Hanoi Free Walking Tour around the Old Quarter

A Free Walking Tour is made for you who want to explore Hanoi in a true local way!

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A Russian Street Artist is having a bubble performance on Walking Street on weekend.


Let’ see what you can get from our tour!

  • Discover the heart of Hanoi for Free with well-trained local university students
  • Listen to the stories of Hanoi, understand the culture of Vietnam
  • Meet locals and have fun
  • Shopping!
  • Avoid scams 🙅🏻‍♀️

Tour Type:

Local Life & Culture Discovery, Guided Walking Tour, Customised Tour


  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Starting time: 8:30; 11:30; 17:30
  • Transportation: Walking  (or Taxi if required)
  • Language: English
  • Price: Free

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Tour Guides: English Speaking Local University Students

  • Our guides are well-trained member from Hanoi Free Local Tours. Not only are they fluent in English, but also they have a wide background knowledge in Hanoi culture and history.
  • No matter are you a solo-traveler or with your group, you never feel lost in this crowded city once you go with us. Your guide – your local traveling partner will pick you and your friends/family up at the hotel you staying and take you to the coolest places in Hanoi.
hanoi free walking tour Guide

A Guide from Hanoi Free Local Tours with her foreign tourists in a Free Walking Tour (Picture taken at The Huc Bridge – Hoan Kiem Lake)


We pick you up at your hotel or hostel on time.
We wander around the lake of returned sword and listen to magic legend about this lake.
We will discover the Old Quarter of Hanoi (Details below)
Then, you will enjoy of cup of special coffee – Egg Coffee (Top.1 in Hanoi)
We take you back your hotel or hostel.

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Hanoi Free Walking Tour - Street Vendor

A Flower Street Vendor is happily watering her flowers.

Hanoi Walking Tour Introduction:

Hanoi Free Walking Tour is a tour organized by Local university students who are seeking chances of improving themselves. By taking a free walking tour around Hanoi, you will meet locals, know more about the stories, avoid scams and go shopping much more easier.

After nearly two years of operation, Hanoi Free Walking Tour has been a choice of more than 7000 international visitors and get many positive reviews.

Tour Details:

After picking you up at your hotel ( if it is in the Old Quarter), the Free Walking Tour will start with Hoan Kiem Lake (Sword Lake).

First, let’s take a look at the map first!

Hanoi Old Quarter Guide Map - Things to do in Hanoi

Things to do in Hanoi Old Quarter Guide Map

1.Hoan Kiem Lake (40 minutes)

Hoan Kiem Lake is considered a “Pearl of the Capital”, or  a “Flower basket in the heart of the city” according to tourists. Hoan Kiem Lake area is not only a historical sites associated with a legend of “Returning Sword” but also a place that many daily activities happen on a daily basis.

Hoan Kiem Lake is not only a place to wander around, but also associated with the life of the Capital in many aspects.

Hanoi Free Walking Tour - Game

Folk games on Walking Streets around Hoan Kiem Lake

Here, you can see locals doing morning exercises every morning, students practicing English with foreigners, couples having Pre-Wedding photos, many painters setting up a fast-moving portraiture counter after 15-20 minutes for about VND 100.000 each portrait.,..

The leisure activities here are  not too bustling and modern, but they have national identity and cultural spirit of Vietnam. Many collective activities take place in the opening space which is popular with foreigners and tourists.

Hesitate no more, Hoan Kiem Lake is a must-go that will give you interesting local experiences!

2. St. Joseph’s Cathedral (20 minutes)

The national religion of Vietnam is Buddhism, but when French came to Vietnam, Catholic appeared, then now it is the second popular religion in Vietnam.

Hanoi Cathedral is one of the architectural works that have a strange appeal to any visitor when coming to Hanoi, because of the unique and “charming” in architecture. The church is designed in the style of European medieval Gothic architecture (prevailing in the 12th and the Renaissance), imitating the Notre Dame Cathedral with large, arched arches, facing the sky.

hanoi free walking tour - 01

A view inside the Cathedral – an European work in the middle of Hanoi

The space around the church is surrounded by houses of ancient French architecture. Therefore, this is also an ideal wedding venue for couples to save important milestones in their lives.

The Cathedral also attracts tourists with the “specialty” of the Capital – Tra chanh Nha tho (Lime tea around the Church). The Church area has become a familiar place of youngsters of Hanoi. With just a glass of iced tea, you can enjoy a sense of relaxation in a unique “space” of the capital.

3. Hanoi Opera House (20 minutes)

hanoi free walking tour 01

A fantastic view of the Opera House at night

Are you curious about a building that looks like the Paris Opera in the middle of Hanoi?

Then you definitely should go to Hanoi Opera House – the man-made work which is one of the few French architectural works which is preserved almost perfectly. The theater was built for a long time, from 1901 to 1911.  Inspired by the famous OpĂ©ra Garnier Theater in Paris, the Hanoi Opera House is actually a massive architectural work of its time, with a total area of 2,600m2.

The Opera House and Cathedral are also in the French Quarter – which is considered as a little Paris in Hanoi. Getting a Hanoi Free Walking Tours is a chance to have a sighseeing at these attractions.

4. The Old Quarter of Hanoi (45 minutes)

The free walking tour will not be completed  if the Old Quarter is not included.

hanoi free walking tour 03

Every weekend night, street artists gather and have performances on some streets in the Old Quarter

When telling about Hanoi, people hardly don’t know about the 36 old streets of Hanoi: Hang Bai, Hang Dao, Hang Ngang, Hang Ma … Each street is a place to keep historical memories of the capital, as well as the memory of the lives of people who have lived, worked and built the country. Over the years, the Old Quarter of Hanoi has not been as intact as before, but this is still a top tourist attraction for walking tours in Hanoi, everyone come to Hanoi and feel it’s long-lasting history.

Cylco around the Old Quarter

You also can see the Cyclo Tour in Hanoi or If you do not want to take the tour, contact us to arrange a Cyclo for you.

Hanoi free walking tour - 04

Tourists are chilling on A Cyclo ride while visiting Hanoi

4. Dong Xuan Market (30 minutes)

The place is home to shopaholics, and visitors who want to buy some souvenirs for their trips.

Located in the heart of the old town, Dong Xuan is the busiest traditional market in Hanoi. With the number of visitors, shopping thousands of people every day, in addition to the shopping center in the capital, Dong Xuan market is also seen as a symbol of the ancient streets of Hanoi.

Visiting the place, you will also have a chance to witness the French architecture as well as trying some local foods sold here.

hanoi free walking tour - 05

Grilled Pork on charcoal – one of the best street foods in Hanoi that you can easily find around Dong Xuan market

5. Long Bien Bridge (30 minutes)

Long Bien Bridge is one of the historical and technological symbols of Hanoi in the early twentieth century. The work is considered one of the most magnificent architectural works in the East, bringing back many poets and musicians.

The bridge is just over 2.3 km long so visitors can relax on foot or biking. Enjoying the view of the Red River and watching the barges float underneath and the rusty steel frame that was bombed by the US military from 1967 to 1972 would be the best sightseeing

Hanoi free walking tour - 06

Long Bien brige is not only a historical site but also a great place for sightseeing and taking pictures.

6. Egg Coffee (20 minutes)

Have you ever heard of a Coffee that made from Egg? That sounds so weird, right? But this unique beverage is a “specialty” coffee of Hanoi in particular, and of Vietnam in general.

Hanoi Free Walking Tour - 07

A tasty cup of Egg Coffee – the creative beverage of Hanoians.

Egg coffee – the creative beverage of Hanoians, has become famous around the world by the foreign guests.  Once you drink a hot egg coffee in a simple glass cup, you can hardly forget Hanoi.

NOTE: During the time of 3 to 4 hours, The Free Tour Guides will take you to 4-5 attractive locations in the list above.  We usually spend 30-40 minutes discovering each destination (time for walking isn’t included) to get some useful information of each location.

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Price & Tipping Guides

Price: The Price here is Free. You only have to pay for the a cup of Coffee during the tour

Tipping Guides: See more in FAQ.

NOTE: When you book a tour, usually our free walking tour guides take you to the locations mentioned above. Your tour can be customized according to your request, and the distance starting from your hotel.

Hanoi Free Walking Tour - 08

Taking a nice picture in Hanoi while wandering around the streets is a good way to keep memories about your trip here

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Hanoi Walking Tour Tripadvisor

On tripadvisor, Hanoi Free Walking Tour have received over 100 reviews “Excellent”  from people all around the world.
Let’s take a look at some of their reviews

Salin, from Germany
Experience Free Walking tours in Hanoi with locals
“Had a tour on the day I arrived. My tour guide’s names were Linh and Linh (both have a common name). Really enthusiastic people and punctual regarding the time.

Hanoi Free Walking Tour - 09

Tourists are having beautiful memories in Hanoi

Travelled to the Old House, which displayed the ancient architecture of the Vietnamese house. Then moved to a local shopping mall, where you can literally find anything. On the evening, wandered around Hoan Kiem Lake, Temple of the Jade Mountain and St. Joseph’s Cathedral.

Overall the tour was really informative and full of insights. Whats more interesting was how both of my guides were interactive and made sure that I got all the information regarding those places.

They were university students and engaging in volunteering work to help tourists understand the history of Hanoi and its landmarks. Appreciate their selfless act and devoting their valuable time to others so that tourists can understand more about the historic significance.

I would recommend HFLT to all the people out there, I bet you will definitely enjoy. Great work guys enjoy.

Minh and Hanan-the two students who took us to a tour in Hanoi made a difference about what we think about Vietnam in generally. We fill that the days we spent in Hanoi before were a waist of time.

They took us to real special hidden places and some local special food and quarters.
we find them very amusing , very interesting , educating, very polite, very nice and very communicated.
We had the best time, truly! We recommend with all our hurts having free tour with students in Hanoi.

Thank you

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