Hanoi Night Walking Tour

Hanoi Night Walking Tour


It sounds amazing for you to discover the hidden lifestyle of Hanoi at night and wander along the narrow alleys of Hanoi Old Quarter. Hanoi boasts its mysterious beauty and the fast pace of life full of bright lights. Joining Hanoi Night Walking Tour, tourists can explore more spectacular landscapes of the capital as well as enjoy celebrated local cuisines here like Pho cocktail and banh mi.


  • Hygiene with clean Hanoi’s specialties
  • Explore the hidden beauty of Hanoi at night
  • Understand the daily life of locals
  • Accompany real local tor guides with skilled experience
  • No scams, no other expenses


After gathering at the meeting point at 7 Dinh Tien Hoang, we will start our Hanoi Night Walking Tour by walking to the highest rooftop bars in Hanoi Old Quarter.

If you are seeking for a romantic spot to chill with friends, enjoying a cup of cocktail and observing the spectacular view of Hanoi, rooftop bar is definitely the perfect choice for you.

Summit Lounge, situated inside Sofitel Hotel, will provide tourists a 360 panoramic view of the capital with one thousand year of civilization and culture. The romantic setting is decorated with shimmering lights of the city and cool fresh atmosphere from West Lake. Two specialties of this rooftop bar that I highly recommend are cocktail and domestic beer.

Another rooftop bar that you must try in Hanoi night walking tour is Rooftop Bar and Restaurant, located in 19th floor of the Pacific Place building. With the stylish decoration of bright red walls, tourists can sit on the sofa full of comfortable colorful cushions, enjoying an appetizing drink.

After enjoying a cup of cocktail in the rooftop bar, we continue walking along the bustle streets of Hanoi Old Quarter. The Old Quarter take a pride in its 36 famous streets and become a witness of one-thousand-year- capital. You can observe Hang Bac Street with a variety of silver jewelries, Hang Dao street, considered as the heaven of silk materials or Dong Xuan Market to experience the feelings of bargaining a good artefact.

Visiting celebrated Hanoi Metropole Hotel, Vietnam Bomp Bunker is reopened to tourists in all parts of the world. During the Vietnamese war against invaders, Metropole was the solely hotel to own a shelter. The bunker seems to be dark and murky with seven discovered rooms containing a wine bottle, a paint can and a light bulb but it was the lifesaver of many Vietnamese generations.

The next destination in Hanoi Night Walking Tour is Banh Mi King, in which tourists can enjoy the unique taste of Bami Bread. The primary point making special Bami Bread different from other types is the sauce. The way to make a unique sauce is a secret recipe which is handed down from father to son.

Tourists when traveling the S-shaped country are highly recommended to try Bamin Bread sold in Hang Bac Street, one of the mouthwatering dishes in Hanoi Old Quarter. It is made with the carefulness of the chef and the spirit of the Old Quarter. There are many kinds of bread in Banh Mi King that tourists are free to choose such as Hoi An special bread , Roast Pork Bread and Roast Chicken Bread. Try one time, don’t forget forever!



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