Hanoi Free Walking Tours Around the Old Quarter

The following details of information are about Hanoi Free Walking Tours program, which is one of the most popular travel programs in Hanoi, and being on top 3 of the most popular travel services on Tripadvisor, a well-known website in the world about travelling.
Free Walking Tours activities in Hanoi, organized by Hanoi Free Local Tours, was established in early 2016 by a group of 10 students and employed youngers in Hanoi with their aiming to create an environment for exchanging cultural knowledge, increasing English skills, and organizational skills.

free walking tour by locals

free walking tour by locals

After nearly two years of operation, Hanoi Free Local Tours has provided more than 10,000 tours for international visitors to Hanoi and has reached over 350 members.
The next part is the most important about free walking tours in Hanoi

Tour information:

step icon-Step 1We pick you up at your hotel or hostel
step icon-Step 2We wander around the lake of returned sword and listen to magic legend about this lake.
step icon-Step 3We pay a visit to Dong Xuan market – the largest traditional market in Hanoi.
step icon-Step 4We walk along Long Bien bridge – a historic bridge to see the normal Hanoi’s lives and get a suntan.
step icon -Step 5We take you back your hotel or hostel.

NoDestinationsTicket Price
1Hoan Kiem lake$0.00
2St.Joseph Cathedral$0.00
3Long Bien bridge$0.00
4Dong Xuan market$0.00
5Hoa Lo prison30,000VND ~ $1.20

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List of places supplied by Hanoi Free Walking Tours

1.Sword lake ( 40 mins)
Also called by the name, Hoan Kiem Lake (in Hanoi), associated with Vietnamese’s legendary. One time while the king rode by boat on the lake he suddenly encountered a turtle floating up toward him, then the King drew his sword to keep the turtle away, but it grabbed the sword and drowned down the lake. The lake was named Hoan Kiem Lake after the legendary.

Free walking tour to Sword Lake, Hanoi, vietnam

Free walking tour to Sword Lake, Hanoi, vietnam

2. St. Joseph’s Cathedral (20 mins)
It’s named “The Hanoi Cathedral”. It is one of the earliest Catholic buildings in Hanoi and also one of the most beautiful church structures.

3. The old quarter of Hanoi
When telling about Hanoi, nobody doesn’t know the 36 old streets of Hanoi: Hang Bai, Hang Dao, Hang Ngang, Hang Ma … Each street is a place to keep historical memories of the capital, as well as the memory of the lives of people who have lived, worked and built the country. Over the years, the old town of Hanoi has not been as intact as before, but this is still a top tourist attraction for walking tours in Hanoi, everyone come to Hanoi and feel it’s long-lasting history.

Hanoi the old quarter walking tour

Hanoi the old quarter walking tour

4. Dong Xuan market(30 mins)
“ It is the market in the center of Hanoi, Vietnam. Originally built by the French administration in 1889, Đồng Xuân Market has been renovated several times with the latest in 1994 after a fire which almost destroyed the market. Nowadays, Đồng Xuân Market is the largest covered market of Hanoi where the wholesale traders sell everything from clothes, household goods to foodstuffs.”

5. Hanoi Opera House (20 mins)
Hanoi Opera House is based on the model of the Paris Opera, but it brings a smaller stature, the materials used are changed according to local economic and climatic conditions. The layout of the room, the type of horseshoe for the large room, the entrance to the hall, the main staircase and the organization of theatrical spaces of Hanoi Opera House are like the theater in Europe at the beginning of the century XX

Opera House was built more than 100 years old

Opera House was built more than 100 years ago

6. Long Bien Bridge(30 minutes)
Long Bien Bridge is one of the historical and technological symbols of Hanoi in the early twentieth century. The bridge has witnessed the ups and downs of the history of the Vietnamese in general , and Hanoi capital in the near and modern time in particular.

Long bien Bridge - one of the site of free walking tours in hanoi

Long bien Bridge – one of the site of free walking tours in hanoi

7. Egg Coffee (20 mins)
“Egg Cafe is really a new discovery on the way to Vietnam, I used to drink coffee at many shops , but the cafe in Hanoi was the most impressive, especially the egg coffee.” Jodi EttenbergShared on the AFAR website, a short statement but enough to generalize about Hanoi’s “egg coffee” specialties – beverages that were once Buzzfeed – the world’s leading news site ranked first in the list 17 kinds of coffee you should try when traveling the world.


Egg Coffee is a must in Hanoi

8. Beer on Ta Hien street (20 mins)
On Ta Hien street, people can drink cool beer at super-cheap prices. Visiting Ta Hien street at night, you will surely surprise with an “open space”.

9. Water Puppet show( 60 mins)
Beside doing free walking tours, it is better for you to enjoy water puppetry show at Thang Long water puppet theatre near Hoan Kiem lake. Price for buying ticket is about 200.000 VND ( $9).

NOTE: During the time of 3 to 4 hours, the students who work as Free Tour guides will take you to visit 4-5 attractive locations in the list above. In each of that destinations we usually spend 30-40 minutes on discovering them (time for walking isn’t included).
In case if you want to visit all of the above places, sometimes it will be too fast and hurry to be able to understand all cultural information of each location.

Tipping For Guides doing free walking tours in Hanoi

When doing free walking tours in Hanoi, tipping for Free Tour Guides is one of the most popular questions from visitors to us.
The answer is very specific on the homepage of Hanoi Free Local Tours (below, please scroll down).

Note: When you book a tour, usually our free walking tour guides can take you to the locations mentioned above. Your tour can be customized according to your request, and the distance starting from your hotel.

Hanoi Free Walking Tours Tripadvisor

On tripadvisor, Hanoi Free Walking Tours have received over 100 reviews “Exellent” from people in the world.
Let’s take a look at some of reviews

Salin, from Germany
Experience Free Walking tours in Hanoi with locals
“Had a tour on the day I arrived. My tour guide’s names were Linh and Linh (both had a common name). Really enthusiastic people and punctual regarding the time.

Travelled to the Old House, which displayed the ancient architecture of the Vietnamese house. Then moved to a local shopping mall, where you can literally find anything. On the evening, wandered around Hoan Kiem Lake, Temple of the Jade Mountain and St. Joseph’s Cathedral.

Overall the tour was really informative and full of insights. Whats more interesting was how both of my guides were interactive and made sure that I got all the information regarding those places.

They were university students and engaging in volunteering work to help tourists understand the history of Hanoi and its landmarks. Appreciate their selfless act and devoting their valuable time to others so that tourists can understand more about the historic significance.

I would recommend HFLT to all the people out there, I bet you will definitely enjoy. Great work guys enjoy.

Minh and Hanan the two students guided as amazingly-big recommendation for free walking tours in Hanoi

Minh and Hanan-the two students who took us to a tour in Hanoi made a difference about what we think about Vietnam in generally.
We fill that the days we spent in Hanoi before were a waist of time.

they took us to real special hidden places and some local special food and quarters.
we find them very amusing , very interesting , educating, very polite, very nice and very communicated.
We had the best time, truly! We recommend with all our hurts having free tour with students in Hanoi.

Thank you

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