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6 MOST Important Questions for Your BEST Halong Bay Cruise

Halong Bay, one of the most famous hotspots in Asia is waiting for you. The World New Wonder of the S-shaped country has its treasure as a wide variety of beaches and natural landscape. Taking a Halong Bay cruise is, of course, the very charming way for travelers to visit its tourism sites.

A breathtaking view in Halong Bay

 Halong Bay
A breathtaking view in Halong Bay

1. Why Taking Halong Bay Cruises

Halong Bay is one of the most famous spots, not only in Vietnam but also in Indochina. The name has become more and more popular since the UNESCO recognized it as world heritage. In a peaceful country like Vietnam, Halong Bay seems to be an outstanding point to people all over the world. Every year, there are thousands of people coming to visit the beauty of this area.

There are 5 reasons why you should take a Halong Bay cruise:

  • Halong Bay has long clean beaches, which attracts many travelers for its natural beauty. Taking Halong cruise tours, you can, of course, see how nice it is and immerse yourself well in nature.
  • Being known as new Wonder of the world, Ha Long Bay recognized UNESCO world heritage is a spectacular hotspot in Asia.
  • Many kinds of boats from high-end, mid- quality to normal brings you wide options for your Halong Bay Cruise tours.
  • You can enjoy a tour without worrying about hotels, food or traffic 
  • Safe and great for both privates and families to enjoy.

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2. Best Places To Visit During Your Best Halong Bay Cruise

There are many places in Halong that you can visit during your tour. This area owns a list of islands and islets so that you can spend many days to discover each one.

This world heritage will never let you down because of its majestic and unique beauty. More than 1600 islands with many famous stories are what you should never miss in your tour. Coming to Halong in Quang Ninh, enjoying the cool weather and adventure its food, so amazing your Halong Bay cruise! Right now, we will let you know the best destinations in Halong to make your tour the best ever!

Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay is among top hotspots in Vietnam
  • Bai Tu Long Bay: it is the place you can visit many islands and beaches such as Co To, Van Don beach,  Me Cung cave, Tam Cung cave, Bai Tho mountain and so on.
  • Titop island:  its name was given by Ho Chi Minh, the beloved president of Vietnam. 
  • Sung Sot grotto: this cave can hold more than 1000 people.
  • Thien Cung cave:  which is one of the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay with more than 10.000 square meters.
  • Hon Trong Mai: the symbol of Halong Tourism.

There are many other island and caves you can visit during your Halong cruise tour such as Lan Ha Bay, Vung Vieng fishing village, Cat Ba island, Tuan Chau island and so on. 

3. How To Choose Boats for Your Best Halong Bay Cruise?

Choosing a good boat is the key to have a good cruise Halong tour.

Please notice that the right boat is really important. That helps you get good sleep, have a good view and enjoy good food. Well, is that a suitable boat for me? you can ask many times this question. Just list things below and this can help you know what you can do next.

Decide how long you want to stay:

If you want to stay just 1 day, you can ask for this service, but 2 days 1 night is more often served, so please be careful. Schedule of each boat is different. In case you want to spend 2 or 3 days in Halong, you need to choose the travel company which can help you set a good schedule to save time and money.

Halong Bay 1 day Cruise Tips

Decide where to go:

If you want to visit Bai Tu Long Bay, the schedule is different from visiting Tuan Chau island. That is the reason why you need to decide where to go, where you want to visit during your time in Halong. The places you visit will lead to the cruise you book and the money you pay for.

How much money do you have:

If you have little money, you can not choose the best boats, 5-star boats are expensive, all know that. You have to know about your budget before booking a boat. There is a long list of boats from 5-star to 3-star for you to choose. Search information from the internet or ask the tour company and book the most suitable one.

How to book your boat:

This is the most important. Some think that asking from hotels is a good idea, but in fact, it is not. You should search on the internet for reviews of the boat. One more thing, you should also ask your friends who have got there before. You need all the information. Choosing an online company for booking is also ok, but it is not the cheapest way. Choosing a travel company or travel agency. Why? Because they have a good price for you. 

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Care about how much a boat can hold.

If the number is more than 30, that is too much and you can not do things well. You should care about the number and of course how large the boat is. You need somewhere to rest, to sunbathe, so do not try to have a seat in just a full boat but cheap.

White is better than red.

In fact, many boats in Halong are painted in white. This is a signal for you to know if it is an old or a new one. Too old boats cannot be safe enough for your tour. Do not use your eyes of art, use your mind after that.

4. What Kinds of Cruise do You Want To Enjoy? The Cruise Glossary.

A luxury Halong Bay Cruise is related to the 5-star boat.
A luxury Halong Bay Cruise is related to the 5-star boat.

To have a good Halong Bay cruise tour, you need to choose the right kind of cruise to book. There are a lot of kinds which have different features. This is a short list of them:

  • Luxury Cruising( Hera cruise, Dragon legend, Paradise cruise, Au Co cruise and so on):  Luxury cruise is related to 5-star boats and offers top rooms and cabins.
  • Deluxe Cruising( Syrena cruise, Dragon’s Pearl, Pelican, Paloma and so on): A cruise offers cabins and services of 3-star boats, a good way to save money but can still have a good Halong Bay cruise.
  • Superior Cruise( Lavender, V’Spirit, Glory, Phoenix and so on): Cruises offer services and facilities good enough at the lowest price of the decent standard.
  • Private Cruise/ Charter: Cruises offer for only you or your group, your own schedule.
  • Indochine style: Cruise with style influenced much by French over 3 countries including Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.
  • Cabin/ suite: A cruise offers different rooms at different sizes.
  • Shuttle bus: A cruise that offers a shuttle bus or a public bus.
  • Force majeure: You have not to pay money for its cancelation as a result of the government restriction or bad weather.

5. Halong Bay Cruise 2022: Self-sufficient or  Booking Through a Travel Agency?

Should we have a self-sufficient tour or book it through a travel agency?

Should you choose to have your own tour by searching for information from the internet and try to book a boat and a hotel on your on? Or you will ask your friend to find a good agency and need their help? 

  • Self-sufficient: it is a good way to save money but it is quite difficult for you to book a good boat at a good price. None can help you whenever you get trouble and sometimes it is dangerous when the weather is not good.
  • Through an agency: the expense is not too expensive, you can have a good price while booking a boat. The agency has a good relationship to help their customers choose the best hotel, best boat, and best schedule. It is also a safe way when traveling alone.

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6. How about Top Halong Bay Cruise FAQs?

Being a smart visitor, you should know something below to behave and to have the best Halong Bay cruises ever.

  • Should we tip on the boat? Tipping is important, and it is higher on boats than other tours.
  • Should we check the information carefully? Many things are included, but to be smart, you should check as if your drink in a list of them. It is normal that the drink is often not included
  • Is it necessary to search for special service? Yes. In Vietnam, you can enjoy the sunset cruise with dinner or sleeping overnight on the sea. Such services are served by some boats only. Choosing what you want, so you can know which boat to choose.
  • What about a good plan to enjoy in Halong Bay? Having a clear plan for where to go, how long to stay and how much budget you have. You know exactly and clearly, your tour is, of course, you can save time, save money when choosing the services.
  • What should we do for changing of weather? Good preparation for changing of weather in Vietnam. The weather in Vietnam is variable. Especially in some destinations like Ha Long and Mekong, sometimes waves are quite strong. You should know before you go. It is better.
  • How to get to Halong Bay? You can book a flight to get to Halong. It is easy and popular. You do not need to take time on 2 buses. Just ask your local tour or your travel company to get good information.
  • Is the food safe for my stomach? Good mood to try the best food ever. Well, Vietnam is a heaven of food. Seafood is amazing. You can enjoy the great things that you expect.
  • Is it important to be on time? Please be on time. No boats stop for just only you. It is not like a normal tour, you must be on time if booking a boat. There are many others who will go with you.

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Tips for a good Halong Bay cruise:

  • Prepare cool clothes for outdoor activities like kayaking. This can help you flexible when moving on boats and be willing for any activities.
  • Use shoes instead of a high heel. Forget them! Sure, shoes make you safer on boats.
  • Prepare sunbathing cream to protect your sensitive skin. It is hotter when you are higher on boats.
  • Having a cap or a hat is really a smart choice to protect you from the sun above.
  • Preparing antihistamines in case you cannot enjoy seafood like others. Some can get troubles with seafood, so prepare some medicines for you and your team.
  • Do not bring expensive jewelry or necklaces. To be safe when you take part in many activities. You can not find them when it drops. You are on the sea.
  • Having cash is better than many of credits. You can find no ATM on the sea. What about the case that you need to buy something but running out of money? Good preparation is better, is that right?
  • Being careful and check well for your documents. Yes, papers are really important. You can not get back to take them. No!
  • Preparing a good camera because things are so beautiful and unique. It is a pity if your camera cannot work in such a wonderful tour in Vietnam. There are many majestic and amazing landscapes.

Well, with much more than you can expect, we want to give you great tours ever. Reading this article carefully, again and again, and you can set your own tour, a wonderful tour. Let’s go for your Halong Bay cruise this year, 2022, and enjoy your happy days with your family and friends.



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