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Hanoi Free Tour Guides Tripadvisor December,2016

Great Hanoi city tour with Hanoi Free Tour Guides ”  Tripadvisor


Hanoi Free Tour Guides was very prompt and professional in their email reply when I send a request for a Hanoi full day tour for 10 adults + 2 kids. We indicated the places where we wanted to go and nothing was too difficult for them. We were assigned 2 guides Phuong and Mai Anh, who emailed us a day prior to the tour. They picked us up separately as our group stayed at 2 different hotels. They spoke fluent English and Mandarin and were good with young kids and elderly =) Perhaps even better than the paid guides. They brought us to Ho Chin Minh Complex, One Pillar Pagoda and Literature Temple explaining the history and significance of the places, giving us a lot of interesting facts that were little known to many. We requested for a good egg coffee place, and they bought us to a quaint local cafe for desserts and coffee. They also brought us to a nice family friendly restaurant for lunch with delicious Bun Cha. The tour was free, and you only need to paid for attraction admissions, transportation and lunch which should be within USD 10 per pax. Thumbs up for Hanoi Free Tour Guides. I recommend everyone to go for them. You will be missing out if you don’t.

Visited November 2016
EXCELLENT free tour local tours all around!
Pasadena, California

This was one of the best things my husband and I did in Hanoi. Our guide, Trang, took us around Hanoi for half a day and shared with us a wealth of information we wouldn’t have known otherwise. Trang’s English was really good and we were so impressed with her knowledge of the city and country. At one point, we got hungry so Trang took us to one of the best Bun Cha restaurants in the city and taught us how to eat the dish. After lunch, she showed us around Hoa Lo prison and guided us the entire place as if she’s been doing this for years!

At first, we were a bit skeptical about booking a free tour with hanoi free tour guides on Tripadvisor but we were so happy we gave it a try. We’ve been recommending them to all the travelers we’ve met along the way and will definitely contact them again when we get to HCMC.

Visited October 2016
Must do in Hanoi!
A TripAdvisor Member

This is a private tour but it’s free as the volunteers are students who wants to practice their English, and I’d reckon this is the best thing that I’ve done for our trip in Hanoi!

We were so lucky to have Thu, our tour guide for the day. She brought us to the touristy spots and also very knowledgeable with the history and culture of Hanoi. We had a lot of fun especially with the jumping shots!! Thu was so kind that she even walked us to the restaurant that we want to try, which is out of the way and the total timing was exceeded for about 2 hours!

Thank you Thu, for the lovely experience that we have had 🙂 Highly recommended tour for anyone who wants to experience what is Hanoi all about!

Visited September 2016

Hanoi Free Tour Guides Tripadvisor November,2016

A great informative day

Dung contacted us by email the night before to introduce herself and then met us at our hotel the following morning and accompanied us for the whole day taking us to the Museum of Ethnology and on a tour of the Old Quarter. I am sure we could have managed both of these activities on our own (indeed the latter we did many times) but the knowledge Dung bought to the tour meant we did and saw things we would not have experienced on our own, including wandering down a passage to drink egg coffee and visit the house at 48 Hang Ngang street where President Ho Chi Minh wrote the Declaration of Independence.

She has a great personality and sense of humour and bonded well with our daughter who is of a similar age. A great ambassador not only for the Hanoi Free Tour Guides but Hanoi and Vietnam.

The service offered by Hanoi Free Tour Guides is a great service for visitors to the area and we recommend highly that people take advantage of the opportunity it brings.

Visited August 2016

I booked a full day tour from 8 AM – 4 PM and the day flew by walking around Hanoi with two lovely ladies who showed me the sights of the city. We visited the HCM complex, Temple of Literature and Hoa Lo Prison. These three sites alone took a good chunk of the day because there was so much to see at each place. They also showed me key landmarks around the Old Quarter from the lake to the cathedral and opera house. We took a taxi to some places, which was very cheap and walked to other places. Being that they volunteered their time to take me around the city, I paid for all of their expenses for the day including taxi, lunch, coffee breaks, which all ended up being a nominal sum at the end of the day. I tried giving each of them a 200,000 VND tip, but they seemed hesitant to accept it and said that they would give it to their organization as a donation. I would definitely love to use them again my next time here!

Visited August 2016
A good experience but maybe not in Vietnam
Brussels, Belgium
It’s my very first experience with hanoi free tour guides and I’m happy I did it. It’s for free. He didn’t accept my tip.
But I thought I would be passive and listen to their comments.
But in reality, I had to make a special effort in order to understand what he was talking about. Indeed, it is normal that they make grammatical or vocabulary errors. But they have the bad habit not to pronounce all the letters.
For example, for 26, they wil pronounce ‘twenty si’.
Guides usually don’t speak load and with the vietnamese accent.
That means that you have to concentrate to understand what he says.
Their objective is to practice their English which is a noble objective but their pronounciating was a problem to my eyes (ears) to fully enjoy this experiment.
Nevertheless, I have given 4 out of 5.
If I try this tour in another Asian country, I will probably ask for the oldest student in order to minimize the problem.
Visited July 2016

Hanoi Free Tour Guides Tripadvisor October,2016


Thank-you Hanoi Free Tour Guides, Thank you Tripadvisor
Oakland, California

We had several tours booked with Hanoi Free Tour Guides and enjoyed everyone of them. Each tour started with two students meeting us in our hotel lobby and discussing what we wanted to see. They were always on time, ordered taxis and showed us how to deal with the traffic – it really helped our kids feel more comfortable. Each of the students was also very knowledgeable about their history and culture and we were so lucky to get to know them. Thank-you so much for making our trip amazing. We loved visiting Hanoi and can’t wait to return.

Visited July 2016
Discovering the beauty of Vietnam.

Special thanks to Ly London—who left a great impression as my guide to the Hanoi day trip. She made it a very memorable trip. A day before starting the tour trip, Ly sent an e-mail to introducing herself and keeping in touch to know my personal detail and asked if I wanted to see any place would like to visit or eat any specific food. We had been well in touch prior to meeting each other at the hotel lobby.(I stayed at Hilton Hanoi Opera)
We decided to start the trip at 8:30Hrs. I came a little late which I apologised for and then she replied me with a smile saying, “waiting is my happiness”. This completely touched me and took me off-guard the moment I met Ly.We then planned to catch a taxi to start our tour. First, we decided to visit Ho Chi Minh mausoleum—the mausoleum is big landscape, which within this landscape is shown the way of Ho Chi Minh’s love for his life and a feeling of love that Ho Chi Minh feels from the satisfaction of saving his country. Ly has an impeccable sense of her English and was very knowledgable with her guiding around the city. She helped with a lot of little things such as; helping with my cash payment, taking plenty of photos, telling a tick of vietnamese people—I felt very close to her and the tour guiding became completely natural. We then decided to visit the Litery temple and bought her lunch at Quan An Ngon restarant—which is highly recomendation on tripadvisor. The lunch was truly amazing. After that we took a short walk and shared a lot of great conversations. The volunteers guide organisation with the purpose of improving their English is an amazing mission and I am left with an exceptionally amazing impression. I was truly lucky to have shown HanoiFreeTourGuide Foundation. This foudation is non-profit organisation. The donation is up to your convenience. The trip includes paying for transportation, ticket fee, meals, and tipping at your on convenience. At last we visited the Maison meusuem, then returned to the hotel around 14.00Hrs.
Thank you again to Hanoifreetourgide in providing an exceptional experiance. And I have to say big thanks to you Ly Lodon who delivered the a truly memorable tour guide experience that I will cherish. I will back to hanoi again and agin and surely be in touch with “Hanoifreetourgiude”.

Visited June 2016

Hanoi Free Tour Guides Tripadvisor September,2016

Makes our Hanoi trip much more easier and enjoyable5 of 5 bubbles

We had the fortune of having Minh Phương and Ha Phuong to be our guide in Hanoi. Both of them were nice to hag out with, knowledgable about Hanoi and very patient in answering our question.

We visited the Weekend market and Ha Phuong contacted us earlier than scheduled time to plan alternatives in case it rains – she is really good and bear in mind they are student who takes up time to volunteer for this

One of the best thing we did for out Hanoi trip was to engage Hanoi Free Tour Guide.

Visited June 2016

 “Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Superb Hanoi Little Ambassador

On our first full day in Hanoi my wife and I were met by Hannah, a charming Vietnamese student studying 2 degrees. At the time of our visit (early Feb), the Lunar New Year had just passed and she greeted us with a great smile and a traditional small gift of lucky money. We kicked off with a visit to Ho Chi Minh mausoleum and Hannah chatted away the long queues explaining all about the history and answering our various questions about Vietnamese life. Her English was excellent. A cheap taxi was used to take us to the Temple of Literature where her historical knowledge was first rate. Lunch was extremely good at a very reasonably priced restaurant ( about £8 for 3 of us) before we walked around further Hanoi sites in the afternoon. This full day tour was genuinely free. Asking Hannah why she did it, she altruistically explained that she wanted people to understand the real Vietnam, for visitors to come to love her country, and to give a little bit back to society. She certainly accomplished that. Very many thanks for a fantastic day, Hannah, and for making us so welcome. Ian & Ruth

Visited February 2016
Hanoi Free Tour Guides is a MUST HAVE service in Hanoi5 of 5 bubbles

We booked Hanoi Free Tour Guides in advance for our first two full days in Hanoi. The first day our lovely guide Anna took us on the full day tour of all the major tourist destinations around Hanoi including Ho Chi Min Mauseleum, the Presidential Palace, the Pagoda, the ancient University of Learning, then guided us to the best Vietnamese restaurant we have eaten in for a beautiful lunch before finishing off our walking tour via the French built prison. We had the best day and without Anna. We would have been completely lost on our first day in Hanoi and would not have seen half as much as we did without her guidance and knowledge.
The second day it was raining heavily at our 8.30 hotel pickup time by our guide Quong so we suggested that we book a Private Car and driver through Ryan (Tourist Manager at Nova Hotel) and together we travelled 1hr out of Hanoi to the Ancient Village, seeing both the silk village and pottery village on the way back after a traditional Vietnamese lunch in a town just outside the ancient village. It was just fantastic to get out of Hanoi city and see the countryside.
This service is free but we chose to make a good donation at the end of each day, some of which goes to the Hanoi Free Tour Guides organisation to assist this wonderful service to continue.
This is a must have service if you are a first time visitor to Hanoi. The guides can be booked in many languages and it would be wise to book in advance before you leave home to make sure you can secure guides on the days you wish to use them.
10/10 for Hanoi Free Tour Guides.

Visited March 2016
“Brilliant experience. Thanks Phoung and Thanh Hai”

We arranged the tour on the recommendation of a friend who had used them previously.

We were picked up by Phoung and Thanh Hai (Harry) for the City Tour. It was a fantastic experience.

The schedule was as we requested with excellent additions suggested by the guides. It was our first full day so they showed us how to cross the road (you understand if you have been to Hanoi!!) and then took us around major sites. We went to a cafe which was fun and then for Pho (noodles).

They were at least as good as paid guides.

Only book if you will talk to them as they do it for free but to improve their English which is fine. These guys were great!!

Definitely recommend.

Visited August 2016
Excellent opportunity to know truly Hanoi

We had two days with the Hanoi free tour guides. First day I asked to go around Hanoi and the second we did a tour outside Hanoi. They were friendly and very punctual, answering to almost all our question about history, culture and places to visit. One guide, had not a perfect english sometimes diff to understand. We didn’t enjoy going by taxi to everywhere although we asked to walk instead of going by taxi but he was always saying it was far (we had 5minutes taxi driving…). However the second day guide was the best guide ever! We were lucky! She was a very interested student, showed us the real and non-turistic atractions we asked for. It was an excellent opportunity to know Hanoi outside tourism attractions and it was much pleasant to have them with us. You have to pay for the taxi, of course.

Visited May 2011
Hanoi Free Local Tours Reviews | Free Local Tours Review From Our Members

Hanoi Free Local Tours Reviews | Free Local Tours Review From Our Members

Hanoi Free Local Tour Reviews

Tour report from Hanoi free Local Tours members.

Date: 8 October 2016
Time: 8:30 am- 5:30 pm
Tourists:the old couple from Canada
Itinerary: Ho Chi Minh Complex, General House, The imperial citadel of Thang Long, Cong Coffee, Temple of Literature, Bun Bo Nam Bo, Hoa Lo Prison, Fruit Salad.



It has been more than a month since my last unforgetable free local tour with 2 Italian Guys booking free local tours with our club  therefore I firstly thought I had already forgotten everything including destination information and guided skills apart from my enthusiasm and my road memory. I was so surprised when first time picking them up from their small hotel because the lady is Vietnamese and the other one is from England. However, that feeling disappeared immediately when that women raised her voice to greet me with a bright smile since that moment I could figure my tour out with a couple of Vietnamese women and an England man living now in Canada. she was talkative and friendly, he was silent and kind. the shy feeling of the first time met was faded by our laugh and very warm handhold. She was the connection of 2 elders and one young little girl by encouraging to talk lots and considering to be a happy family. Then, we visited some places in which we discussed a lot political issues. Because “mommy” originally was born in the south of Viet Nam in the period time of American war and she left Viet Nam also right to that time so she actually knew more than basic things that we only read from the limited textbooks or from some ex-generation. We learnt much from one another that we really appreciated in that tour. I can not say anything about that tour because it is overload to be possible to write down so I presume to keep it as my memory in my deepest heart cabinet.





“taking care my parents” please, i hope you can hear my wishes.
thank Hanoi Free Local Tours (HFLT) so much for bringing me the very valuable experiences.



Hanoi Free City Tour with Locals ( Full-Day)

Hanoi Free City Tour with Locals ( Full-Day)

Hanoi Free Walking Tours

  • Members: 100  Members- Free Tour Guides
  • Founded in 2012
  • Founders : Unsiversity students in Hanoi
  • Location: Hanoi

Highlights of Hanoi Free Walking Tours:

  1.  Hoan Kiem Lake
  2.  St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi
  3.  Hoa Lo Prison
  4.  Temple of literature
  5.  Ho Chi Minh Complex
  6.  Dong Xuan Market

A tour with Hanoi Free Tour Guides’ Members

Hanoi Free Local Tours Hoa Lo Prison

Hanoi Free Local Tours Hoa Lo Prison

[Hanoi Free Walking Tours] Hoa Lo Prison

After the guide pick you up at your hotel, the  free walking tour will begin with walking to Sword Lake, which is the heart of Hanoi, where you will have primary look of Vietnamese lifestyle. Do you know why Vietnamese usually sit on little chairs? Because in Vietnam the higher the chairs are, the more money you have to pay for the restaurant owners. Then Let’s have glasses of lemon tea with little honey neart. Joseph’s Cathedral (big church) with us. This is also the moment to get to know know a little about Vietnamese language, how to bargain in Viet Nam and how to travel far from Hanoi experience. Our Local guides will share with give you some useful tips which can help you a lot when you are in Viet Nam.
Temple of literature with Hanoi Free walking tour Guides

Hanoi Free Local Tours 4.Temple of literature

Hanoi Free Local Tours 4. Temple of literature

Vietnam is famous for the wars against France and the US in the 20th century. Our visit to Hoa Lo prison will give you a deep understanding of what happened in during these wars, how political prisoners were treated with series of savage tortures. Vietnam is famous for not only the wars, but also its long-standing history. Next, We will pay a visit to a 1000– year– old university in Vietnam: Temple of  Literature which is the symbol of eastern architecture, and culture.

Traditional Market Hanoi Free walking tour Guides

Trying food is always a fundamental part of a travel. And Pho or Cha Ca are traditional foods in Vietnam. If you are a vegetarian, we will have lunch at a unique vegetarian restaurant which serves the food that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

In the afternoon, we will take a taxi to the oldest traditional market in Vietnam- ( Dong Xuan Market). This is the place where you can see how locals make their livings and discover a lot of interesting alleys with many tasty street foods. There are only a few tourists there, which makes us feel like we are going to discover the new place in planet.

Hanoi Free Walking Tours Tripadvisor

Hanoi free Walking tours has more than 200 reviews from a number of travellers experiencing themselves these amazing free tour services in Hanoi. Nearly 80% reviews are exellent, 15% are very good, and the number for average, poor, terrible are only 2 %, 2 % and 1 % which help Hanoi free walking tours club become  one of best out door activities in Hanoi.

Rank: # 60/ 754 Tours in Hanoi

Hanoi Free walking Tours-Reviews

Hanoi Free Walking Tours-Reviews

Pictures with free Local Guides in Hanoi

Hanoi Free Local Tours Having food

Hanoi Free Local Tours Having food

Hanoi Free Local Tours Hoa Lo Prison

Hanoi Free Local Tours Hoa Lo Prison

Pictures taken by Inno Banson and his Friends. 

3. Free Walking Tours in Hanoi include kinds of tours below

3.1 Free walking tours in the early morning with free tour guides

Enjoy the beauty of hanoi in the early morning by walking around with locals you will have the chance to experince an essensial part of Hanoi that not a lot of people could be aware of. You will see how the elderly do taichi in the very early morning, the go around St. Joseph Cathedral which is located nearby Hoan Kiem Lake.

The free morning walking tour end up with a bowl of noodle soups at Bat Dan Street in the old quarter.

  • Starting time: 6:00 Am
  • Tour duration: 3 hours
  • Destinations:  Hoan Kiem Lake – St. Joseph Cathedral – Noodle Soups

3.2 Hanoi Free street food experience with free tour guides

Food is always the Most Important Part of Travel Vietnam somehow is a little kichen of the world. Make sure that you are totally hungry before starting a free street food tour with Hanoi free walking tours, you will be 100 % full with a lot of amazing street food

  • Starting time: 17:30
  • Tour duration: 3 hours
  • Destinations:  Cau Dong market – Dong Xuan market – O Mai Hang Duong street

3.3 Hanoi free Walking Tours around city (full day)

Many activities, many museums, many stories from free Tour guides will help you have an overview of Hanoi. It is like goring around a new city with a local friend in a country that is truly new to you.

  • Tour duration: 6 hours
  • Starting time: 8:30
  • Destinations:  Ho Chi Minh Complex, Temple of Literature, Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son temple

3.4 French Quarter walking tour (half day) with Hanoi Free Tour Guides

Hanoi is like a Paris in Asia with the architecture has been influenced deeply by french style during the war. Let do the free french quarter walking tour with us to get to know what french left after war

  • Starting time: 8:30 Am, or 2:00 Pm
  • Destinations:  Government guesthouse, , Opera House, Hilton Opera, Museum of the Vietnamese Revolution, Trang Tien ice cream

3.5 Hanoi war sites free walking tour with Hanoi Free Tour Guides

War did pass, but what it left are things we need know! It is hard, tough and terrible! I know, Vietnamese know … you ?

  • Starting time: 8:30 Am, or 2:00 Pm
  • Destinations:  Military History Museum, Hoa Lo Prison, West Lake

 Hanoi Free Walking Tours Reviews

Lovely cultural swap with Linh

This association is lovely. First of all are very responsive, I changed the date last minute and they arranged the free walking tour for me anyway, super! We met Linh which took us around the city center and explained us lots of local habits and described the stuff we were seeing. She took us to the Women museum and was a really interesting visit as we learned a lot about the women importance in the Vietnamese society. Thanks for the patience and for answering all the questions!!

Visited November 2016

“The best way to see Hanoi”

Dao was an amazing tour guide! She was really knowledgeable of local history, providing me & my friends with interesting trivia and context to each place she showed us. Dao was able to bring us to places like the Literature Temple, Maison Centrale, Sword Lake, St. Joseph’s Cathedral & the Water Puppet Theatre. Thanks to her, we had the chance to try out some of Hanoi’s most popular foods! Thanks Dao for the lovely day you spend with us!

Visited September 2016

“free Hanoi-Tour with a local Student”

My girlfriend and me decided to make the free walking tour. Our guide was Pham, she was really friendly, nice and lovely. She picked us up at our hotel and walked with us through the city. The stops were interesting and we learned a lot about Hanoi from Pham. I would definitely recommend the tour – its like you hang out with a good friend 🙂

Visited November 2016

4. Hanoi Free Walking Tours Term


  1. Hanoi Free Walking Tours is a non-profit club so there is no charge local students require. Only the expenses during the tour like admission fees, restaurant meals and drink, and transportation fees are thing that you need o prepare. All of your contribution (if applicable) will be used as a fund for Hanoi Free Walking Tours  development, not for personal purposes.
  2. Places are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. If there is not any member available yet, your booking will be put in the waiting list. However, chance is that you will still be provided with the tour if we have enough members confirming to do tour on that day. During ten days prior to your trip date, you had better check your email regularly in case we have a spare tour.
  4. In case you book another tour with other similar organizations at the same time as with Hanoi Free Walking Tours , please notify us in advance. We will contact them to make the best arrangement for all sides involved.

5. How to Book a tour with Hanoi Free Walking Tours

You can book a free tour on Hanoi Free Walking Tours official website then You will receive an email clearly confirming the time and place for picking you up. Reply their email for the confirmation and stay in touch until we reach a final agreement. Tours should be booked 24 hours in advance.


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