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1         The view of the Hanoi Opera House

The Hanoi Opera house is not only a historical, artistic building but it also is a stage full of greatest performances worldwide. Either you are art lovers or not, the Hanoi Opera House is the place you shouldn’t miss. Definitely, it is worth your time to see it.


Located near Sword Lake and many famous places, Hanoi opera house plays an important role in conveying culture of Vietnam to foreigners and developing art of Vietnam.  Hundred years went by regardless, the Hanoi opera house is a unique structure with outstanding values in term of art, architect, culture and history. The house has been well-known for a symbol of great art in Vietnam and a dream of any Vietnamese artists.

*)            The Vietnam national Opera under the French colonization

A historical evidence under the French colonization

Hanoi-Opera-House-in 20th century

Hanoi-Opera-House-in 20th century

Built from 1901 to 1911, it was a special project of French Government when French occupied Vietnam. A 11 year- construction in a colonial country is something which seems to be unbelievable. However, there are many other evidences proving that French colonists invested a great amount of money and work force to this construction.


It position was formerly a wetland areas belong to two villages, Thach Tan and Tay Luong. Thus, the construction is a strenuous work. Under technical supervision of two famous architect Harley, Broyer and many comments of others architects, the work still demanded a huge workforce and materials. 300 workers were working continuously. They used 35,000 bamboo poles and concrete blocks of 0,9m thick. Besides, 12,000m3 of materials with 600 tons of iron and steel on the total area of 2600m2 are amazing figures for any construction.

Now, you may put a question “Why French decided to build an expensive building in Hanoi?”

In fact, in 1899, envoy of Hanoi – Richard decided to build a city council meeting building. The aim of it is entertaining. They wanted a place for Western artists to perform yearly for French colonists. Vietnamese higher classes were allowed to come to the house but they had to be dress up and paid much money for tickets.

Through Vietnam history, many important events were held in the opera house. On 29/8/1945, the Northland Vietnamese Army was introduced formally in public at the opera house’ Square.

On 16/9/1945, the Golden week was held in the square to donate money, gold and necessary things for the Government when it was founded by Ho Chi Minh President.

On 2/9/1946, the Government celebrated one year anniversary of Vietnam Democratic Republic in the Opera house. At the same time, it was used to welcome Uncle Ho for the first time.


Looked in a positive way, the Hanoi opera house proved the development of Hanoi and Vietnam under French colonization. Moreover, it is also a historical witness in those greatest days of Vietnam so there is no doubt that it is one of the vital buildings in Hanoi.

*)            Opera House in Hanoi– A peak of architecture art in Vietnam



A peak of architecture art in Vietnam

So impressive the structure of building is that everyone coming here has a same feeling of it – amazing.  The architects were inspired by ancient Greek architecture styles and Paris opera house. It can be said that nowhere in Hanoi do you find a structure which has a perfect mixture of urban and capital architecture.

The facade was designed with pillars and balconies overlooking the city center. A wide stage and a main auditorium with area of 24x 24 with 870 seat surrounding give a strong impression on people. There were many small rooms for individual tickets on the middle floor. A large hall was located between the middle stair and the second floor.  At both sides, extra stairs and hallway make a emphasis to the house. Artists performing in the house have 18 suites in an administrator room for makeup and restroom, 2 rooms for training, 1 library and a meeting room. Especially, on the second floor, a mirror room is home to important ceremonies, signing important documents and welcomes dignitaries worldwide. Equipped with modern equipment and designed soundproofed walls, auditorium can make you be deep in wonderful melodies worldwide.

*)            A golden dream of Opera artists



A golden dream of artists

Not only it is a symbol of Hanoi in many aspects but it is also the Hanoi opera house is a stage of flourishing art. So many great performances have been displayed here that it is dream of all Vietnamese artists. Invited to perform in the stage is  a way to recognize their talent and contribution to art of Vietnam,.

Since completed, it has been the stage of various forms of music. Initially, only classical music can be performed four times per week on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday such as Opera or Drama.

Nowadays, music lovers have much more choices when they come to the Opera house. No sooner had Vietnam been an opening country than many forms of music were imported to Vietnam. Therefore, on the stage of the Opera house, new performances have chance to access to audiences.

For lovers of opera or drama people, they are satisfied with Carmen, the Secret Garden or Hamlet. They are the most performances in the world and were displayed in many countries worldwide. Should you love ballet, you can choose Casse Noisette or Swan Lake.

In addition, contemporary music, symphony or Vietnamese plays may bring to you relaxing minutes after hard time of work in the weekend.

Despite being an art stage, the Hanoi opera house also have special functions for the Government. It is places to celebrate art and cultural activities for political, social purposes or exchange culture with other countries. Conferences, seminars and press conferences under plan of Ministry of Culture Sport and Tourism are taken place in the opera house as well.


2          Useful information for audiences of Hanoi Opera House

Because the opera house is a luxurious and the most famous stage in Vietnam, you are not allowed to come in it without ticket. Moreover, you should notice on some following rules to avoid unexpected circumstances.

  •         Well dressing is recommended.
  •         Tickets don’t cover children and the opera house is not suitable for children under 6 years old.
  •         Do not smoke or bring food to the opera house.
  •         Don’t use any devices to record anything without allowance of managers.
  •         Switch your phone to silence mode or airline mode when performances begin.
  •         You are not allowed to come in the Opera house 15 minutes before performances begin.
  •         Keep silence while you are watching.
  •         If you need assistance, please find deposit room or public heath room.

Price of ticket:

There is no fixed price for tickets. It depends on what the performance you want to watch. Average price is about 300,000 VND -1,000,000 VND/ ticket.

In order to get more information about schedule of show, please to access to


01th  Trang Tien – Hoan Kiem District – Hanoi – Vietnam

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