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You are addicted to coffee and it is a dispensable part of your life?

You are too familiar with instant coffee and you think it is your the most favorite coffee?

One day, you visit Viet Nam and want to enjoy a cup of coffee. You ask a cup of coffee like you did in your country. Don’t be surprised if the waiter serves you a strange cup of coffee. It has a metal filter above a glass cup. It is our pride – filter coffee. Don’t be shame to try it because you may want to buy it immediately after you enjoy a  filter coffee in Vietnam


egg coffee- the weird drink- Vietnamese coffee filter
egg coffee- the weird drink


Filter coffee in Vietnam has been familiar with Vietnamese for hundred years but it has just burst into a trend since the 1960s. It is said that coffee filter was bring to Viet Nam by a Frenchman. Initially, filter coffee is only served for rich people. Then, it is beloved by everyone. Until now, although there are many kind of instant coffee in Vietnam, you can easily to come across a filter coffee cup anywhere. Actually, because of its advantages such as small, works and cheapness, it has become a unique culture in making and enjoying a coffee of Vietnamese.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of coffee filters depending on material of it such as aluminium, inox or plastic. Each material has its own advantages and its disadvantages but aluminium and inox are the most popular material.

When you want to buy a coffee filter, there are some notes you should know. Firstly, coffee filters are diversified in size, width, depending on the need of buyers. However, a good coffee filter has to have middling and steady holes to avoid dried coffee powder falling.

For aluminium coffee filter, its weakness is hard to clean after use.

For Inox coffee filter, you should choose filters which are made of stainless and meet the USA ASTM 304 or 430 quality standard. It will be harmless to your health and do not have bad affect on the quality of coffee.

A coffee filter including many parts: cup, press, bottom filter and lid. It works in endosmosis way which makes coffee have a special taste.


If you want to buy it online, there are many websites such as Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay. The price of a coffee filter fluctuates from 4.99 $ to 16 $.

If you are visiting Viet Nam, you are easily to buy it at a by far cheaper price – from 10 thousand dong (about 0.55$) to 1.5 $. You can go to any grocer’s in noisy streets to buy a coffee filter. Besides, supermarkets or famous coffee brands branches in sort of Trung Nguyen, Vinacafe also supply it to you.

In Ha Noi, there are 5 the most famous coffee streets that you should drop off to enjoy a standard filter coffee cup of Ha Noi. They are Trieu Viet Vuong, Thai Phien- Le Dai Hanh, Nguyen Huu Huan, Ly Thuong Kiet, Ho Dac Di. When you come these streets, you may be surprised because of crowed in all of coffee shops. Moreover, you will see how much Vietnamese love coffee although in Viet Nam, coffee was turned up much later than West countries. However, Vietnamese share a special way to enjoy the attracting drink in common. It reflects the culture of Vietnamese – patience and delicacy.


What to do                

+ An amount of fresh coffee (Robusta coffee planted in highlands in Viet Nam is recommended. Trung Nguyen coffee brand is the most famous coffee brand in Vietnam because of its high quality and price).

+ 100-300ml boiling water from 95 C to 100C

+ condensed milk (it contains sugar and is heat processed with steam. It reflects deep flavor of Vietnamese.)

 How to do a filter coffee cup 

+ Firstly, you have to clean your coffee filter with hot water. It makes coffee powder swell steadier.

+ Secondly, add an amount of coffee powder to ½ coffee filter. Then, you shake slightly. The next step is very important.  You have to use press to twirling coffee powder in spiral but not too tightly to avoiding coffee powder can’t absorb hot water.

+ Thirdly, pour about 1/3 inch condensed to your cup then put Vietnamese coffee filter above.

Add about 20ml boiling water and wait for coffee swell in about 1 minute. Then, you add boiling water but the maximum level of water is 2/3 of coffee filter. Place the bottom of coffee filter to keep its taste. You may have to wait about 10   minutes to have a wonderful filter coffee cup.

+Lastly, you can add a little salt to make your coffee cup more scented and attracting. Before enjoying it, you should use a spoon to stir it.

 How is a standard filter coffee cup in Vietnam:

Vietnamese coffee filter
Vietnamese coffee




















+ You need to see the speed of coffee falling. If it falls in drop, you are successful or not, you may need to try again.

+ Your cup has three separate uppers. The first upper is condensed in cream color at the bottom. Above it, there is a coffee- condensed upper which has caramel color. The last upper is brown coffee.

Color of coffee: color of real coffee cup is brown no matter how high degree you parch coffee powder.

How to enjoy a Vietnamese filter coffee cup:

Enjoy a cup of coffee is an art especially a filter coffee cup. It not only demands the    patience in making a good coffee cup but also in enjoying it. It can be said that “enjoying coffee is not for impatient and rush person.”

You should enjoy it little and little. When your tongue touches to coffee, you will feel a strange taste which you have never tried before. It is very different from instant coffee you are familiar with. While you drink it, you may realize why Vietnamese like it like that. They drink it with their friends or even alone. They said a filter coffee cup may help them realize many things of your life.  If you want to see the rush life of Ha Noi while enjoy a cup of coffee, it is a good idea.


the coffee shop old-fashioned way(Vietnamese coffee filter )
the coffee shop old-fashioned way










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