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In this essay I would like to introduce you all about “How to get a suitable haircut in Hanoi”.

Now, with the rapid development of the Hair- art in Hanoi, it will be very difficult for you to find a Haircut Shop, which is suitable for your age, money and appetite. Below is the information I would like to share with you!

No matter how are you careful you have never prepared and predicted everything in your abroad travel. So, why not care about it and enjoy new things in your trip. Let us Hanoi Free Local Tours help you! You feel uncomfortable about your hair in summer days in Hanoi or you want to change style of your hair. And you wonder where the suitable hair salons in Hanoi. This below article will supply for you useful information about the famous addresses of famous haircut salons as well as the good price of them.


  1. Famous Addresses of famous haircut salons in Hanoi:

Travellers to Hanoi always have plenty of choices, and the very amazing kind of hair shop is only in pavement of Vietnam. It is not difficult for you to catch the sight of a man with simple set of tools ( a chair, a mirror, scissors, cutter and razor…) are cutting at every corner in the heart of Hanoi capital.

I recommend some places where you might have the best services and the style of hair satisfying yourself. Especially, all staff can speak English!

  • Dinh Hair Salon: 2a Cua Bac, Hanoi T: (0987) 718 899
  • in.M Hairdressing
    48b Ly Thuong Kiet, Hanoi T: (04) 3939 3907
  • Tran Hung Hair Creation
    5 Ho Xuan Huong, Hanoi T: (04) 3943 4946



     For men

It seems to be a good choice for men who want a quick trim or shave. In contrast, cutting hair on the pavement means you are taking a bit of risk because they are just amateur hairdressers. And the price is variable. For locals they will pay from 15.000 dong to 30.000 dong, but foreigners are expected to pay a little more.

Normally, those kinds of hair salon are not for girls who are always looking for a satisfying style even a perfect one. Some big, prestigious hairdressing salons are highly recommended for you.

     For women

In usual case, women will have to pay much more money, because there are many different services they want to do such as getting their hair straightened, dyed, curled, purmed, and shampoo….and each service you want has its own price.

  1. The average Prices of Salon Hairs in Hanoi:



Shampoo services

Basic Service 50.000-> 70.000 VNĐ
Regular Clients 40.000-> 60.000 VNĐ
High Service 70.000-> 100.000 VNĐ
Regular Clients 60.000-> 80.000 VNĐ



Skin Care Services

Basic Service 140.000-> 160.000 VNĐ
Regular Clients 120.000-> 140.000 VNĐ
Fruit Mask 50.000-> 70.000 VNĐ
Regular Clients 40.000-> 60.000 VNĐ
VIP Mask 80.000-> 100.000 VNĐ
Peel Acne 30.000 VNĐ
Skin Scrub 30.000 VNĐ



Hair Steam Services

Length: 3-> 20 cm
Basic Services 210.000-> 250.000 VNĐ
Regular Clients 190.000-> 220.000 VNĐ
Length: 21-> 70 cm
Basic Services 280.000-> 320.000 VNĐ
Regular Clients 250.000-> 300.000 VNĐ



Haircut Services

Cut, Shampoo and Dry for Men
Basic Services 70.000-> 100.000 VNĐ
Regular Clients 60.000-> 80.000 VNĐ
Cut, Shampoo and Dry for Women
Basic Services 120.000-> 150.000 VNĐ
Regular Clients 100.000-> 130.000 VNĐ
For Children
Boy 40.000 VNĐ


Girl 60.000 VNĐ



                                                 Straighten Hair

Length: 2-> 20 cm
Basic Services 600.000đ-> 800.00đ
Regular Clients 550.000đ-> 700.000đ
Length: 21-> 70 cm
Basic Serices 700.000đ-> 900.000đ
Reqular Clients 600.000đ-> 800.000đ



Dye Hair

Length: 3->7 cm
Basic Services 600.000đ-> 700.000 đ
Length: 10->30cm
Basic Services 650.000đ-> 750.000đ
Length: 30-> 70cm
Basic Services 750.000đ-> 850.000đ



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