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Hanoi Itinerary

December 16, 2017

5,6,7 Days Itinerary Hanoi: You know what to do for 5,6,7 days in Hanoi

Here’s some tips for you No more than 3 days in Hanoi city. Only one day for Halong Bay can be a bit short For all the places in Hanoi ( Hanoi Old Quarter, French Quarter, City), you can consider doing Hanoi free tour with Local university students. For 6 days in Hanoi you can spend more time for Halong Bay (2 days 1 night) 7 days in Hanoi, it is worthy thinking about one another option for Sapa as below detailed If you are planning less than 3 days in Hanoi, Here is for you: 2 days in Hanoi Or just click […]
December 21, 2017
Phu Chu Tich

4 Days Itinerary Hanoi (2018): What to do in Hanoi Vietnam for 4 Days 3 Nights

What is the best Hanoi 4 days itinerary? What to do for a 4 days itinerary Hanoi? Making an itinerary is definitely a pain in the neck—especially a 4 days Hanoi itinerary. Today we will create your perfect itinerary—so you can make the most out of your time with an itinerary 4 days in Hanoi. You can get a Free Advice on Your Itineary by filling in the form. Local Supporter will contact and help you out with the customized Itineary (Based on your travel style and budget) Otion 1: Day 1: Hanoi Old Quarter And French Quarter Day 2,3 : […]
March 21, 2018
one day in hanoi

Hanoi 1 day | The best Hanoi itinerary 1 day

Hanoi 1 day – what you should do and see with only 1 day in Hanoi? Having only one day in Hanoi? With a such a tight schedule, I have to admit that it’s hard to explore Hanoi to the fullest. However, that’s why I’m writing this post. Being Hanoian since the very first day of my life, I love and have deep understanding of this beautiful city. And for tourists coming to Hanoi for the first time, I’ve listed down what you cannot miss if you only have the best Hanoi 1 day tour, including what to do, what […]
March 21, 2018
2 days in Hanoi

2 days in Hanoi (2018): Best Itinerary for TWO days in Hanoi

Hanoi 2 days – what to do and see in Hanoi for 2 days Hanoi, the city offers you an endless number of monuments, museums, cultural events, stores, markets, a surprising nightlife and numerous lively neighborhoods. Organizing such a short itinerary to cater for all tastes is impossible. Nevertheless, my local 2 Days in Hanoi includes the main monuments, museums, gardens and most important shopping streets in Hanoi. Depending on your preferences, you can spend more time discovering the stores in the city, visiting the museums you find most interesting, relaxing in Hanoian cafe, or strolling through the streets during the following circuit. You can get a Free Advice on Your Itineary by […]
March 21, 2018
3 days in hanoi

3 days in Hanoi | Itinerary 3 days-BEST what to do in Hanoi for 3 days 2 nights

3 days Hanoi itinerary – what to do in Hanoi for 3 days 2 nights When my friends visit Hanoi, they show me their lists with long of tourist attractions, interesting things to do and asking me to suggest a Hanoi itinerary. Due to the short amount of time, it is challenging for them to get in local life and have fulfilling experience in Hanoi. As a local and culture explorer in Hanoi for more than 20 years, I gave them my recommended  3 days Hanoi itinerary for unforgettable experience here. You can get a Free Advice on Your Itineary by filling […]