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Tips for Your BEST Halong Bay 1 Day Cruise Tour


How to have your best Halong cruise tour? What are the top tips for your travel? This will help you answer all necessary questions to get the greatest Halong Bay 1 day cruise ever. Let’s check and see what you need to prepare for your trip. We make sure you will get all information you want.

Halong Bay Overview

Halong is a part of Quang Ninh province, which is 144 kilometers from Hanoi. This name is meaningful, it is known as “descending dragon”. Being recognized as a UNESCO world heritage, Halong Bay is famous not only in Vietnam but also all over the world.  This owns more than 1600 islands and islets, and be one of top new 7 natural wonders of the 20th century.

Ha Long is one of the new 7 Wonders of the world.

Why Take Halong Bay 1 Day Cruise?

Having a chance to visit Halong is great to all. It is clean, wild, majestic and safe. The environment is wonderful and the air is fresh. Enjoying both natural beauty and food is what a traveler should do. So what is the best way to get this? Taking Ha Long Cruises! This is the most popular way chosen by almost comers in Ha Long Bay.

A breathtaking view in Halong Bay
A breathtaking view in Halong Bay

Halong Bay cruises help visitors enjoy Ha Long beauty.

  • From the luxurious boats to normal ones, you can see many islets around and enjoy the food at the same time. You can easily enjoy cool wind and sunbathe on the highest floor.
  • From the sea, HaLong shows its strength to the world. You can see not only its blue clean water but also see how majestic the rocky mountains are. And of course, you can immerse yourself with the world.
  • There are many far islets in Halong where you can get troubles to get to on your own. Taking Halong Bay 1 day cruise, you can have help from others, be safer and easier to get there. You can also save time and health to discover many things during the trip.
  • Many kinds of cruises are serve well for each customer. You can choose one which is suitable for your budget. Do not worry about money!
  • Experiencing very unique activities such as having dinners in a cave, kayaking or having time to enjoy special food.
  • Ha Long is a great hotspot in Vietnam as well as in Asia. This is considered the 7th Wonder of the World. Of course, you should not miss your chance to adventure a great destination like this.

1. How to Have Your Best Halong Bay 1 Day Cruise

To have your best Halong Bay 1 day cruise,  you need to have a good plan. A good plan means a plan with the specific number which can express your hope and demand. Please answer carefully our question to have a great tour ever.

Swimming and sunbathing on Bai Chay
Swimming and sunbathing on Bai Chay

2. How long do you want to stay?

To choose a tour, the first is to decide how long to stay there. This can help you save your budget well and have a very clear schedule. To visit Halong Bay, people often spend 1 day, 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights. In this article, we will help you get the best preparation for your Halong Bay cruise day tour. There are 3 types of Halong 1 day cruise:

  • 4 hours
  • 6 hours
  • 8 hours

The schedule depends on each boat you choose. In fact, almost boats we mention in the next part offers these 3 kinds of Halong Bay day cruise tour. You can contact the boat through their hotline, or ask the tour guide to get a clear view for your tour.

3. Where to go in Ha Long

The second thing to care is about the places you go to. If you know where to go, you can decide well which kind of boat to use, how long to get there and how much money you will spend. Knowing the right places, right sites to adventure is what you should decide very first. We can mention below some great destinations for you to choose when visiting Ha Long:

  • Hon Ga Choi Island: a special destination to visit.
  • Castaway Island
  • Ti Top Island: a charming island to visit if you are in Halong.
  • Soi Sim Island
  • Bai Chay beach: a famous beach to enjoy during your Halong tours.
  • Bai Tu Long bay: a beautiful bay in Halong.
  • Ha Long Bay
  • Tuan Chau Island: a very famous hotpot in Halong Bay.
  • Dragon Eye Island
  • Ngoc Vung Island
  • Quan Lan Island
  • Luon Island

Because you will have a Halong Bay 1 day cruise, so you should check to find some famous places to visit or choose some which are near each other. This helps to save time, save money but you can still get many experiences.

4. Choose boats

Next tip is about choosing boats. Please read carefully what we mention below about tips for choosing boats, so you can find one yourself.

– Choose white boats better than red or brown ones. All boats are painted white in 2012, so make sure your boat is safe to choose. If you take an old boat, you make get some problems that you do not want. Just look with your eyes and decide your ship.

– Do not choose boats with more than 30 people. In such boats like these, you can not find a place to enjoy yourself. Other people will affect your tour.  So you should choose a boat under 30 people: ask for help from a travel agency. They can choose great boats for you with good price. 

– Choose boats that can have special services. This can help you have a real adventure in Vietnam. You can choose from recommended boats above to enjoy dinner in a cave, take part in kayaking or sleeping overnight on boat.

– Choose boats which will lead you to the places you want. Each boat has its own schedule, they are not the same. You can read carefully our 3 recommended main routes, so you can choose the right cruises.

5. Three main routes for a Halong Bay 1 day cruise tour

As a traveler like to discover natural beauty, you can easily immerse yourself with romantic and mysterious landscapes in Ha Long on such great boats. Although there are many ways for you to choose a cruise, please check for these  3 main routes.

  • First route: From Tuan Chau harbor, the largest artificial harbor in Asia. That is why there are many cruises for you to choose from. You can choose from Bhaya, Paradise to Indochina Sails. There are many boats ranging from different kinds and quality to choose. 
  • Second route: You will start from Lan Ha Bay. For people who do not like crowded places, this is really a very good choice to choose. You can see a list of Lan Ha Legend cruise, Emerald cruise, and others. In this kind of tour, you can get to Cat Ba island in Hai Phong. Besides that, you can also enjoy many other islandS and great scenarios. Bai Tu Long is really a wonderful place to see.
  • Third route: Last but not least is the route from Hon Gai. This is the least touristy but many still take this. From Hon Gai harbor, you can choose Huong Gai sealife or take a better high-end boat such as Dragon Legend to start your tour. Another choice is the Swan Cruise. You can choose it for a middle budget to make your tour better.

Choose boats which are under your budget: From 3-star to 5-star (3-star: Swan Cruise, V’Spirit; 4-star: Huong Hai Sealife, Royal Wings, Orchid, Azalea; 5-star: Dragon Legend, Alisa Paradise).

Top recommended cruises

Here are some cruises you can take a look at to prepare for your tour.

1. Dragon Legend cruise

This is a famous 5-star cruise. It has a special name, and its design is really Oriental. You even can take time to learn Thai Cuc Kungfu to get better health. Dragon Legend also serves you well with its sunbathing area, wardrobe, TV, and a spa. All receptionists are fluent in English. Local food can help you get a good mood for travel. Really great to have your Halong Bay day cruise tour on this.

2. Orchid Ha Long cruise

Orchid Halong
Orchid Cruise Halong

This is really a very high-end boat for you to choose. It is close to the night market in Ha Long and you can easily enjoy the food there. The boat supplies spa rooms and a fitness center. The food is served at the restaurant or at the bar. Of course, Wi-Fi is free in all places. The boat is very suitable for travelers, especial for couples. Moreover, all needed things such as hair dryers, towels, and small refrigerators are served well.

3. Royal Wings cruise

Royal Wing- 5-star boat for luxurious Halong cruise
Royal Wing- 5-star boat for luxurious Halong cruise

This boat means wings of royal. This special name makes Royal Wings become famous. All are designed modernly with 20 cabins. These cabins are divided into 3 kinds of rooms: Executive, Royal Executive, and Royal Suite. Each room is about 24 square meter and the biggest one is  35 square meter. This is really a good choice to enjoy your Halong Bay 1 day cruise tour.

4. V’Spirit cruise

V’Spirit is a 3-star boat
V’Spirit is a 3-star boat

Our next recommended boat is V’Spirit. Like its name, the boat is very traditional from its design to its arrangement. You can have more chances to discover Vietnam culture. This can lead you to the biggest villages in Ha Long, Vung Viêng. You can see how local people live daily life and enjoy good food there. V’Spirit has small rooms at 15 square meters. Each has a winder, a mini refrigerator, a wardrobe other facilities.

We hope that you will find this helpful for your trip. If you want more information or have any further questions, feel free to contact us, the AZ Local Team. We are always at your service!



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