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A Taste of Hanoi with just $18, Refund up to 100% if you don’t satisfy.

About Hanoi’s cuisine, The Telegraph introduced that visitors would have many food options about the unique dishes along the streets, such as bread with noodles, egg coffee, kebab rice noodles, stuffed pancake… all of these amazing street foods are included in Hanoi Street Food Tour. One of thousand questions you may have before travelling to a new country is: “What should I eat when I travel?” You may search on the Internet, but you worry about how it tastes, where to eat, what is the price, or does it fit you?

Searching for help? Looking for something unique?

Understand your worries, we’ll give you some reasons to choose join Food Tours with Hanoi Free Local Tours.

First of all, we have to notice you that, our offers just start from US$18/Pax which is much lower than the average starting offers of US$22/Pax of other company (save at least 20%).

We want to let you know that we always care about our Customers. We send our best local guides to pick you up at your hotel lobby.

In this Street Food Tour, you can also join the Free Hanoi Old Quarter Tour, our local guides will lead you to explore some corners of Hanoi Old Quarter, that you might not know when you walk alone.

Our menu for Street Food Tour contains a large collection of hygienic, and best selected dishes around Hanoi.

Here is just a sample menu for the tour.

1Banh Mi (Best Vietnamese Sandwich)
2Pho (Noodle Soup)
3Bun Cha (Rice Noodle with Barbecued Pork)
4Egg Coffee
5Banh Xeo (Vietnamese pancake)
6Bun Rieu Cua (Crab Soup Noodle)
7Sua Chua Mit (Fruit Yogurt)
8Nem (Spring Rolls)
9Xoi (Sticky Rice)
10Banh Cuon (Rice Spring Rolls)

You don’t know what in the food. Some of you might think: “But I’m a vegetarian”, or “I’m allergic to some food”.

Worry not, just notice us, we will create a suitable menu for you.

The purpose of our tour is to provide to tourists a unique experience to know more about Hanoi, learn more about the history, exceptional culture, as well as distinctive architectures of Hanoi.

Moreover, our local guides are university students. They have good knowledge about Hanoi culture, but they don’t have the chance to show it out to everyone.

If you are the one who love exploring new things, this is absolutely your chance to get out of safe zone. You are completely relaxed when you travel with us.

Another choice for you is to take Scooter Food Tour. This is a brand-new experience. Why? Because, you will sit after our local guide to travel around and visit Hanoi, meanwhile you also have the chance to taste best selected street food.

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Hanoi Street Food Tour information:

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Time: 8.30Am – 11.30Am or 11.30 – 1.30Pm or 17.30Pm – 21.30Pm.
  • Transfer: Walking, or taxi
  • Language: English
  • Pick-up, Drop off: Your hotel
  • Price: From $18

Tour Inclusion:

  • Pick-Up from hotel’s lobby
  • Guided walking tour of markets, Old Quarter
  • Friendly English speaking guide
  • Food tastings – around 20 different foods and beverages
  • Printed list of all foods on the tour
  • Complimentary drinks
  • Hygiene food handling
  • Comfortable tasting venues
  • Route map
  • Great photo opportunities
– Step 1We pick you up at your hotel or hostel punctually
– Step 2We spend 5 minutes discussing about food allergies, vegetarian and tour’s itinerary
– Step 3

Discover Hanoi Street Foods

  • Special traditional foods that only locals know
  • Tell mysterious stories about food’s recipe
  • Introduce Vietnamese traditions and customs
– Step 4Wander around Hoan Kiem Lake
– Step 5We take you come back to your hotel or hostel

Hanoi Food Description by Hanoi Street Food Tour
Banh Mi ( Vietnamese sanwich)
In the last few years, Vietnamese bread has become a popular snack. The bread is loved by many foreigners. Like Pho ( Vietnamese noodle), it is known as “Banh mi” by Vietnamese people, such an admirable name! its not Vietnamese baguette or Vietnamese sandwich. This is a sign that has made foreigners to keep Vietnamese name of the bread in their mind when they want to eat Vietnamese bread. With three basic characteristics: good-cheap-convenient, which made Vietnamese bread can be outstanding compared with other kinds of burgers in the world like Tacos (Mexico), Sandwiches (England) or Baguettes (France) .

Banh Mi one of the dishes in Hanoi Street Food tour

“Bun Cha”:
Bun Cha, this excellent dish was praised by US President Brack Obama when he visited Vietnam on 23/5/2016. At Huong Lien Bun Cha restaurant (Le Van Huu street, Hai Ba Trung district). A bowl of the noodle consists of grilled pork in bright yellow, some pieces of papaya pickle along with rice noodles and fresh vegetables. The dish is really good with the taste of sour, hot, savory or sweet of the sauce and the fresh taste of vegetables. Just only 40,000 VND for a bowl of Bun Cha.

Obama eating Bun Cha in Hanoi

Obama eating Bun Cha in Hanoi


Egg coffee
to continue the street food tour Hanoi, here is the introduction of egg coffee”How can that fresh egg be put in a cup of coffee,  how sickly it is !” a guest from Germany wrinkled his nose. The owner of the egg coffee shop laughed, “if its sickly I will give you this cup of coffee for free, oppositely, he will pay 10 times much than it’s price.”


Egg Coffee is a must in Hanoi

Pancake (  a rice pancake filled with sliced shrimp , sprouts , carrots and herbs )
A delicious pancake must look crunchy, bulging with shrimp dumpling, pork, bean sprouts and decorated with fresh herbs. It is characteristic of most authentic Vietnamese dishes. To enjoy as a local, cut the cake into bite-sized small slices , roll it in lettuce leaves and dip it into a special sauce made by the chef.

Above is the description of Hanoi street food tour, before reading the reviews you can see Hanoi Motorbike Tour or Hanoi Free Walking Tour

Hanoi Street Food Tour Tripadvisor Reviews

Hanoi Street Food – YUM! (Thanks Hannah 😋)

“On our first night in Hanoi, we booked a Street Food Tour with Hanoi Free Local Tours…and it was AWESOME!!!

The online booking process was very good and smooth. We paid US$18 pp in advance for the food which as an easy process via PayPal.

Our guide, Hannah, showed as at our hotel on time. Hannah is a local Hanoi University student studying marketing, and working at Hanoi street food tour as a main guide. Before we started, she discussed our food preferences / allergies and gave has an ideas of the food we were going to be tasting. We walked all over the Old Quarter experiencing both Hanoi street culture, traffic management skills and amazing food! Hannah was fantastic at explaining everything to us and introducing us to Vietnamese Street Food. We even paid a visit to the Bun Cha restaurant that President Barack Obama visited in 2016! We finished the tour with an amazing coconut coffee from Cong Caphe and an Egg Coffee!

Highly recommend Hanoi street food tour to see the sights and taste the food of Hanoi’s amazing Old Quarter!”

Awesome experience of Vietnamese food & culture

“We spend a nice evening with Ngoc on a local street food tour. She picked us up at our Hotel right on time and showed us several great places to eat traditional Vietnamese food. She introduced us to different Vietnamese dishes, answered all our questions and was very keen on us getting a good impression of Vietnamese culture. In turn she was also very interested in our culture and experience of Vietnam. All in all this tour is highly recommendable, especially with Ngoc as a tour guide, who was very friendly. It is a great way to get an introduction into Vietnamese culture.”

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