FREE Hanoi Motorbike Tour – on the back of Scooter discover Hanoi

Free Hanoi motorbike tour with Vietnamese university students



Are you interested in having a back seat motorbike ride? If so, Hanoi Motorbike Tour is definitely made for you!

Check it out!


  • Get real local experiences on a local transportation
  • Well-trained, enthusiastic and friendly local guides
  • Motorbike rental
  • Parking Tickets, Entrance Fee included
  • A light meal (or a Cup of Coffee)
  • Reasonably customizing your tour


  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Starting time: 8:30, 14:30, 17:00
  • Transportation: Motorbike/Scooter
  • Language: English
  • Group Size: Private Tour
  • Price: Free, You pay for scooter rental, gas (Including Helmet)
  • Please contact 

Be ready to hop on the backseat of a motorbike with a local guide! It is you who experiences this unique transport!

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Hanoi Motorbike Tour 01
Kristen Nguyen – a guide from Hanoi Free Local Tours is taking a selfie with her foreign friend after a Motorbike Tour


Pick you up at your hotel/hostel on time.
Start with the Old Quarter.
Go to Long Bien Bridge for sightseeing.
Visit West lake – the biggest lake of Hanoi.
Visit customized destinations.
Drop off at your hotel/hostel.

Hanoi Motorbike Tour Introduction: 

Hanoi Motorbike Tour is a tour organized by Local university students. We are ready to listen to your sharing about your experience of traveling, your stories. We are new to your culture, we also would like to have your knowledge about travelling, since maybe one day, we could meet again in your city.

Our team always see you as our family members, friends. We want to share with you our knowledge about Hanoi’s culture, customs, cuisines, and even some special things to do in Hanoi.

By taking a Motorbike Tour around Hanoi, you will meet locals, know more about Hanoi’s Culture and History, go shopping much more easier with local tips.

After nearly two years of operation, Hanoi Motorbike Tour has been a choice of more than 6500 international visitors and get many positive reviews.

Tour Type:

Local Life & Culture Discovery, Customized Tour, Guided City Tour

Tour Guides:

  • Our guides are English Speaking Local University Students from Hanoi Free Local Tours who have a lot of experiences in working with international travelers. Their extensive traveling background and knowledge of the region enable them to provide a truly local experience for visitors.
  • What makes those experiences special is to see people and places through a local perspective, making each destination unique – Our guides are here to help you. No matter are you a solo-traveler or with your group, you never feel lost in this crowded city once you go with us.

Scooter Tour Details: 

After picking you up at your hotel ( if it is in the Old Quarter), Hanoi Motorbike Tour will start with your staying hotel/hostel area.

And of course, you should get a glimpse of your main transportation in this tour.

1.Motorbike – the most common transportation in Vietnam:

Motorbike tour

One of the things that makes foreigners come to Hanoi surprising the most is traffic. Walking in the streets filled with motorbikes in the capital is completely a new experience for foreigners.

The most interesting factor of Hanoi Motorbike Tour is the female drivers. The criteria for candidates selected on the Hanoi Motorbike Tour needs to meet the requirements of appearance, having a driver license, being fluent in English. Before driving in official, the drivers have to undergo a training course of communication skills, as well as handling traffic situations.

Each one is equipped with a walkie -talkie to keep in touch with the main facilitator and tour director in case of emergency.

2.The Old Quarter:

Do you want to visit the place called  “a place to be back in time”?

Going on a Motorbike Tour, you will be taken to The Old Quarter – A must-go place that you’d better not miss once you come to Hanoi.

Relics in the Old Quarter of Hanoi a variety of cultural factors, in accordance with natural conditions, economic, social and religious beliefs as well as a distinct style. The Old Quarter is also an attractive area for tourists to explore. If you want to see the depth of the “tube” houses in the area, you can go down alleyways between buildings or visit one of the shops on Hang Gai Street.

Going around the area, you will be taken to a famous coffee shop to sip a warm egg coffee which is the unique beverage of Hanoi. You can stop by some destinations to buy a baked corn, baked potato; to enjoy a cup of tea or any special street food.

3. Long Bien Bridge:

This is the place where you can stop at the middle of the bridge for sightseeing and feel the fresh air from the river. Also, here, you will have a chance to take a lot of cool pictures from this height. The guide will take you to a restaurant along the Red River to try some local food.

This over 100-year-old bridge is associated with the history of 2 resistance wars against France and America, witnesses many changes of Hanoi. The sunset on the Long Bien bridge evokes a lot of emotion, a source of inspiration for the photographer. Along the bridge, you will see the green grove with banana gardens. It is easy to see vendors selling some stuffs such as bananas, corns, sweet potatoes or a bunch of shrimp, catching fish caught in the river are carried on the bridge.

4.West Lake – The biggest lake of Hanoi:

Having a back seat motorbike riding while going along the streets in West Lake area must be the coolest part of the tour! The guide will show you the beauty of West Lake ( the biggest lake in Hanoi). You will also stop at Ngu Xa street to enjoy favorite pavement dishes such as rolled noodle with beef, stir-fried noodles … and drink cool beer.



This 17-km-circumference lake area has plenty of historical sites as well as high-end cafes, 5-star hotels,…A highlight of the area is Tran Quoc Pagoda – the oldest Buddhist temple of Vietnam built in the 6th Century. The place attracts tourists by its architecture that has a harmonious combination of ancient, dignified elegance with the tranquil landscapes of a vast lake.

Hanoi Motorbike Tour - 05
Though not directly riding a motorbike, tourists still have good impression on this transportation.

Do you feel excited now? If so, hesitate no more and go with us!

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Price & Tipping Guides for Motorbike Tour

Price: The Price here is 0

NOTE: When you book a tour, usually our Motorbike tour guides take you to the locations mentioned above. Your tour can be customized according to your request, time management, and the distance starting from your hotel.

Contact us for this motorbike tour!

We are here to help you with any information you need.

Follow the WhatsApp Number and Email Address to have more detail about your tour, time arrangement, picking up, dropping off or customizing places you want to go. Or simply, contact us in the chat box popping up in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Hanoi Motorbike/scooter Tour Tripsadvisor

@Rafael: “My friend and I booked a motorcycle tour for the last day before leaving Hanoi. Surprisingly, the ladies in the long dress are charming with a smile on their lips. They speak English very well. They are happy to answer whatever we ask. We had Vietnamese coffee, ate delicious food and enjoyed the view of Hanoi city. However, the most amazing thing is the feeling of being crossed by a crowded lanes with a beautiful Vietnamese girl. I will never forget this feeling.”

@LucyG: “This full-day tour in Hanoi was the best way to discover the city ! Linh my guide was very nice, funny and so knowledgeable, she told me a lot about history and culture of Vietnam while exploring HoChiMin Sanctuary, the prison and the West lake, it was so interesting! We tried some delicious street food and coffee and she give me a lot of tips for the rest of my travel, she was perfect. And the team is very reactive and flexible, I had an schedule problem and they answer very fast by mail, it was perfect! Thanks you every one :)”

@TinaL: “After a few very pleasant email exchanges with Kristen from the booking office, we decided to take the street food evening tour. Not the canned version but customised with food items that we want to try. The purchase was hassle free and simple.

Trang appeared at our hotel lobby 10 minutes earlier than our agreed 5.30pm. After a quick discussion on what we want to eat, off we went.

Bun Dao mam tom, banxeo, taophoa, bun oc, bun ca, bun rieu cua were some of the yummy dishes that we had. Not the usual tourist spots but little holes in the wall where locals frequent.

Back to our guide, Trang. Kristen at the booking office was not lying when she said that Trang is a lovely girl with amazing knowledge of food. Throughout the whole evening, Trang captivated us with her pleasant and bubbly personality. She gave us very interesting commentaries on route to each eating spot and when the food came, she taught us how to assemble or fully appreciate the dish better.

We were very well fed and stuffed to the brim when the evening came to an end. Instead of being walked back to the hotel, we had Trang walk us to the night market and we parted ways there. Not before she took pains to point out the direction towards our hotel and graciously presented us with a box of Vietnamese coffee.

The tour was not free, but well worth the price we paid. Thank you Kristen and Trang for the positive experiences. We had a great time.

@Abu: If you don’t have a SIM card or phone service, download the app: WhatsApp

The guide will contact you via WhatsApp and go over the details.

There are several options for what to do in Hanoi. I personally took the private tour. There is a modest fee for petrol but seriously, the tour was practically free.

Adam (booker) contacted me on WhatsApp and went over the details for my trip. I booked at the very last minute so a few of the tours were unavailable. He recommended the private tour, I took it. Best decision I made on my entire trip to Hanoi.

A nice girl named Linh (pronounced Lee) gave me an exclusive tour of Hanoi. We went through the touristy parts of the city via motor scooter. Traveling by scooter alone is an experience, add the fact that now you have an intended destination and a flexible schedule and you’re in business.

Linh was extremely nice and she gave me a lot of history. Unlike normal tours where the guide bores you to death and forces info down your throat, Linh gave me a bunch of fun facts and explained the cultural significance of things and how they apply to her life as a local in Hanoi. It was very refreshing.

After a tour of the city with Linh, I feel like a got to experience something that few tourists would get. I highly recommend this tour for anyone who is alive. If you’re dead inside, stay home and off the roads there is plenty of traffic as is…YOLO!

Hanoi Motorbike tour 08
Motorbike tour – The most ordered tour by tourists

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