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Make your trip different with Locals.

Our tour packages

Make your trip different with Locals.
Let us – Hanoi Free Tour Guides working as ambassadors help you save memorable time! No matter how rich you are No matter how high-ranked you are No matter where you are from All of you have the same reasons to explain why you would rather Hanoi Free Tours than others Would you like to go after a tourist guide who holds a flag and talk by micro or have Hanoi free tours (Private) Would you like to depend on the group of international tourists by fixed time itinerary or be free to go anywhere do anything you’re interested in by flexible time? Would you like to listen to dry speeches or mysterious stories, legends about historical relics or simply shares and thought of the insiders? All brings you true feelings and local experiences!


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We – Hanoi Free Local Tours are improving and trying our best to become one of the most reputable Free Tour Clubs in Hanoi. More than anyone else, we are proud of the achievements we got and the best tour services we supply as well.

Best Private Free Tour Guides in Hanoi - Who are they?

Our free tour guides are good English-speaking students coming from all national universities in Hanoi with enthusiasm and inquisitive spirit. We have a great passion for learning about multinational culture and desire to open their mind. We want to communicate with foreign travelers and introduce the beauty of nation to international friends ---> Best knowledge you can gain: “Take a day to learn a sage” There are nearly 20 interesting destinations you shouldn’t miss when visiting Hanoi. But how many days you spend staying in Hanoi to discover all and have a comprehensive view of habits and customs as well as daily life style of Hanoian. It is suggested that the best way to know all the ins and outs of Hanoi is follow in one local student guide’s tracks. Only 5 hours, we make sure to introduce you to every aspect from culture, education, religion, cuisine and Vietnam War. It not only visits prominent places to take impressive pictures but also live like a local in a short time. Drinking beer on Long Bien bridge to look at sunset view or sitting on small chair to eat “pho” right on pavement in the morning, for example, are typical of Hanoi with 4000 years of history. Sometimes, no matter how many sites you visit, no matter how many pics you shot, knowledge you gain is more important than anything else. Most of the tourists said that it is very interesting to talk with English-speaking students for hours together near the Sword Lake.

Types of Hanoi Free Tours

There are 7 types of Free tours offered by us, from free walking tour, street food tour to Free motorbike tour we supply to meet most of your demands. With the aid of your tour guide, you will be immersed in stunning view, surprised with colorful architectural structures and taste a large range of delicious traditional dishes in Vietnam. It is also convenient for you to book some different tours at the same time to cover all various experiences. Moreover, if you feel satisfied with the local guide after the first tour, you can book another tour for tomorrow directly without through system on the internet. We specialize in developing 3 main types of tour much more popular with foreign tourists:
  • Hanoi Free Food Tour:
With 18$/ pax, you can taste at least 5 different dishes and beverages and enjoy typical flavor including ingredient, herbal and spicy of Hanoi cuisine. Besides, local guide will supply methods as well as melodies to cook a traditional meal in Vietnam. It would be greater that you share both difference between eastern dishes and western ones and daily stories with each other. But food tour doesn’t mean you will eat, eat and eat continuously. It is suggested you should go for a walk around a lake or do sightseeing some beautiful view like a church and pagoda on the way. Learn more>> Hanoi Street Food Tours
  • Hanoi Free Bike Tour:
You do engage in adventure and discovery and you tried all hazardous activities but not satisfy. I have an interesting suggestion for you. Why don’t you take a seat behind a local guide on a scooter and drive around city. It is new experience for you to hustle in the midst of chaotic transportation on crowded road junction. It is not dangerous like you thought, on the contrary, it is fantastic. What’s more amazing looking at the whole city and famous spots and take some impressive pictures. Learn more>> Hanoi Free Motorbike Tours
  • Hanoi Free City Tour
Absolutely free with a private local guide for walking tours in Hanoi. You can book a free city tour for half day or full day to go around city and visit some highlight destinations. We are pleased to meet your fixed plan before or create a suitable itinerary for you. It is a good chance for tour guide to show his knowledge of history and culture of Hanoi – 1000 years of civilization. Through the detail introduction of tour guide, you are immersed in the world of ancient architecture, mysterious history and beautiful nature. Learn more>> Hanoi Free City Tours Besides showing you around the city and giving you some useful information about attractive sites, local Free Tour guides also help you avoid scams in Hanoi as well as recommend you best places to eat and go with good price. With the aid of your tour guide, you are able to do what you like without worrying about strict religions, laws or unwritten rules of native people. For instance, you have to take your hat off and wear long clothes when coming to sacred places like church and pagoda or you can’t bring camera or take photograph at some places. It will get better there is a local guide teaching how to bargain in market to buy a T-shirt with 100.000 VND instead of 400.000 VND or eat a bowl of “pho” 30.000 VND instead of 60.000 VND and how to cross crowded street in chaos. Nobody is willing to give you helpful suggestion for reputable taxi brands and help you realize street cheats such as ghost money or pretended beggars. If you have difficulties in finding the ways in the Old Quarter, don’t worry because you always have a live map accomplishing with. Generally, what you need is a local private guide to make an integral travel

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With more 150 Free Tour guides available, we make sure to supply enough free tours for you as long as you have to book a tour before departure time 3 hours. There will be tour guide picking you up and drop you off at your hotel or hostel. Whenever you are convenient Wherever you’d love to visit And under how weather is We – Hanoi Free Local Tours are in here and always ready to supply the best tours for you. ----------- Don’t hesitate to book Hanoi Free tours right now!