can not leave any thing because it is delicious”
  • Opening time: 9h am -9h pm
  • Price: 30.000- 60.000


About:  traditional pho in Ha Noi is so famous that I think I don’t need to comment any things.  Chicken pho is one of two the most popular kinds of pho in Ha Noi.

What are  included: chicken meat, broth, noodles and seasonings.

What are servered accompanying :  lemon, herbs.

Where to eat:

1) Tu Lun

  • Address: 5th Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi.
  • Reviews: I cannot explain why I love the place but the taste is vey wonderful. I am sure there is any where which has a more delicious dish than this place.
  • Price: 20.000- 28.000
  • Opening time: 06:00 AM – 01:30 PM; 03:00 PM – 11:00 P

2) Quan Thanh

  • Address 156th Quan Thanh, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi.
  • Reviews: Kim “ I and my boyfriend came here only one time when we visited Viet Nam 1 years ago but I am still remember the good taste of Pho here.”
  • Opening time: 06:30 AM – 11:00 AM
  • Price: 25.000- 44.000vnd.


About:  visiting ha Noi, bun Cha is the dish you should eat or no one believes that you came here. It reflects our creation of food along with our eating culture so that why in 2016, the President of USA Obama decided to enjoy it in his time in Ha Noi with other members of House of Parliament.

Bun cha with Hanoi kids vietnam

What are included:  noodles, pork (there are two kinds of pork: strips of meat and minced pork patties), onion leaves.

What are severed accompanying: fish sauces, herbs.

Where to eat:

1) Huong Lien

  • Address: 24th Le van Huu, ha Noi
  • Reviews: oh my god, when I knee our President came here; I guessed the dish is very good. Last year, I came Ha Noi and tried it. Wow, I am not wrong.
  • Opening time: 9 am -8h pm
  • Price: 40.000- 85.000 VND

2) Dac Kim

  • Address 1th Hang Manh, Hoang Kiem
  • Reviews: although the price is quite high, the quality of dish is equally to your money. “Cha” is made of crab. Besides, the size of the dish is large enough for any stomach regardless how big it is.
  • Opening time: 10am -19 Pm
  • Price: 50.000-60.000 VND

Why don’t you BOOK Hanoi food tours in order to discover Hanoi street food tours with us.



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Hanoi What to Eat


 Someone said “Food reflects not only the material world but also the spirit world of a country.”  Therefore, for foreigners, enjoying food in another country is one of the most special ways to explore its culture.

According to CNN Travel “What list of Vietnamese cuisine would be complete without best pho hanoi? It’s almost impossible to walk a block in Vietnam’s major cities without bumping into a crowd of hungry patrons slurping noodles at a make shift pho stand”.

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup
Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup

And  you, have you tried Best Pho Ha Noi yet? If not, don’t worry because Ha Noi Free Local Tour will please to guide you enjoy one of the best dishes in our Ha Noi street food tour online.

 Pho is one of best cuisine food in Viet Nam but it is particular in Ha Noi. It is the dish that you shouldn’t miss ‘even if in your last night in Ha Noi.

 According to some scholars, pho was created in the 20 century, especially particular in Ha Noi. Thus, there are places which have sold pho for decades. For people who ate it, all of them have high opinion about pho in Ha Noi. That why Pho is the most famous dish in Ha  Noi.

Pho is diversified in kind and taste depending on regional culture. In Ha Noi, places have created many different kind of best pho in hanoi to make fresh taste so foreigners have an attracting long list of choices .However, beef pho and chicken pho are the best kinds of pho.


If you are wondering of what pho is made of, you are far from alone in your confusion. Despite variations of ingredients, the main elements of the dish are steamy broth, fresh rice noodles, sliced beef or chicken, and herbs or scallions.


2.1 Broth

Broth is the most important element in dish which makes the difference between places. In another word, broth decides whether pho dish is good or not. It makes the specifically distinctive taste of dish.  Pig’s calf muscle or beef’s bones are steamed in from 3 hours to 7 hours. Thus, broth has an especially natural sweet and greasy taste that no kind of sugar can.  After steaming them, broth is added many kind of seasoning such as onion, ginger, cinnamons, coriander seeds, star anise. These elements arouse peoples’ taste strongly. Each place selling best pho in Ha Noi has a secret of what amount of each element. It is called “secret recipe” to create distinguishing taste.  “Secret recipe “is based on experience and skill of chefs. Therefore, some places become famous while some are not.

Broth and slice meats
Broth and slice meats
2.2 Sliced meats

Sliced meats are another important element of pho. Meat is chosen carefully to make sure that they are fresh. Because only fresh meat can make good pho bowls. Meat is medium to make them softy enough when you chew. You can feel sweet of meat which is mixed with greasy taste of broth is the taste that you have never tried before.

2.3 Fresh rice

Fresh rice noodles used in pho is often made of a special kind of rice. The rice is planted in Viet Nam. After through some handicraft steps, rice turns noodles. Chefs have some tips to make noodles white and tough. They said it is a traditional recipe that used many years from generation to next one.

Whereas in some countries, they often eat baked meat with mashed potatoes, Vietnamese has a similar special habit of eating. Because of its greasy taste; Vietnamese often eat pho accompanying vegetables to make the balance taste. There are many kinds of vegetables such as lettuce, been sprouts, coriander or basil. Besides vegetables, each place has other dishes which are served accompanied. That is another plus mark for them.

Now, I think it is time you wanted to search in Google “where can you get the best pho in Ha Noi?” Ha Noi Free Tour Guide has list of top 5 the best places for you.


  • Address: 7th Hang Thung, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi
  • About: Although it is not as famous as traditional places, it attracts customers by a unique characteristic. That is the mixture between music and pho, modern and tradition.

It is a good choice for people who want to listen to good songs while eating a pho bowl. I think it is a wonderful experience for you.

  • Reviews: This place is wonderful. Its  decor and songs make us very impressed. The service and food was great. Spring roll and Pho is the best.
  • Address: 24th Trung Yen, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi.
  • About: its name makes the first impression on people because of its strange. Owner explains that “in order to make Gods (the way Vietnamese call their customers) curious and extremely happy when they eat here, I choose that name.” in addition, the broth is a plus mark for customers. Sliced meat in pho is appreciated highly. It is sweet and soft enough to eat.
  • Opening time: 5h30 am to 11h am

4h30 pm to 9h30 pm.

  • Price: from 15000 VND to 39000VN
  • Reviews: John “ the best pho i have ever tried. I think it is one for the best thing  i can’t forget about Viet Nam.”


  • Address: 13th Lo Duc, Ha Noi.
  • About: the place has been famous for more than 30 years. Its specialty is broth’s taste which is made of steamy bone’s sweet and seasoning. You are severed accompanying “ quay” ( a dish made of tapioca). It is a distinguish characteristic of  Pho Thin. The place is often crowed from morning till evening.
  • Opening time: 6:00 am to 8:30pm
  • Price: 40.000 VND to 60.000VND
  • Reviews: Dave “  Its price is very cheap for the best beef Pho. I think the best thing of this pho is that  its stir- fried beef or chicken. Moreover, the soup is so great that I think i can’t forget.”
 10th LY QUOC SU
  • Address : +) 10th  Ly Quoc Su – 0438.257.338

+)  42th  Hang Voi – 0915088586

+)  N2A Hoang Minh Giam

  • About: the place attracts people by its authentic, local and taste, the good quality of meat and seasoning. Moreover, the attitude serving here is very high, especially foreigners. Chiefs are please to sever people according to their taste. Therefore, there are many foreigners choose the place to eat pho each time they visit Viet Nam.
  • Opening time: 6:30 am to 10:30 pm
  • Price: 50.000VND to 77.000 VND
  • Reviews: Chan : “the first time i have ever visited Ha Noi, I ate Pho in this place. My impression is great. I think i have to come back many times.”
 Traditional Bat Dan place.
  • Address: 49th Bat Dan, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi.
  • About: Bat Dan is one of the best traditional places that you should come first when you want to enjoy a sapid pho bowl. It can be said that Bat Dan has a great contribution to reserve the distinctive taste of pho in Ha Noi for many years. It  is not strange if you see people line up or pay first to enjoy a pho bowl here. Even if, after 9h am, if you are not hurry, pho will be sold out. It is speacial enough to prove its fame.
  • Opening time:
    • 6am to 10am
    • 6pm to 8h30 pm.
  • Price: because of its unique taste, its price is quite high from 30.000 VND to 55.000VND.
  • Reviews: Gruu: “Oh mu God. I have tried many kinds of Pho but Pho in bat Dan is the best dish in the world.

I hope you have your choice now. So it is time went out and enjoyed a pho bowl at least one time but I think you won’t eat pho only one time. Let’s try it!!!

Vietnam is not only famous for best pho hanoi, but also distinctively strong of coffee. Let’s click What to eat to add information about hightlight coffee shop in Hanoi, and coffee filter in Hanoi.


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Hanoi What to Eat

Hanoikids Food Tour

There are several options that you can do with Hanoikids when you visit Hanoi. Hanoikids Food tour is one of the tour that you should not miss during your stay in Hanoi city. Let take a few minutes to know what food you are going to enjoy when you book a Hanoikids Food Tour

The Hanoikids Food Tour will includes about 5 out of these following foods.

  1. Banh cuon: steamed rice pancake with pork and shrimp jerky: 14 Hang Ga (83 Hang Dieu)
  2. Bun bo Hue: beef noodle in Hue style: 60 Bat Su str
  3. Trung ngai cuu( omelet with tarragon leaves) Hang Hom str Nem
  4. fresh roll, pillow cake, donut :Cay da restaurant, Ly quoc su str
  5. Bún chả: rice noodle with grilled pork, with fish sauce, rice vinegar, sugar for dipping sauce and green papaya ( 12 Dinh Liet)
  6. Kem xoi ( sticky rice ice cream) Sua chua nep cam ( black rice yoghurt) 95 Hang Bac str
  7. Cafe trung: Vietnamese coffee with egg cream 39 Nguyen Huu Huan
  8. Beer Hanoi at Tahien Street.

Hanoikids Street Food Tour Itinerary

Hanoikids guide will pick up you at your hotel and transfer to the old quarter. Then, starting out Hanoikids Food tour by waking around the old capital of vietnam where you will meet and chat with the local merchants about the food. hanoikids food tour the continues along main streets and hidden alleys to discover the street vendors making and selling a wide variety of exotic foods. The purpose of Food tour with Hanoikids is to give visitors a safe opportunity to try the foods of local Hanoi people while supporting the community by buying directly from the vendors. And the end of Hanoikids food tour, you will enjoy a cup of egg coffee at Giang Café, one of the most special coffee in the world.

  • Time: 8:30Am, 14:00Pm 17:30Pm
  • Pick-up: Your Hotel
  • Return: Your hotel
  • Transportation: Walking, taxi.

Hanoikids Food Tour on Tripadvisor

1. Such a good Hanoikids Food Tour

One of the highlights of our trip was definitely the Food tour with hanoikids, seting up the food tour seemed to be very easy, our Hanoikids guides spoke great English which impressed us a lot. Besides, they knew all the good food spots in the Hanoi as a local here, not to mention flexible, tailoring our tour based on our interests. And the most amazing part was how friendly, welcoming and enthusiastic they were and to my surprise didn’t want to accept any money from us.

We really enjoyed the trip and the company of the hanoikids, would recommend Hanoikids food tour to tourists travelling to Hanoi!!

Hanoikids Food Tour
Fast food with Hanoikids Food Tour

2. Best way to explore Hanoi and try the local street food with Hanoikids Food Tour

2.1 Half-day tour of the city

We were very luky to have booked two tours for Hanoi children during our stay – a morning tour and an evening street food tour of Hanoikids. Both were great and I would definitely recommend to everyone. Especially Hanoikids Food Tour. Our guides were wonderful and the tours were very well organized.

Our first visit was a half-day tour of the city. We had requested for a full day but that there were no students available for our dates. These tours are very popular (and I can see why) so it’s worth booking as soon as you can. We had booked 6 weeks in advance and were still booked for a full day. We went up at noon and decided to go in the morning to avoid the heat. We met our Hanoikids guide, Trang promptly at 9:30 am in the hotel lobby. She was very friendly, spoke very good English and was enthusiastic.

fresh-water crab soup
fresh-water crab soup

2.2 Overnight Hanoikids food tour

Our second Hanoi kids was an overnight Hanoikids food tour on the street and again we had an amazing experience. This time we were lucky enough to have two guides – Quynh Anh and Thursday We were picked up from our hotel lobby at 6:00. Before we ventured outside we were asked how we felt about street food in Hanoi, it was what dishewe had already tried and what we wanted to try as well as our dietary needs. Based on this the women turned out to be a plan that we will go.

Again our guides proved invaluable and greatly benefited from their local knowledge, getting to taste some wonderful local specialties of Hanoi such as Bahn Da Cua and Bahn Cuon, we ended up with Vietnamese coconut coffee. Probably never have tried these things we had been on our own.

These tours are a wonderful way to see a part of Hanoi that you probably will not on your own. Their local knowledge is invaluable and they are willing to answer any questions you may have.

It is a fantastic service. It’s totally free, you only pay for the taxi, expenses and extras as meals (for guides as well). We would also like to read the reviews on TripAdvisor and came prepared with gifts from home to introduce our Hanoikids guides as a thank you.

Thank you Hanoikids for providing us these free tours (Hanoi Free Walking tours, and Hanoikids Food Tour)

“Very pleasant food tour”

The Hanoikids are mostly students who offer volunteer tours through the city. A very great and nice thing. We have a street Hanoikids food tour. On the last vacation we had already booked a city tour with a visit of the war museum and the old prison (Hanoi Hilton). Both tours were a great experience, even for our two kids (teenagers). The students have also tried to help them, and the children found the guides equally sympathetic. I would not book another tour, but always support the Hanoikids.

Bun Cha
Bun Cha with Hanoikids Food Tour





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Hanoi What to Eat

7 Best Banh mi Hanoi – TripAdvisor highly recommended

One of the most interesting things to do in Hanoi is to taste banh mi Hanoi – a symbol of Vietnamese street food and a signal of modern Vietnam lifestyle. It promises to turn your Hanoi Local Experience into the TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY Vietnamese taste adventure.

 I. What is BANH MI?

Banh mi has been recognized as TOP 10 most delicious sandwiches in the world by Traveller. Not only Vietnamese, a lot of celebrities could not resist the mouthful taste of banh mi.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull enjoyed Banh mi
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull enjoyed Banh mi

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull or famous Chef Gordon Ramsay and Anthony Bourdain all highly recommend banh mi as must-try food in Hanoi.

And now is your turn, enjoy your own special banh mi and start your Hanoi Local Experience with us!

Fried-egg banh mi – popular flavor
Fried-egg banh mi – popular flavor

Banh mi is Vietnamese words for baguette. Unlike French baguette, Vietnamese banh mi is made with wheat flour with thinner crust. By reason of the fusion between Vietnamese cuisine and French cuisine, BBC – Travel ranked banh mi as the best world’s sandwich.

Banh mi with plenty of combination
Banh mi with plenty of combination

The popularity of Banh mi in Vietnam marks a unique way of living and convenient, exciting lifestyle of Vietnamese after the war.

While America has fast-food such as KFC, Vietnam serves the people banh mi as the riche amount of protein in such a tiny package. If you travel Vietnam, banh mi must be on the top of your must-try food and will never let you down by its mouthwatering taste.

The very mouthwatering banh mi for breakfast
The very mouthwatering banh mi for breakfast

II. Where to eat “best banh mi Hanoi”?

 No matter where you are in Hanoi, you can easily capture a view of banh mi vendors or banh mi stores. Near the old quarter, you may get the best banh mi for your breakfast or near other destinations, banh mi is readily served for your tasty meals.

We, local tour guide in Hanoi, will provide a detailed and prestigious place to enjoy the truly tasteful Hanoi banh mi.

A banh mi stall on Hanoi street
A banh mi stall on Hanoi street

1. Banh mi Nguyen Sinh

 Banh mi Nguyen Sinh is one of the first banh mi store in Hanoi. It is known for the special home-recipe and the goose pate banh mi. However, due to the famous brand and prestige, banh mi in Banh mi Nguyen Sinh is quite expensive.

Banh mi chao at Banh mi Nguyen Sinh
Banh mi chao at Banh mi Nguyen Sinh

Address: No. 17 Ly Quoc Su, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hours Opening: 7: 30 – 21: 30

Price: from 40.000 VND to 80.000 VND

TripAdvisor rate: 3.5

2. Banh mi Minh Nhat – Banh mi MasterChef

 Different from Banh mi Nguyen Sinh, Banh mi Minh Nhat is highly recommended because of reasonable price and high-quality banh mi.

Banh mi Minh Nhat
Banh mi Minh Nhat

Interestingly, Minh Nhat is the Vietnam Master Chef 2014. After winning the Master Chef Competition in Vietnam, she quited her job in a bank and started her dream in food industry.

Address: No. 13 Hang Khay

Hours Opening: 6:30 – 22:00

Price: 20.000 VND – 40.000 VND

TripAdvisor rate: 4.0

3. Banh mi Tram, Dinh Ngang

Fast “banh mi” – fast living style of Hanoians
Fast “banh mi” – fast living style of Hanoians

For the banh mi lover in Hanoi, nobody does not know about banh mi Tram due to their diverse menu and special home-made sauce. The guests might have many options with sausage, fried egg, beef wine sauce…with fresh and delicious salad.

Address: No. 252 Cửa Nam Street, Hoàn Kiếm District, Hanoi

Opening Hours:

Price: from 30.000 VND to 45.000 VND

TripAdvisor rate: 4.5

4. Banh mi bit tet Hoe Nhai

If you want to taste the combination of Western culture and Vietnamese culture, you must try the steak Banh mi in Hoa Ma Street. The steak here is made in Vietnamese style with marinated beef, small slicing salad, fried eggs and fried potatoes.

Banh mi bit tet (beef steak) Hoe Nhai
Banh mi bit tet (beef steak) Hoe Nhai

Address: No.3 Hoe Nhai, Nguyen Trung Truc ward, Ba Dinh Dist.

Opening Hours: 9: 00 – 22:00

Price: 100.000 VND

TripAdvisor rate: 5.0

5. Banh Mi Doner Kebap Anh Nguyen

Near the Goethe Institute, banh mi was made in Turkey Doner Kebap form for the researchers and scholars in their lunch time. Eventually, Vietnamese chefs learn how to make a banh mi for not only Vietnamese but also foreigners.

Banh mi Doner Kebap
Banh mi Doner Kebap

Banh mi here is delicious, mouth fully rich in protein with salty marinated pork, high-quality sauce and salad.

Address: 2 Hang Bac Street, Hoan Kiem District

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 24:00

Price: 25.000 VND to 40.000 VND

TripAdvisor rate: 4.0

6. Banh mi Pho Hue (Banh mi Hue Street)

Banh mi pho Hue
Banh mi pho Hue

On the Hue Street, you may find the banh mi store that received the compliments from the famed chef: Geoffrey Deetz about their appetizing banh mi.

BBC also gives their comments on banh mi here: banh mi is not complicated. Each ingredient has its own role in creating delicious one.

Delicious dish (pork, pate, salad and sauce) to eat with banh mi
Delicious dish (pork, pate, salad and sauce) to eat with banh mi

Address:  No. 118 Huế Street,  Hai Bà Trưng District

Opening Hours: from 6:00  to 19:00

Price: 20.000 VND – 50.000 VND

TripAdvisor rate: 4.5

7. Banh mi 25 Hanoi

Banh mi 25 Hanoi is the most famous and popular brand for travelers. It was high rated 5-star food on TripAdvisor because of the tasty and diverse types of banh mi, very friendly and good service.

Travelers enjoyed banh mi 25 in Hanoian style
Travelers enjoyed banh mi 25 in Hanoian style

Address: 25 Hàng Cá, Hàng Bồ, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Opening Hours: 7:00 – 21:00

Price: from 15.000 VND to 25.000 VND

TripAdvisor rate: 5.0

III. When to eat banh mi?

Due to its convenience and ubiquity, you can have your delicious banh mi for breakfast, for lunch and even for dinner if you want.

In the past, banh mi is particularly served for breakfast with combination of simple ingredients including pork, vegetables and sauce. Now, banh mi is a part of busy lifestyle of every Vietnamese people, from office workers to students.

A banh mi vendor at night market
A banh mi vendor at night market

You can wander the old quarter, stop in front of banh mi store, then order and enjoy your real Vietnamese cuisine every time you feel hungry.


If you want to try the most local banh mi, do not hesitate to check out Hanoi free local tours, then enjoy your Hanoi journey with us.

We believe that you might get your most delicious banh mi in Hanoi with our local, knowledgeable and friendly tour guide!

Why don’t we take Hanoi scooter tour to enjoy banh mi on the way? We can both sightseeing and taste the cuisine of Hanoi. It shall be fun!


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Hanoi What to Eat


As far as you might know, the breakfast is the most important meal in a day. It plays an indispensable role in supplying all the necessary nutrients for body for a day of hard work. It is said that a suitable breakfast will help your body create energy for a new day with vitality as well as supplement nutrients consumed after a long night. According to nutrient experts, the first meal occupies 25-30 percent of the energy sum of all day. Understanding of the significance of having a sufficient breakfast, Vietnamese people are in the habit of taking a breakfast after awaking up.

In some countries, people often brush teeth after eating, but in Vietnam they do personal hygiene cleanly before having. Normally, the mother will get up early to prepare breakfast for family at 6h30’ am. In Vietnamese people’s opinion, small dishes on the table express the love of the mothers to their children and husbands. Another reason why the Vietnamese prefer cooking at home to going out for breakfast is to ensure food safety. Because nowadays people are always busy with their own jobs, they have less time to prepare a proper breakfast. They often come over a certain store on the way to work or go to school to buy fast food or take a meal in a hurry. As a result, it is inevitable to ensure food safety standards and maybe lead to have a sore stomach, food poisoning and even obesity. However, there are a lot of prestigious stores and restaurants serving breakfast well for you to select and believe in Hanoi.

It is more essential for foreign visitors to have a breakfast in Vietnam. Maybe because of being unfamiliar time zone or different flavors of food in Vietnam, some of them find difficulties in seeking good places for serving breakfast. They do be afraid of going out for taking, but order very hotel they stay. It is shame for you to miss a good chance to discover Vietnam food. Well, you know Vietnam is paradise for food with diversity traditional and modern dishes. Specially, there are a large number of delicious courses being suitable for breakfast such as pho, bun cha, banh mi,…It is essential that tourists should have a slight breakfast to be ready for a hard day to be able to explore Hanoi. This is some suggestions for you about several dishes and famous places for breakfast.

1. Pho – Vietnamese traditional food with Hanoi free local tours

Pho- Hanoi
Pho- Hanoi – The essence of Vietnamese cuisine

Pho is ranked in 20 top-the most delicious breakfast dishes on the world. And it is always proud course of the Vietnamese people. Wherever and whenever you want to enjoy a pho bowl, you are able to find a store selling pho easily. Since pho appears at everywhere, from poor countries to large cities and along bent streets or narrow alleys. Furthermore, you can find the pho restaurants in other countries such as America, China and Thailand. Pho is commonly eaten for breakfast, although many other people would have it for their lunch or dinner. Anyone feeling hungry in the small hours of the morning can also enjoy a bowl of hot and spicy Pho to fill their empty stomach. Pho also needs its special taste and smell. The particular flavor of soup is the thing everyone likes the most. The source for pho is made by stewing the bones of cows and pigs for a long time in a large pot. Having several types of pho and their names depend on the kind of meat used. For examples, pieces of fillet mignon together with several slices of ginger are reserved for a bowl of Pho Bo Tai (rare fillet) and slices of well-done meat are however offered to those less keen on eating rare fillets, while Pho Ga is made by stewing together chicken and pig bones.

List of reccommended places for Pho breakfast in Hanoi:

  • Pho vui: Adress:25 Hàng Giầy, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội.
    • Price: about 30.000VND/a portion
  • Pho Ly Quoc Su: Adress: 10 Ly Quoc Su
    • Price: 40.000VND/a portion
  • Pho and beef: Adress: 49 Bat Dan
    • Price: 40.000 VND/ a portion

2. Bun Cha – The spicy dish for breakfast:

Bun Cha
Bun Cha with Hanoifreelocaltours

As far as you might know, Vietnam is paradise for food with subtle, creative and unique courses which bring typical traditional culture of local residents and only appear in Vietnam. It is vermicelli that is popular with people and easy to combine with others to make a delicious dish for small meals, such as for breakfast and lunch. There are a variety of ways to enjoy rice vermicelli, each dish having its own unique taste. Bun cha is one of them. It is charming flavor that any Vietnamese people going oversea miss, because the one not only brings a beautiful culture feature but also contain great sentiment of maker. In Vietnam family, mother is very person getting up early to prepare breakfast for her husband and children. Love is the most wonderful ingredient to create this special dish. Looking through, Bun cha is normal with ingredients easy to find and uncomplicated recipe. Also, subtle taste with clever hands of Hanoian makes it different. Bun cha includes rice vermicelli, grilled pork and spicy, fresh vegetables and well mixed fish sauce combined with vinegar, sugar, hot chilly, garlic and pepper. The sauce will then contain all the essential tastes, sour, hot, salty and sweet. There are two kinds of Cha (grilled pork) used, depending on the cut of the meat. If the pork is cut into small pieces, it is called Cha Mieng (piece of grilled pork). If it is minced prior to being shape into small cubes, it is named Cha Bam (minced grilled pork).

List of reccommended places for Bun cha in Hanoi:

  • Bun cha Đắc Kim: 1 Hàng Mành, Hoan Kiem
  • 34 Hang Than, Hanoi: 35.000 VND/a portion
  • 2 alley,Hang Khoai, Hoan Kiem: 30.000VND/a portion
  • 74 Hàng Quat, Hoan Kiem: 30.000VND/a portion
  • Đồng Xuân market alley: 30.000VND/a portion

3. Banh Mi – Fast Food for Breakfast

Vietnamese sandwich
Vietnamese sandwich

It will be a big mistake if not mention Banh Mi like a speciality of Vietnam. Not only is it popular with Vietnamese people but it also is famous at foreign countries as one of the most delicious fast foods in the world. Moreover, in its honor, Banh mi was added to the Oxford English Dictionary on 24 March 2011. From the north to the south, you could find it easily. When you are walking with your girlfriend, let come over certain small kiosk on the pavement if you feel hungry. Or when you are in a hurry for going to work or to school, you can stop over in store for a minute, for example. The delicious and sweet-smelling Banh Mi are always ready for everyone. Regardless of where you live, how you rich or your class, enjoy it and distance between you and other people will be casted away. Which the savour is sweet, hot and full of meat, cream is resemble the hospitality of Vietnamese people as well. This is a creative dish having had origin of French, so each of regions has different recipes. Also, they have to have the same points. Unlike the traditional French baguette, the Vietnamese baguette is made with rice flour along with wheat flour. Typical fillings include steamed, pan-roasted or oven-roasted seasoned pork belly, Vietnamese sausage, frilled pork patties, canned sardines in tomato sauce, soft pork meatballs in tomato sauce, head cheese, fried eggs, mock duck, and tofu. Accompanying vegetables typically include fresh cucumber slices, cilantro (leaves of the coriander plant) and picked carrots and white radishes in shredded form. Common condiments include spicy chili sauce, mayonnaise, and cheese. In addition, ‘Banh mi chay’ also is added menu. This is option for vegetarians and made with tofu or seitan. In Vietnam, vegetarian sandwiches are less common on the streets. They are usually made at Buddhist temples during special religious events. So if you are a vegetarian, you should find the restaurant because it is possible to have vegetarian food.

List of reccommended places for Banh Mi in Hanoi:

  • Banh mi: 38 Đinh Liệt in the Old Quarter – 20.000-25.000VND
  • Banh mi Nguyen Sinh: 19 Lý Quốc Sư – 25.000 VND
  • PappaRoti: 34 Hang Gai, in the Old Quarter – 14.000 VND

4. Com Tam – The Nutrient dish for breakfast

According to the latest statistic, Vietnam is the second export rice on the world. It is unfamiliar that rice is a main ingredient to create most Vietnamese food. If you have chance to drop in on a Vietnamese family and are invited for dinner, you will have more understanding of culture in Vietnam. The image all members sitting around tray full of food and tell stories together is warm and happy.  It is suggested that you should taste it to feel Vietnamese traditional flavor in its country. Due to being popular, it is easy for you to find somewhere selling it on the street. A rice dish includes an omelet, two toast meats, a piece of fish and vegetable with soup. Which the ways the maker dispose and decorate for their food to become far attractive charms you. Not only is it delicious but it also has good price. The prices only vary from 20.000VND to 100.000 VND. Another food I want to add is the food for vegetarians. There are a lot of foreign tourists keeping a vegetarian diet, so appearing a variety of restaurants serves for them.;

List of reccommended places for rice in Hanoi:

  • 59 Tràng Thi, Hoan Kiem distric, Hanoi
  • 47 Đào Duy Từ, Hoan Kiem distric, Hanoi
  • 102K1, Giảng Võ, Ba Đinh distric, Hanoi.

+) Discription of Vietnamese breakfast:

There are many delicious dishes and good places for breakfast you can find when you wake up in unfamiliar country. It is more essential for foreign visitors to have a breakfast in Vietnam. Maybe because of being unfamiliar time zone or different flavors of food in Vietnam, some of them find difficulties in seeking good places for serving breakfast. They do be afraid of going out for taking, but order very hotel they stay. It is shame for you to miss a good chance to discover Vietnam food. Well, you know Vietnam is paradise for food with diversity traditional and modern dishes. Specially, there are a large number of delicious courses being suitable for breakfast such as pho, bun cha, banh mi,…It is essential that tourists should have a slight breakfast to be ready for a hard day to be able to explore Hanoi. This is some suggestions for you about several dishes and famous places for breakfast.