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Luxury Cruise Halong Bay

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6 MOST Important Questions for Your BEST Halong Bay Cruise
July 14, 2019
Halong Bay Luxury Cruise

Halong Bay Luxury Cruise

Ha Long is the meeting point for many tourists, coming to Ha Long is the beauty of nature of heaven and earth, it will be more wonderful when you sit on a large sea cruise, enjoy the sea breeze, eat the Seafood dishes and live in yachts with modern European architecture.

Ha Long Bay luxury cruise is a new experience when visitors visit when coming to Ha Long, the experience on the yacht is very familiar to those who like to go on tours to Ha Long Bay, dropping into the vast ocean, rewarding countless dishes and live in luxurious European architecture on the yacht, then to Ha Long Bay where nature is favored for its majestic water beauty as a poetic picture.

Halong Bay Luxury Cruise
Halong Bay Luxury Cruise
  1. Luxury Halong Cruise

What is the luxury cruise in Ha Long serving?

Cruise is a type of boat designed for entertainment and travel purposes, and is equipped with luxurious facilities for entertainment such as bars and solarium.

Ha Long Bay luxury cruise aims to serve tourists visiting Ha Long to wander to visit the island bay and experience life floating on the sea, floating in the ocean with activities and experiences Interesting things like sunbathing, swimming, practicing martial arts, etc.

Why should travel by luxury boat in Ha Long?

According to the travel experience of travelers who have shared cruise, participating in Halong Bay cruise is the best way for you to discover all the beauty of Ha Long Bay.

Cruise will move through many areas, you will comfortably admire and admire the beauty of the bay.

A boat tour usually lasts at least 2 days so you can go to more areas, to more remote areas like Bai Tu Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, etc. And especially you can sleep overnight on cruise floating on the bay, listening to the sound of the waves on the side of the boat will be extremely interesting.

Besides, tourists can join and many interesting activities organized on luxury cruise Halong Bay.

Interesting activity

You can not only see the wonderful beauty of Ha Long Bay when visiting here on the luxury cruises of Halong.

You also experience unforgettable activities such as:

Donate to make Vietnamese rolls, learn martial arts or watch the morning sunrise on the bay.

And yet, you will be adventurous to the beautiful beaches with white sand beaches but still wild features, rustic. You can wear a swim in the clear blue water or kayak to explore the surrounding area without paying any extra costs.

But that is not all there is on luxury Halong cruises. Tourists living on yachts are also entertained by music programs, or activities to interact among boaters, with tourists enjoying the elegance and gentle entertainment that can sit squid at night listen to the waves.

On the top of the deck, there are areas for visitors to relax and enjoy the peace and convenience of looking at the bay and relaxing. Based on soft, illuminated rattan chairs on a thin blanket, the entire world heritage will collapse into your sight.

Diverse cuisine

At morning, you can watch the sunrise on luxury cruises in Halong Bay, enjoy a European breakfast with bacon, sausage and fried eggs, croissants, pastries or an Asian continental breakfast with porridge Local style processing. 

Serving coffee, you will feel refreshed to love life when watching the sunrise on the cruise, or practicing martial arts to improve your health, these exciting experiences cost a lot of ink. Those who participated in the luxurious Ha Long Bay journey were told through the letter in the comment box.

Attractive price

Although it brings a luxurious life like in paradise for tourists, but besides that ticket price, you can go to luxury yacht of Ha Long Bay very suitable because the price is only average. , to serve all tourists when coming to Ha Long without being distinguished from the class.

Halong Bay Cruise on Boat
Halong Bay Cruise on Boat

2. Tips to help you choose luxury yachts that suit your needs in Halong Bay.

Decide how long you want to go

The first step in planning any trip is to decide the duration of the vacation. From there put a cruise on the yacht. Experience a day on the beach will give you an overview of the local life of Ha Long. 

Usually, you will visit the bay, see some limestone caves and have a short time to swim or kayak. The two to three day trip allows you to experience and learn more about Ha Long. 

You will have the opportunity to enjoy many dishes and participate in more activities such as night squid fishing or martial arts practice at dawn.

For tourists planning to rest in Ha Long on weekends or longer days, the yacht is the right choice for you. If you have booked a hotel or day trip, choose a cruise to visit the main locations, which is also the perfect choice for you.

Decide exactly where you want to go

Halong Bay is a small corner of Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Therefore, visitors can admire a lot of popular destinations here within a day or two. 

However, each shipping company selects different destinations to exploit. Halong Bay has dozens of limestone caves and floating fishing villages for tourism guests explore. 

Luxury cruise in Ha Long focuses on exploiting the wild spots of Bai Tu Long, not Ha Long. So please consider choosing the right excursion boat with the location you want to visit.

Want to visit Dau Go cave, Sung Sot cave or Thien Cung cave? Sounds very attractive right?

However, the length of the holiday decides to go to the place you want to visit, so please specify where you want to go to have a complete experience of the luxurious Halong Bay.

Learn about luxury cruise activities of Halong Bay

No one participates in a travel trip just to see Ha Long from the deck. Sightseeing is definitely a great part of the journey.

However, when you step on the yacht, you will also experience many interesting activities such as immersing yourself in Ha Long’s picturesque scenery through limestone caves and beaches. Most cruises will include the experience of visiting Ha Long’s wonderful scenery by small boats or kayaks. In the afternoon, there will be water activities like swimming, surfing or even diving.

Determine who you travel with?

Your holiday partner will affect your journey more or less, even if you experience it with everyone, there is always a travel service for each person. The family is subjected to luxury Halong cruises.

Discovering this place with the luxurious yachts you and your loved ones also blend into the romantic atmosphere in the middle of the vast ocean. 

Even luxury yacht Halong Bay organizes parties with single rooms for backpackers and independent tourists. You should make sure that you will go with whom to choose the ship that can meet your and your family’s requirements.

Learn carefully about the price of luxury cruises in Ha Long

Finance is always a top concern of tourists. You can do Time duration of working and working time and specific time.

In addition, visitors can enjoy delicious food and experience fascinating activities. Most yachts are designed with luxurious and eye-catching looks, regardless of the journey price. 

We recommend that travelers should not choose a travel package with the lowest price. Prices often go hand in hand with quality. Just pay a little more, you will enjoy a more complete and professional service.

Choose luxury yachts in Ha Long Bay for safety and prestige

Any reputable shipping company will have to follow a certain safety standard. Currently there are many online advertising companies that visitors should not decide when not sure about their safety and reputation.

Choosing a low cost does not mean poor quality service. However, you will want to pay attention to ratings as well as customer reviews. Ideally, tourists should not choose shipping lines with little or no evaluation.

Experience with luxury cruise Halong Bay gives you a lot of great experiences. Make sure you explore the yacht carefully before taking your backpack and your family on holiday.

Learn cuisine on luxury cruises in Halong Bay

Most travel companies in Ha Long offer meals with a rich menu. The most popular menu includes fresh seafood. If you are allergic to seafood, make sure the yacht has other options during meals. 

Families with young children will want to choose a yacht with a children’s menu. Most yachts will be happy to prepare a menu at your request. Please note this so that you and your best loved one can join the luxurious Halong Bay journey.

In addition to traditional Vietnamese dishes, international dishes are also served. Besides many yachts also organize boat cooking classes. This is an opportunity for visitors to learn more about Vietnamese cuisine.

Halong Bay boat trips
Luxuriously furnished room with balcony overlooking the sea

3. Proposing a number of Ha Long Bay tourism packages

Coming to Ha Long – Quang Ninh, visitors have many attractive places for you to choose through travel by yacht you can choose for yourself the form of luxury cruise Halong Bay.

Here we would like to introduce to you the luxury yachts that many people look at when coming to Ha Long.

The best cruise HaLong will be combined with the luxurious Halong Bay trips available to choose from as follows:

Cruise Ha Long: Hanoi – Sapa – Halong Bay

Ha Long Cruise: Hanoi – Sapa – Ninh Binh – Halong Bay

Ha Long Cruise: Hanoi – Ha Long – Ninh Binh

Each luxury cruise in Halong Bay has different travel destinations and times, you can visit to learn more about luxury yachts here.

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