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Long Bien Bridge
July 3, 2016
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November 4, 2016

When I was knee high to a grasshopper, I always dreamt about going to a new horizon to explore the fancy world with novel and exotic things. Nevertheless, what I failed to realize is that my own hometown, Hanoi, is also full of charm I have not yet acknowledged.

It was such an unforgettable day today because it was my first training trip with Hanoi Free Local Tours, which gave me a sudden urge to look at Hanoi from a different perspective, from the angle of a tour guide and from the view of the host want to welcome her guests with hospitality. The familiar scenes seemed to go strange a little. Initially, we spent a couple of hours to examine the complex design, the oriental architecture of picturesque Ngoc Son Temple, the meaning of Huc bridge and also tried to figure out the real reason of the construction of Turtle Tower. Then, going straight to the next destination, we continued analyzing the stunning beauty of Saint Joseph Cathedral of Hanoi to gain some more knowledge about religions, precisely about Catholic. Saving the best for last, we ultimately visited the French colonial jail for political prisoners, Hoa Lo Prison. That place is no doubt a crucial part of Vietnam history which stored genuine pictures and objects from Vietnam wars. I could not help feeling terribly sad to see how prisoners were once kept, tortured and brutally treated. In addition, a huge Guillotine, a machine designed for cutting people’s head off, used by the French to execute prisoners are on display at Hoa Lo Prison. Then came a room with the pictures as well as the accompanying video about captured American pilots. This part of the museum is most appealing to foreign tourists, particularly the American ones.

Eventually, my trip ended with a glass of ice lemon tea and a cozy chat with other club members near the cathedral yard. Though all weary and tired, we got to know each other better and found invaluable touring experience. Today is such a beautiful day.


Author: Lien Tran

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