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Hanoi Free Local Tours is an NPO by AZlocaltrip Company

We are young people who are passionate about English, love the culture and history of Vietnam. Therefore, we use English to help foreign people and to introduce Vietnamese culture to international tourists. Besides, this is a good environment for us to improve skills and language that are necessary for the international working environment of our future. Our organization has been managed in a professional model by the founders and members.

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I. Mission
1. Organize the free local tours frequently, improve constantly the quality and the image of Hanoi Free Local Tours, contribute to the development of tourism in Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general.
2. Maintain internal activities of the club, create an good environment for members to study and train skills so that they can reach their full potentials.
3. Develop in the way of learning about culture, organize activities which have an positive effect on the young people’s attitudes about preserving and promoting the traditional values.

II. Vision
Becoming one of the leading non-profit organisation, which provides international tourists visiting Hanoi with the best free tour services in 2 years.

Hanoi Free Local Tours Activities

I. Objectives
1.  Provide information and gain insights into Vietnamese people, culture, customs and lifestyle to international tourists, which greatly contribute to the development of Vietnamese tourism.
2. Members actively explore and preserve the values of Vietnam, improve English as well as train skills.
3. Members have the opportunity to experience in multicultural environments in Hanoi. This creates great chance to train skills before working in international workplace.

II. Advantages of joining free local tours
1. Foreign tourists understand Vietnam through the eye of locals, avoid some risks such as getting overcharged.
2. Members of the club have chance to express knowledge and love to our own country, learn about the culture of other countries, practice English and train life skills.

III. Procedure
Each tour occurs in a full day or a half day, visiting attractions such as Temper of Literature, Hanoi Old Quarter , Bát Tràng pottery village, Vạn Phúc silk village and so on.
In the role of travel companions, volunteers are non-profit, members help tourists explore Hanoi, give them the chance to experience the natural local life.

IV. Impact on the community:
1.  Encourage people to understand and preserve the beauty of Hanoi and Vietnam.
2. Create the good impression on visitors, express the positive image of Vietnamese tourism, bring traditional beauty of Vietnam to the world.

V. About tour guide activities
The club’s rules Club’s members have the rights and obligations as follows:

1. Rights
+ Participate in the club’s free tour guide activities which can improve personal skills, experience and knowledge of multinational culture.
+ Join in many activities for training about cultural, historical knowledge and soft skills in preparation for guiding tour..

2. Obligations
+ Members of the club have to fully participate in training activities and regular meetings.
+ Follow the tour guide’s schedule, time and place.
+ Contribute to develop the club to become the greatest tour guide club in Hanoi.
+ Besides taking part in tour guide activities, members need to join in managing the tours, ensure the quality of tour, communicate to the club, make fund as a non-profit organization.
+ When guiding tours, it is acceptable if the tourists pay for tickets, food, drink and travelling expenses to support members for their operation.
+ Prohibit members from suggesting for money, payment or defrauding the tourists for the sake of your own benefits.

To become a member of Hanoi Free Local tours
1.  Applicants have to pass the CV round, the written test and the interview to become HFLT’s collaborator in the first month.
2.  After one month, Department Managers and Leaders will base on your operation and contribution when you are a collaborator and consider recruit you as our official member.
3.  An official member works continuously within 3 months (including a month of collaborator’s time)
Recruitment : https://hanoifreelocaltours.com/category/recruitment/

There are 2 forms to register to be a member of Hanoi Free Local Tours club.
1. To join in tour guide activities and develop the club (work in Marketing, Human Resources or Academic Department)
Form 1 is suitable for freshman, sophomore and third- year students who have time to participate in tour guide activities and desire to improve regular skills in work
2. To be a tour guide : only take part in training activities and tour guide of Hanoi Free Local tours Club
Form 2 is suitable for members who have no time and conditions to join in the activities in Human Resources or Marketing of the club.
With this form, a member needs to contribute 100,000VND/month for developing the club thanks to communication, advertisement, printing, etc

Hanoi Free Local Tours Tripadvisor

1. Nelson From London

I wish every city offered something like Hanoi Free Local Tours

For all the insider tips, local secrets and travel hacks the internet has been able to reveal to the average internet-savvy traveler, there really is nothing quite as powerful as spending time with an actual local to get a real foothold on a new city. Hanoi Free Local Tours is a fantastic organization which provides this very opportunity with any visitor to Hanoi willing to take a chance. Of course, I understand that it’s easy to jump to paranoid conclusions at the word ‘free’ in this context but before you make assumptions let me explain, because this is actually the real deal. I came to Hanoi travelling solo, so I was eager to plug into the local culture. When I found this organization, I was skeptical as well, but willing to take a chance. Here’s how it works, as my tourguide explained it to me:

Free Local Tours is able to operate completely free as a mutually beneficial service. All of the tourguides are volunteer students and locals looking to enhance their english by engaging with foreign visitors through the tour service. The benefit for us is that we get to see a unique, LOCAL side of Hanoi with our very own guide, from city landmarks, to the hidden away street food hotspots you definitely wont find in Lonely Planet or Trip Advisor.
My guide was May, who was splendid company: knowledgeable, passionate and a genuine soul. We spent the entire day together, and as it turned out I was the only visitor on the tour, so it was just the two of us. We visited a historical site, a Buddhist temple, tried some amazing local food, all of which she was able to supplement with her insights as a Hanoi local. May and I became fast friends. We got to learn a tremendous amount about each other’s cultures. And at one point she even let me do a lap around sword lake on her electric bike (don’t worry I volunteered to drive, this is by no means a requirement of the tour 🙂 ) At night, we took a taxi outside of town to her brother’s restaurant where we talked, laughed, and enjoyed more great food. At the end of the night we were two good friends from different parts of the world parting ways in an amazing city. If you can be open minded to trying new things, meeting new people, and really GOING WITH THE FLOW, Hanoi Free Local Tours is a perfect option for acclimating to the hustle and bustle of this fantastic city.

I also want to mention that May was explicit about the tour as a ‘pay what you want’ type of itinerary (with nothing going to the tourguide, if you try to tip they WILL refuse the money as is the policy of the organization.) If you want to hit the museums and temples that cost money, you’re welcome to. If you want to stick to a truly no-money kind of experience and just walk around the city, you can do that too. There is truly no pressure, and you only do what you’re comfortable with.

Visited September 2016

2. Oakland 
 “Like a Private Tour but Free
I was traveling solo to Vietnam for the first time, and although I like exploring on my own, I also like to meet the locals and learn things about places that I wouldn’t find out on my own. I booked a tour for Sunday afternoon, and Khai, one of the member of Hanoi Free Local Tours, my awesome tour guide, took me around the city and we ate some delicious bun cha and nem ran. We visited St. Joseph’s Cathedral and Hoa Lo Prison. Khai was super resourceful, and because she is a college student was able to convince Hoa Loa staff to let her in for free. I had such a good time, we hung out again a few days later and she took me around on her moto. It was definitely a great decision. The tour is free, but I was happy to pay for any entrance fees or food for both of us, and it was well worth it!
Visited August 2016

3. Oamaru, New Zealand
Local adventure

Another traveller recommended these tours and although we booked at short notice we were lucky enough to get a willing guide. We weren’t sure where we wanted to walk to but our free local student guide Thao sorted places that suited us both – the Hoam Kiem lake, Hoa Lo prison, trying egg coffee (delicious) plus other stops gave us a very interesting look at Hanoi. Thao was very friendly, lovely and intelligent and her English was excellent. She also made us feel safer crossing the roads – no mean feat in Hanoi! It was a great experience and we would highly recommend these tours for cultural understanding and good local company.

Visited August 2016
4. Wassana
 Volunteer as a professional” 
Nga Nguyen was my city tour guide in Hanoi she is such a smart and friendly girl. She do a city tour guide as a volunteer but she did it as profestional. 4-5 hours walk in the city she always willing to share knowledge and information and do her best as a tourguide. You can get in to local better than buy a day trip from the tour company. She is just a teen 19 years old girl but mature enough. She said she like to practice herself so she did it for free but for my opinion she could get some money from things she loves to do so I give a tip for her even she refuesd becouse she deserved. If you visit Hanoi don’t miss a chance to meet up with her ask her about local food if u are foodie like me ^^
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5. our videos

Engaging tour around Hanoi

We easily booked the free tour online and were greeted by Nga and Khoai punctually at our hotel lobby. They were all smiles and explained our itinerary for the day. We were immediately impressed with their level of English and their approachable demeanor made it easy for us to interact openly with them. They were very knowledgeable and were ever ready to share their wealth of knowledge with us. We very quickly warmed up to them and they effectively became our ‘family members’. Anyone who needs a tour around Hanoi, I think you should just engage Hanoi Free Local Tours.

Visited December 2016
Pleasant and well paced tour

My wife and I booked for a full day tour via email. We received tour confirmation the very next day. On the appointed day, we met our guide Thanh at the hotel lobby. Thanh, a local university civil engineering undergraduate gave us a run down of the day’s itinerary before we set out.

Our verdict: We were extremely satisfied with the level of service. Its amazing that its free! I must admit that Thanh was a wonderful guide and ensured that we were comfortable.

Visited December 2016
“Awesome Free Hanoi Trip”
5 of 5 bubblesReviewed 2 weeks ago

One of the highlights of our recent trip to Hanoi with my wife was the Hanoi Free Local Tour conducted by the friendly and lovely guide Hong Dao Nguyen. Though nursing a sore throat with a scheduled course presentation later in the afternoon, she was superb in guiding us through the Women museum where we learned about the history of Vietnam and the roles of women played during the different era of the country’s transformation and development. Despite her busy schedule, Dao also brought us to taste some of the local favourite food in the evening after her course. My wife and myself were impressed by Dao’s determination in learning English while showing us the sights enthusiastically. We strongly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Hanoi.
Thank you Dao for an awesome and lovely day !

Visited November 2016