Bat Trang Villiage Tour

Bat Trang's pottery


Hanoi city boasts its cultural beauty with a variety of deep-rooted handicraft villages. Of all these villages, Bat Trang Village Pottery is a place of interest attracting hundred flocks of tourists worldwide. On the left bank of Hong river and about 10 km from Hanoi in East (in Gia Lam District, Hanoi), Bat Trang Ceramic Village is noted for its 500 years of experience. This place is well-known for local artifacts as well as products exported to other countries all over the world.

For those who are keen on pottery and desire to make products by their own hands, Bat Trang Ceramic Village Tour is your perfect choice!

  • Pick-up & Drop-off
  • Private expert buddies providing understandings of real locals
  • Extra offer $8 for water puppet (Both are unique experiences of Vietnam)


  • Insight into more pottery art and experience of being a craftsman
  • Economical trip, time-saving and money-saving
  • Personalized tour satisfying your interest in ceramic art and process of making products


Our guides pick you up at your hotel or hostel.

Unique carved walls decorated with sophisticated motifs along Bat Trang ancient pottery village offers a perfect location for taking photographs and selfie. This is one popular destination to many people, especially the Hanoian young.

Next, tourists can walk down the narrow roads to explore local houses, in which you can participate in some workshops to observe the whole process of making a ceramic.

The most special activity we highly recommend you is taking a unique class training how to throw a pot on a potter’s wheel.

After the class, it is wonderful when you can bring your products to home as a souvenir for your family members and friends.

One must-go destination in Bat Trang village visitors should try is Lo Bau. Invented in 19th century, Lo Bau is considered as the solely kiln remaining in Bat Trang Village from now.

Consisting of five gourds, Lo Bau boasts its size of 1030 meter square and 15 meter in length. Visiting Lo Bau, visitors seem to understand the process of making a ceramic product of our ancestors.

Another intriguing activity is walking along the Pottery Market in front of the village for sightseeing and shopping. Along the Market, to observe handy artifacts made by local craftsmen with a variety of size and color.

When visiting Bat Trang village, tourists are highly recommended to purchase pottery products as a souvenir for friends and relatives.

You’ll walk around the whole Bat Trang Old Quarter and discover the old beauty of ancient Viet village with the architecture, the atmosphere,… that you can’t find in bustling Hanoi city.

Bat Trang Old Village is located right next to the river (Red River). You can walk to the Bat Trang hall and visit some traditional family factories to listen to the meaning of atonal zodiac and decoration in pottery products.

Grab a chance to watch this the traditional form of Vietnam art performance with our extra deal!

This unique culture art tells Vietnamese folk tales and legends recounting with authentic Vietnamese operatic songs and traditional musical instruments.

Drop off at your hotel in the Old Quarter. Say goodbye and see you again!



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