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Halong Bay snorkeling

Halong Bay snorkeling – Best way to admire the fascinating underwater world

Halong Bay is one of Vietnam’s most stunning attractions. It is a declared UNESCO world heritage site located in the Gulf of Tokin, in the north shores of Vietnam. Ha long has acquired a reputation for majestic landscapes and tourist attractions.

The beauty of Halong Bay
The beauty of Halong Bay

If you are a nature and adventure lover, your trip to Halong Bay will not be complete without going snorkeling to admire the beauty of the underwater world. You will definitely marvel at colorful coral reefs with sparkling sea life and diverse creatures. Crustaceans, mollusks, and fish line the bay with an abundant supply of marine life to observe. This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself into an aquatic world and swim with the cuttlefish or dance with the octopus.

Halong bay snorkeling is a must-do activity

That is the reason why Snorkeling is at the top of your to-do list when coming to Halong Bay.

Noted that:

  • The ideal time of year to go snorkeling in the bay is December when the water temperature is between 26C and 29C.
  • The coral reefs are largely concentrated near Van Gio Island, Cong Do Island and Trai Cave. These areas offer some of the best diving spots in the bay.
  • Many cruise providers cater special tours that include snorkeling excursions, but you will also find local companies that provide scuba diving training if you’re interested in going beyond snorkeling.
  • If you want to explore more Halong Bay and take your experience in this destination to the next level, our Things to do in Halong bay will give you more useful suggestion and advice on what to do to and make your excursion much more adventurous and interesting.

Top spots for snorkeling in Halong Bay:

1. Snorkeling Cat Ba Island:

Cat Ba Island can be found in the southern edge of Halong Bay and is a part of the UNESCO-recognized Cat Ba archipelago. This island is home to a diverse coral reef system. Around the foot of the island are clusters of red coral that house red swamp crawfish, abalone, pearl and colorful shoals.

Aquatic world is full of impressive and amazing creatures
Aquatic world is full of impressive and amazing creatures

2. Cong Do Island:

It is situated on the southeast of Halong, 25 kilometers from Bai Chay ship port. It is one of Halong’s charming island which still retains its primitive beauty. You can see a wide range of beautiful creatures when snorkeling there.

Cong Do Island covers an area of 23.36 square kilometers. The island features with a 172-meter hill which is covered by an evergreen tropical forest.

Furthermore, the lagoons around Cong Do Island are also home to various species such as shrimp, crab, fish, squid and aquatic plants.

Cong Do island
Cong Do island

One special feature of this island is that you will have a chance to see Red coral which is very rare in other islands.

Red Coral
Red Coral

3. Van Don Island ( Dao Cai Bau)

It is the largest and most populated and developed island in Bai Tu Long archipelago.

The area of Van Don district is 551.3 km2. Twenty of the 600 islands of Van Don Island district is populated. The largest, Cai Bau Island ( 17,212 hectares), is located near Cam Pha town. All the islands rest on limestone terrain, often at 200-300 meters above sea level with lots of karts caves and grottos.

Going snorkeling or scuba-diving there definitely give you memorable and amazing moments

Van Don Island
Van Don Island

Top cruises offering water-based activies such as Halong Bay snorkeling:

1. Lavender cruise Halong:

Lavender cruise Halong
Lavender cruise Halong
  • Address: 156, Bai Chay street, Halong Bay
  • It was given Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor for earning great reviews from travelers.
  • Reasonable price

2. Halong Phoenix cruise:

Phoenix Cruise Halong Bay

  • Hanoi Head Office: 81C, Ly Nam De street, Hanoi
  • Tel: 1900 0262 – (+84) 24 3747 8006
  • Halong Operation Office: Group 4, Area 5, Bay Chay street, Quang Ninh
  • Tel+842033511592/
  • The Halong Phoenix Cruiser team started operating cruises in Halong Bay in 2005, as a small division of South Pacific Travel. The actual “Phoenix” branding came later, in 2007.
  • A proud owner of beautiful vessels.
  • Halong Phoenix Cruiser launched its first junk boat in 2008 with 10 cabins. Its second cruiser that has 14 cabins started its career in 2011.
The sundeck on Phoenix Cruise
The sundeck on Phoenix Cruise
  • A responsible tour operator.
  • One special thing about Halong Phoenix Cruiser is that it is more than concerned about protecting the natural beauty of the bay as well as the culture of its inhabitants. It intends to minimize the negative impact of tourism while maximizing its positive impact. Waste management, garbage collecting, as well as the education regarding improving the environmental awareness are essential to it.
  • The leader in 3+ stars Halong cruise market
  • Halong Phoenix Cruiser received an award-winning tour operator. For 8 years in a row, from 2009 to 2017, it won The Guide’s “best tourism products and services” award. Its quality of services, of catering, of our cruisers facilities, and of our Halong tour itineraries are consistently recognized by both voters and customers.

3. Golden Phoenix Cruise:

The beautiful Golden Phoenix Cruise
The beautiful Golden Phoenix Cruise
  • Address: 8, Bai Chay street, Halong Bay
  • Golden Phoenix Cruise is a newly iron cruise which was launched in late Oct 2015 with modern style. The vessel brings travelers a 5-star service to experience Halong with the most reasonable price, in a very smooth and comfortable way.
  • Golden Phoenix Cruises features 21 cabins, lavishly furnished with comfortable bedding, private western style bathroom, safe box, qualified accessories, and all rooms have large windows which overlook the sea.

Hopefully, the information about Halong Bay snorkeling listed above is useful for anyone who is planning to visit the wonderful destination of Vietnam. If you have any question, feel free to contact Hanoifreelocaltours! 🙂 







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