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Best Hanoi Cyclo Tour from Hanoi Free Local Tour 

hanoi cyclo tour
a amazing Hanoi cyclo tour

Do you want to chill on a cyclo… ?

Vietnamese 3-wheel bicycle taxi in the middle of Hanoi?


  • Well-trained, enthusiastic and friendly local guide
  • True Local experience with a 2-hour guided city tour
  • Picking up – Dropping off
  • An one-hour Cyclo ride
  • Reasonably customizing your tour
  • Flexible time
  • Avoid Scams ??‍
Tourists show their excitement while having a Cyclo ride


  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Starting time: 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00
  • Transportation: Cyclo, Walking or Taxi
  • Language: English
  • Group Size: Private Tour, Group Tour
  • Price: $0

Don’t miss a chance to get your own unforgettable moments from the Cyclo Tour!

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Pick up at your hotel or hostel on time.
 Go to Hoan Kiem lake – the heart of Hanoi
Visit Hoa Lo Prison
Visit Temple of Literature
Experience an 1 hour Cyclo ride around the Old Quarter
We take you back to your hotel/hostel.
Cyclo Tour 02
Chilling on a Cyclo with a book while observing Hanoi daily life is such a beautiful experience

Tour Type:

Local Life & Culture Discovery, Customized Tour, Guided City Tour

Tour Guides: English Speaking Local University Students

  • Our guides are well-trained member from Hanoi Free Local Tours. Not only are they fluent in English, but also they have a wide background knowledge in Hanoi culture and history.
  • No matter are you a solo-traveler or with your group, you never feel lost in this crowded city once you go with us. Your guide – your local traveling partner will pick you and your friends/family up at the hotel you staying and take you to the coolest places in Hanoi.

Hanoi Cyclo Tour Introduction: 

Hanoi Cyclo Tour is a tour organized by Local university students who are seeking chance of improving themselves. By taking a Cyclo Tour  around Hanoi, you will meet locals, know more about Hanoi’s Culture and History, avoid scams and go shopping much more easier with local tips.

After nearly two years of operation, Hanoi Cyclo Tour has been a choice of more than 5000 international visitors and get many positive reviews.

Tour Details: 

After picking you up at your hotel (if it is in the Old Quarter), Hanoi Cyclo Tour will start with a 2 -hour Guided City Tour with the first destination – Hoan Kiem Lake (Sword Lake). 

First, let’s take a look at the map first!

Hanoi Old Quarter Guide Map - Cyclo Tour - Hanoi Free Local Tours
Hanoi Old Quarter Guide Map

1.Cyclo – A unique Vietnamese Bicycle Taxi:

As you are going to explore Hanoi by Cyclo, let’s see why this traditional transportation is considered an iconic image of Hanoi.

Cyclo was first the combination of Rickshaw and Cycle and used to serve upper classes in society. This kind of transportation used to be a part of Hanoi traffic about one century ago.

Nowadays, Cyclo is no longer a daily transport like motorbikes or cars but a unique feature attracting a lot of tourists who are in love with Hanoi at the first sight.

All you need to do is chilling on the Cyclo moving along the old streets, listening to the Cyclo guide behind you while feeling the fresh air on your face, wind blowing through your hair.

Cyclo tour 04
Being in the middle of the chaos traffic in Hanoi on a Cyclo always attracts a lot of tourists

2.Hoan Kiem Lake:

As being referred to the Pearl of Hanoi, Hoan Kiem Lake attracts tourists by its poetic and charming beauty as well as the cultural architecture. If you have visited Hanoi, Hoan Kiem Lake is a place that you definitely can not miss.

Here, you can see locals doing morning exercises every morning, students practicing English with foreigners, couples having Pre-Wedding photos, many painters setting up a fast-moving portraiture counter after 15-20 minutes for about VND 100.000 each portrait.,..

The leisure activities here are  not too bustling and modern, but they have national identity and cultural spirit of Vietnam. Many collective activities take place in the opening space which is popular with foreigners and tourists.

Hesitate no more, Hoan Kiem Lake is a must-go that will give you interesting local experiences!

Cyclo Tour 05
A Cyclo Guide is the one who knows cool places for shopping and eating

3.Hoa Lo Prison:

This place must be a home to history lovers. Hoa Lo Prison is considered one of the five most thrilling places in Southeast Asia where the French detained those who opposed colonialism in the late nineteenth century. Once known as “hell on earth” in the middle of Hanoi, Hoa Lo was famous for its airless, dark, cramped prison cells and notorious prison guards.

Visiting here will give you unforgettable moments watching inhumanely savage torture methods (they are now used as the artifacts) displayed at Hoa Lo Prison.

4.Joseph’s Cathedral:


This is a well preserved Catholic Cathedral in the middle of Hanoi. When you come here, you will be overwhelmed by the solemnity of a religious architecture. “The incongruous note was the cultural gap between all the Vietnamese faces and the statues of the saints with Western faces!” – said a tourist. Even if you are not a Catholic you can truly enjoy the experience of Vietnamese life.

5.Temple of Literature:

The place is one of the oldest and most important architectural complexes in Hanoi. The historical, cultural and architectural values of the relics have made Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam a symbol of Vietnamese culture. The Constellation of Literature pavilion (Khue Van Cac) was officially chosen as a symbol of Hanoi.

Visiting the place, you can see 82 Stelaes of Doctors – which was recognized as a Memory of the World by UNESCO. Also, you can see students taking their graduation photos, praying for their education. Especially in the lunar spring, along the streets around Temple of Literature, you will meet The Masters (the ancient teachers) with the parallel sentences.

one day in hanoi
Literature Temple – the first university of Vietnam

6.The Old Quarter:

The Old Quarter can be best described as a place to wander back in time.

Coming to the Old Quarter, tourists can take a cyclo ride around the area, from Hang Trong, Hang Bai, Hang Gai, Hang Thiec … to Dong Xuan night market,…to be able to see the beauty of the old streets here instead  of seeing them through a car window.

Chilling on a Cyclo ride along the old streets named after the particular merchandise sold is the best way to discover this area as well as get a glimpse of how deep the buildings are.

What else is better than having a young local buddy enthusiastically sharing local tips with you while visiting Hanoi? Let’s see how other tourists experience their Hanoi Cyclo Tour with us and create yours!

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Tourists show their excitement while having a Cyclo ride

Price & Tipping Guides

Price: $0

Tipping Guides: See more in FAQ.

NOTE: When you book a tour, usually our City tour guides take you to the locations mentioned above. Your tour can be customized according to your request, time management and the distance starting from your hotel.

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Hanoi Cyclo Tour Tripsadvisor

@Jimmy85: The coolest experience I’ve ever had! Sitting on a Vietnamese rickshaw is the best thing in my bucket list. My guide – Tuan is such a funny one and speaks English very fluently. To be perfectly honest, those places are kinda “tourist-zone” that any traveler can go by himself or with a tour company. But it is much much cooler and more memorable being really into these poetic and historical sites by having 2-side talks with your local friend without considering about time. A must-choose tour!

@LucySloth: I just randomly chose this while looking for something cool to do in Hanoi, luckily I found this! Highly recommended for backpackers like me, so worth it!

@Fitz: really impressed with the guide, his background knowledge in history is way better than I thought. Also, the price is much cheaper than other Cyclo tours but it doesn’t mean its quality is worse. I did have unforgettable memories from my own perspective without worrying about money or customizing the budget.

@JohnS: It certainly is an excellent way to experience the traffic of Hanoi. Just you and a man pushing you around on a cycle in the traffic. Great fun, how there are no accidents as you weave amongst the thousands of scooters if beyond me. Great skill of the cycle driver, good way to see the old quarter too. Highly recommended , it is a must do activity.

@SueL: I’ve told friends this is an “extreme” sport – not for the faint hearted. You are in this little carriage pushed by a man on a bike but right in the midst of the chaotic traffic of Hanoi. We were there on a Sunday afternoon and were surrounded by a plethora of scooters and other vehicles. We were able to see the workings of daily living up close. A wonderful experience that I highly recommend.

Cylco Tour 08
Cylco Tour in Hanoi Old Quarter

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