Hanoi War Sites Walking Tour

Hanoi War Site Tour


Vietnam is a country with a long history of many resistance wars against foreign invaders. If you are a history buff, Hanoi War Sites Tour should be on your must-see list.

This tour will give you an insight into the period of the Vietnamese War and its consequences. Our destinations will be the Vietnam Military History Museum, Hoa Lo Prison and the Long Bien Bridge. Let’s dive in!

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Our tour guide picks you up at your hotel or the meeting point according to the pick-up time arranged. We’ll then begin our Hanoi War Sites Tour.

Your buddy will show you around some of these destinations! All up to you!

Next, to continue our Hanoi War Sites Walking Tour, we take a 15-minute walk to Hoa Lo Prison.

Hoa Lo Prison, was once called “Hanoi Hilton” by the American prisoners. Many Vietnamese revolutionaries such as political prisoners and patriots against the French colonial government were captured here. During the Vietnam War, American prisoners were also held in here.

French colonialists built this major prison of both Central and Tonkin on the city outskirts in 1896. The French name of Hoa Lo prison at that time was Maison Centrale. Its Vietnamese name was Nguc That Hanoi (Hanoi dungeon).

Displays at Hoa Lo Prison focuses on the French colonial era including guillotine room. The original machine with a heavy blade that slided down a wooden frame is still kept in the prison.

This is actually an ideal destination in Hanoi War Sites Walking Tour. Here, you can gain deeper insight into the struggles of Vietnamese people during war time and the secrets behind the winning againsts the French and American.

Our first destination is Vietnam Military History Museum.

Established in 1956, this is the first Vietnamese museum about military, specifically about the Communist Party and People’s Army of Vietnam. There’re thousands of artefacts such as tanks, guns and aircraft wreckages.

The museum not only educates Vietnamese citizens about their own tradition but also helps tourists gain insight into hardships of Vietnam through long history of devastating wars against the French, American and Chinese as well as courageous Vietnamese people.

Have you ever heard of Ho Chi Minh the first and the most beloved Vietnamese president of all time? Or you know about him but there are a lot of mysterious things making you curious? Ho Chi Minh museum, in Ho Chi Minh Complex – has all the answers to your curiousness of the great father of Vietnamese people.

An Interesting museum and second floor emphasizes Viet Nam’s air force efforts in space.

Being one of the buildings in the complex of Vietnam Military History Museum, B52 Victory Museum tells you the stories of the nation’s glorious eras in which Hanoi’s citizens and soldiers scored a triumph in the bombing raid of the US in 1972.


Long Bien Bridge will be our final destination for this tour. Long Bien Bridge is a product of the famous architect Sir. Gustave Eiffel who designed the Eiffel Tower.

Long Bien Bridge is more than a hundred years old and is an important historical witness of Hanoi. Take a walking tour of this fascinating structure to learn more about how this bridge survived through wars and take some gorgeous photos.

Enjoy the Top.1 Show in Hanoi for an hour Hanoi Water Puppet Show. This is one of the must-do activities in Hanoi!


After that, our tour guide will take you back and drop you off at your hotel. We finish our tour here.




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