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Enwan asked 3 years ago

Hi there,

  1. May I know how long it gonna take for booking confirmation after online booking form submission?
  2. How would I be contacted after the booking?
  3. If we did not receive the booking confirmation, is it consider that our booking is not been considered?


2 Answers
Hanoifreelocaltours answered 2 years ago

Hi Enwan,

Thank you for your intests in our tours.

We normally reply you in 12 hours. We are going to run the automatic email for better contact.

Besides, you should notice that "The sooner you book, the better we can arrange"


Thomad answered 2 years ago

Hi, I also booked 2 tours with you and got an confirmation email this said that it will take 30 minutes to arrange the guide and respond to you. (I booked for last minute)

Can you reply it is possible for tomorrow morning.

My email is

Hanoifreelocaltours replied 2 years ago

Hi Hanoi Free Local Tours,
I have checked our booking system, Because of the high number of tour booking, so we will arrange you the second tour for the next day.
Please notice that you should book the tour as soon as possible for better arrangement.

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