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linhtk asked 2 years ago

Hi guys, I have some questions related to my upcoming trip to Halong Bay, Vienam. Hope you guys will help. Many thanks 🙂

1, Should I spend one day or 2 days 1 night in Halong Bay?

2, Should I check information about the boat I will go along with before?

3, Is there any yacht suitable for people taller than 2m? Is the trip suitable for seniors in our 60s who have trouble walking?
4, I have seasick. What should I do to fully enjoy the trip without the effect of seasick?

Looking forward to the stunning review

Halong Bay snorkeling
The beauty of Halong Bay


Hanoifreelocaltours replied 2 years ago

1, I would recommend 2 days 1 night. That means you have more time to relax, contemplate the beauty of Halong Bay, go kayaking, fishing, swimming… Especially we can experience fishing squids, one of the most remarkable activities in Vietnam at night, which we don’t have an opportunity to do in one day trip. We will cruise slowly through the islands, be happy with sunshine, emerald water and beautiful beaches rather than one day hastily and busy.
It normally takes 4 hours from Hanoi to get here and another 4 hours to get back. In one day, there is a short amount of time to fully experience Halong in the true meaning with rush agenda and time of jet lag. You also won’t envision the splendor and exquisiteness of sunrise, sunset and sparkling night in Halong along the coast.
If you still want more thoroughly and insightful information, I suggest finding out in How many days in Halong and Halong 2 days 1 night
2, Definitely yes. Before you book a tour to Halong Bay, ask customer service staffs about the boat: which type of boats it is, how many floors, how large, is there a deck boat, AC… There are many boats of varying sizes and shapes, so check them out.
Most tours offer a one-night cruise on boat so if you want more time and more flexible schedule, ask them about it.

3, The answer is yes, of course. Halong boat ride offers from the most luxurious, high-class yacht to popular ones. Most of them are designed with high ceiling and you don’t need to bow your head no matter how high you are.
Unfortunately, there are some small boats with low ceiling, which seems uncomfortable for you. Make sure you check out the boat before booking to avoid inconvenient situations.
“Is the trip suitable for seniors in our 60s who have trouble walking?”
I think yes. Normally, the cabins are down about 8 steps, quiet steep but do have hand rails. All you need is stair down slowly and carefully.
4, There are some useful tips for you to overcome seasick and completely take pleasure in your wonderful trip:
– Sit in the middle of cabin. It will make you feel safer because this is less-moving area compare to other parts.
– Looking to the opposite direction to the way the boat moves forward.
– Stay away from any place having diesel smell.
– Look away in the far distance. Don’t look at anything stationary such as books, newspapers or any object in the boat, even your smartphone and laptop.
– Use patches for seasick people about some hours before getting into the boat. Should consult reference from doctors or pharmacists before using any type of it.
– Seasick medicine is still indispensable in your bag. Make sure you eat something before taking it.
– Warm ginger drink may be your effective solution. You can carry along ginger candies and ginger jam during the trip to optimally restrain from being seasick.

Lastly, hope you enjoy Halong boat ride as a memorable experience in Vietnam. If there is still any question, don’t hesitate to contact us, Hanoifreelocaltours 🙂

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