Hanoi Travel Guide

September 22, 2017
Another view of the Opera House


It is worth visiting Hanoi?  Don’t come across Hanoi or rank it as one of spots in your extensive excursion, you should consider it as a true holiday for a couple of days, because Hanoi deserves to be the most impressive destination. Things to do in Hanoi Hanoi is really different and unique.  If you are expecting to see the animation of entertainment like Soul – capital of South Korea or the model development of skyscrapers and super-malls like Bangkok in Hanoi, you were wrong. Having undergone over 1000 years dominated under the Chinese invader and over 100 years struggling […]
September 22, 2017
How many days in Hanoi and Ha Long Bay

How Many Days in Hanoi and HaLong Bay |[2018] For First-Time Visitor

“How many days in Hanoi?” And “How many days in HaLong Bay?”- are common questions Hanoi Free Local Tours get all the time from the travelers visiting Hanoi. If you are new to Vietnam, you’re probably scratching your head wondering “how many days should I stay in Hanoi and HaLong bay”? We have all been there my friends. Don’t worry. The North of Vietnam is full of beautiful places and activities – to visit and to do – that it seems intimidating to design a suitable itinerary. We know that many of you want to visit not only Hanoi and Ha […]
May 17, 2017


  1. The origin of using ghost money: Vietnamese spiritual life involves our belief on ghost and life in another world for dead people. The use of Ghost money or Spirit money is deeply rooted in Asian culture. 1.1 The definition of ghost money: Ghost money (joss paper) traditionally made from bamboo, emits large quantities of carcinogenic chemicals such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, carbonyls and benzene. Contemporary forms of joss money are rather different; they look more like the money from current times. Westernized varieties include copies of Bank notes (Chinese Yuan, Thai Baht, Vietnamese Dong, or even the US […]
May 10, 2017


  In this essay I would like to introduce you all about “How to get a suitable haircut in Hanoi”. Now, with the rapid development of the Hair- art in Hanoi, it will be very difficult for you to find a Haircut Shop, which is suitable for your age, money and appetite. Below is the information I would like to share with you! No matter how are you careful you have never prepared and predicted everything in your abroad travel. So, why not care about it and enjoy new things in your trip. Let us Hanoi Free Local Tours help […]
May 10, 2017


    The overview of this essay: You wonder if how much money I should bring for a trip in Vietnam or the price of goods is cheap or it is easy to find a good accommodation in Hanoi,… A range of questions you appear before deciding to book Vietnamese tour. We supply detail information about traveling expenses, accommodation expenses, entrance expenses or food in Hanoi. EXCHANGE YOUR MONEY TO VND For foreigners, Vietnam-For foreigners, Vietnam is a country which has travelling expenses much cheaper than other countries. It may be a special point which appeals to them much. If […]
May 10, 2017


You plan your holiday and Vietnam is your destination but you don’t know anything about it yet. Well, here are some useful information that you need to know before travelling to Vietnam. It will help you to have such a perfect vacation. 1. Languages Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam. English is the most famous foreign language and most of the people can speak a little bit but proficiency in English is generally low across the country. It will be quite easy to communicate with staffs in the popular tourism venues or hotels but with the locals, it was not […]
August 5, 2016

3 Reasons Why Travel With Your Kids – Travelling to Hanoi with Kids

3 Reasons why you should travel With your young Kids Many people think that travelling with kids can be challenging. But in my opinion, it is the perfect time to travel when your kids are young enough to be excited to explore everything and create a new experience. Firstly , there are many benefits of bringing children to travel. Your kids are inspired to learn and be open-minded to embrace other different cultures. For example, instead of sitting in your own country to learn about the history of other countries, it would be good and exciting for children  to travel […]
June 28, 2016
Public bus from Ha Noi to Noi Bai International Airport - Hanoi Free Local Tours

Public bus from Ha Noi to Noi Bai International Airport

Public bus from Ha Noi to Noi Bai International Airport It’s the first time you have been in Ha Noi and you don’t know how to reach Noi Bai International Airport in comfort and an acceptable price ? There are various transportation services that take you to airport, including taxi, shuttle bus of airlines, public bus… But the cheapest option here to get to airport is to take a public bus. Public bus from Ha Noi to Noi Bai Public bus to airport is 45 seat bus and run by Ha Noi Bus Corporation, public bus is considered as a […]