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Hanoi Art Galleries – Top 10 Art Galleries in Hanoi

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Here is original guide to your journey to learn about Vietnamese art with top 10 Hanoi Art Galleries including Hanoi art museum, Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, Art Cafe and Public Art destinations…

To know more about Art Gallery you can see on wikipedia Art Museum

Hanoi art galleries 54 traditions
Hanoi Art Gallery shows interesting local art for both locals and tourists

Hanoi is the center of Vietnamese politics and economy, it is also the heart of local culture and contemporary art. The city has a vast amount of multi-faceted and unique galleries, which are scattered across the city. 

Here is top 10 highly-recommended Hanoi Art Galleries that reveal our local and special culture!

TOP 10 Hanoi Art Galleries

Here is top 10 highly-recommended Hanoi Art Galleries that reveal our local and special culture!

Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

Vietnam Fine Arts Museum is top 1 must-visit Hanoi art galleries in Hanoi for both locals and tourists to come, then learn about entire history of Vietnam fine arts.

Hanoi Art Gallery free tour
Foreign artists usually take art tour in Hanoi to learn about different culture

As a local, I have been here many times for grasping new creative ideas, getting the unique insight about my culture and sometimes, making friends with foreigners to improve English.

This place is firstly impressive with hugest display of sculpture and arts in every angle of the museum. Let’s take a look at some original pictures ^^

Hanoi Art Gallery free tour
Village and local life is material for many art products


Hanoi Art Gallery
You definitely find vibrant inspiration in Hanoi from art

Fortunately, Vietnam Fine Arts Museum is close to other local tourist destinations such as Hanoi Opera House, French Quarter Hanoi, Saint Joseph Cathedral, Hoa Lo Prison Museum.


  • Address: 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
  • Contact: (84.4) 37332131

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Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Far from the city center, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is another fascinating destination to visit and take yourself closer to locals.

Hanoi Art Gallery Museum of Ethnology
Top 13 best museum to visit in Hanoi with indoor and outdoor display of real artifacts

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is also the best place for family trip to enjoy art in Vietnam and for friend group to have outdoor and fun weekend here.

Hanoi Art Gallery Museum of Ethnology
Learn about not only Hanoi local art but also other parts of Vietnam

In weekend, many Vietnamese parents take their children to Vietnam Museum of Ethnology to watch water puppet show or just play some outdoor activities for them.

Hanoi Art Gallery Museum of Ethnology
“House on stills” – symbol of Vietnam’s local architecture

Visit Vietnam Museum of Ethnology to explore, learn and see the thorough history of Vietnam ethnology!


  • Address: No. 13 Nguyen Van Huyen Road, Cau Giay District
  • Contact: 024-3756 2193

54 Traditions Gallery

The Gallery is the only gallery in Vietnam focusing on the antiques, artifacts and art of Vietnam’s 53 minority groups and the Kinh majority people.

Hanoi Art Gallery 54 traditions
54 traditions display diverse and extremely cool art

They have over 1000 objects on display and objects from our collection have been exhibited in museums in Hanoi.

What they offer can be called antiques, art, or material culture.  They have a room dedicated to each of the following categories: The Central Highlands, Tribal Textiles, The Shamanic Tradition, Functional Objects and Water Puppets, Older Things.

On Tripadvisor, 54 Traditions Gallery has got many 5-star reviews from tourists around the world.


  • Address: 30 Hang Bun, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Contact: +(84)24 3715 0194/ 3715 1569
Hanoi Art Gallery 54 tradition
Sculpture presents local belief and traditions

However, it is quite difficult to find 54 Traditions Gallery due to complex Old Quarter transportation and structure. If you need a local travel buddy, do not hesitate to contact us Hanoi Free Local Tour.

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Zo Project Gallery

Zo Project is a social enterprise with a huge mission of keep “Zó” – traditional paper of Vietnam alive and bring it to the world.


Hanoi Art Gallery Zo Project
People at any age can love “zó” paper products

Zó Project Gallery is situated in a strange but thrilling street – Hanoi Train Street.

It displays artistic products made from this traditional material and spread a national pride on special art material, a local spirit and combination of art and Vietnamese daily life.

Hanoi Art Gallery Zo Project
Very cool earrings made of “zó” paper? Practical gifts for your friends and family

While visiting Zo Project Gallery, you can buy this traditional paper as a gift for friends and family. Your contribution is really appreciated as it supports to keep this paper alive in Vietnamese culture.


  • Address: 10A Dien Bien Phu Street, Hang Bong Ward, Ba Dinh District
  • Contact: + (84) 169 499 2010

Green Palm Gallery

Run by art critic since 1996, Green Palm Gallery is the most professional and prestigious art gallery in Vietnam to promote artistic spirit of comunity and maintain a space for local artists to nurture their achievement in art.


Hanoi Art Gallery Green Palm Gallery
Artists and art researchers from the world visited Green Palm

Artists and collectors frequently come to this gallery to feel the pulse of the market and develop their connoisseurships of Vietnamese contemporary arts.


  • Address: 15 Trang Tien Street and 39 Hang Gai Street, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Contact: +84 97 762 7722

Hanoia House

Art and design can not live without craft so that Hanoia House relies on passion of craftmen and designers to build its own lacquerware expression.

Art of lacquerware strives to tell stories honouring skillful and passionate artisans.

Hanoi art Gallery Green Palm
Art of lacquerware strives to tell stories appreciating skillful and passionate artisans.

They are considered “treasures” of Vietnamese lacquerware, or “living handbooks” of ancient techniques.

Hanoi Art Gallery
Every step is made of passion, love and skilfull techniques

For lacquer passionate artists or creative learners, Hanoia House is perfect art gallery for exploring one of the most impressive and special type of art in the world.


  • Address: 43 Nguyễn Thượng Hiền, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội
  • Contact: +84 24 3946 0851

Manzi Cafe

“Let’s go to Manzi and be Manzi”

Manzi is as much a gallery as it is a cafe so it’s more important here than anywhere else in Hanoi that you have a good look around before taking a seat.

Hanoi Art Gallery
Manzi is the most popular art cafes for local artists and foreign friends

But wait- there’s more! Manzi is plugged deep into the artistic communities of Hanoi, which means frequent cultural events ranging from cozy short film nights to large scale, week-long photography exhibitions.

You can also expect orchestral music, live poetry, and interesting talks (usually in Vietnamese) that address controversial issues facing Vietnamese society today.


  • Address: 14 Phan Huy Ich, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
  • Contact:


We usually bring laptop to Manzi, taste a cup of coffee and enjoy art around at Manzi! If you want to join and have local experience in Hanoi, read more about our free local tour Now!

Tadioto Hanoi

Another option for being immersed yourself in Local culture and Traditional Art, then prepare to be wowed in Tadioto Hanoi!

The art is mesmerizing and frequently rotated. The drinks are delicious and beautifully presented.


Hanoi Art Gallery
Tadioto is a cosy art gallery and cafe

We have been in Tadioto many times for both events and cafe meeting. These service is one of the most professional and comfortable cafes in Hanoi. Let’s pay a visit here and you might be surprised by this place!


  • Address: 24 Tông Đản, French Quarter, Tràng Tiền, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội
  • Contact:

Bat Trang Pottery Village

Bat Trang Pottery Village – combination of art galleries, gift stores and pottery making journey!

Hanoi Art Gallery Bat Trang Village Tour
Why not try making pottery in Hanoi?


Join our FREE Bat Trang Village Tour to have fantastic experience now!

Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Road

We, Hanoi locals are all known about Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Road. If urban people feel proud of Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Road stands out as top 1 in  the heart of countryside people in Hanoi as the symbol of Hanoi and Vietnam.

  • TOP 1 WORLD Original and Special Architecture
  • Guinness Book of World Records for the  ‘World’s largest ceramic mosaic’

Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Road is meaningful architecture and prideworthy public art of Vietnam that shows Vietnam imagine to foreign friends, spreads inspiration to local community.

Hanoi Art Gallery
You can take your kids here for a walk after trip in Old Quarter or Long Bien Bridge

We’d love to take our friends around Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Road to enjoy art, listen to Hanoi stories and learn about our local culture.

Hanoi Art Gallery
Hanoi ceramic mosaic road represents our history and pride

Notice for tourists

SERIOUS Notice to visit Art Gallery in Hanoi:

Hey friends, listen!

There are local advice for you to explore art and local culture in Hanoi. From our experience, we think you MUST consider some facts:

  • Almost art galleries are gift shops
  • They will overcharge you. We are not sure about the price and their service…You might want to buy one as gift or sovenier
  • Transportation and Maps are really really really COMPLEX. It is worth visiting Hanoi Art Galleries, learn about local art. However, it might take a lot of time to find them! 
Hanoi Art Gallery
Vietnamese artists met foreign artists in an art gallery

Local tips from Hanoian guides

TIPS from locals to enjoy Hanoi Art Galleries:

  • Be sure about WHERE to go in Hanoi
  • Make friends with locals. Why not? Local artists are friendly and willing to exchange ideas, share their views on art.
  • Be accompanied by a free local guide. It definitely saves you a lot of time not being get lost and avoiding scams ^^


hanoi art gallery
Tourists are interested in Vietnamese traditional crafts

Finally, there are our local TOP 10 most popular-visited Hanoi art galleries. Do you want to join us to explore local art and have local experience with us?

Contact Hanoi Free Local Tour for the much more FREE AND LOCAL 5-star rated Tripadvisor experience with a local in your Hanoi adventure ^^

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