Best time to visit Halong Bay? Is October okay?

QuestionsBest time to visit Halong Bay? Is October okay?
Nishant asked 2 weeks ago

My family and I are planning to travel to Vietnam (we haven\’t decided any specific destinations). Anw, my parents want to have Halong Bay included in the itinerary. So I wonder Is October okay for visiting Halong Bay? or is there any recommended time?Thanks alot!!!Nishant

LindaLeo replied 2 weeks ago

I would say September – October is the appropriate time. The weather is temperate and warm, about 26 – 28 degree Celsius, suitable for swimming, kayaking and other activities. It’s gently sunny and sometimes unexpected rain comes out. But it’s more interesting than only sunny weather, right?
Otherwise, March – April is highly recommended too. You can check out weather forecast before going. Hope you have an enjoyable holiday with perfect weather!
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