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Hanoi is a dreamy city that has infatuated the human heart. Besides the noise and busyness, that is the poetic and peaceful beauty. So let’s join with us to explore the best, the most beautiful of Hanoi. We always provide offer the best of Hanoi Street Food Walking Tour, Scooter Food Tour, Hanoi Walking Tour, Hanoi City Tour, Hanoi Motorbike Tour, Hanoi Old Quater Tour, Hanoi French Quater Tour with best choices, Best rates, Best services!

Hanoi City

Hanoi Free Local Tour Show You The Best Of Hanoi

Street Food Tour with local guides
City tour with local guide
Dinh Coffee Old Quater tour
Old Quater Tour with 2 local guides
Our Stories

Our Local Experts leave their footprint along the country. We learn from the locals and hear from the tourist. And we surprised that not many tourist meet their expectation with their trip. We decided to change ourself, so customer can “Create their own moment”, beyond just travelling and happiness.
We know the struggles, that why we are here to sharing our knowledge and guiding to connect you with the locals, the culture and the unique experiences. From creating Free itinerary planning, travel guide to unique local tours. We are turning the footprints to smiles and you are turning your dream to your unique moment

Our Mission

1. Organize the free local tours frequently, improve constantly the quality and the image of Hanoi Free Local Tours, contribute to the development of tourism in Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general.
2. Maintain internal activities of the club, create an good environment for members to study and train skills so that they can reach their full potentials.
3. Develop in the way of learning about culture, organize activities which have an positive effect on the young people’s attitudes about preserving and promoting the traditional values.

Our Vision

Becoming one of the leading non-profit organisation, which provides international tourists visiting Hanoi with the best free tour services.