[Hanoi Free Local Tours TOUR REPORT 22/12/2016]

[Hanoi Free Local Tours TOUR REPORT 22/12/2016]

[Hanoi Free Local Tours TOUR REPORT 22/12/2016]

[TOUR REPORT] lầy quá, nhưng noi gương một ai đó nên lại phải cố gắng viết 🙁
– Tourist: Augusta and Sophie Thoo (Australian)
– Hotel: Hanoi Legacy, 39-41 Hang Ga
– Time: Thursday morning (22/12) 9 – 12:30 a.m
– Destination: Sword Lake – Cathedral – Lemon tea – Prison
– Description: It was a short tour and it was quite good. The girls were some years older than me but are very good-looking; one is a surgeon and the other is an engineer. We walked around the streets and they were amazed by the splendid beauty of the cathedral as it was near Christmas and by the cuteness of a bunch of kindergarten children dressing in Noel clothes playing around the cathedral. However, to lead them in the right way in the Old Quarter, I did need some help from the local, which may make me seem less professional as a tour guide (i admitted my drawback to them straight away, but they smiled and said it was okay as they got lost many times in their neighborhood). Eventually, it was one of the tourists using Google map to navigate the way that led us back to the hotel, not me. It was a little bit awkward for me, but the rest was perfectly fine.
(we got beautiful photos but all are in their mobiles phones, only one in my phone)
– Note: có ai biết là k có wifi hay 3G thì có dùng đc google map k? Hay chỉ cần bật GPS lển là đc?

Hanoi Free Local Tours report 3


[Hanoi Free Local Tours  Tour report]
Guides: Thanh Thanh + Huyen
This was the first time I’ve came to Bat Trang. Huyen convinced me to do the tour with her and I agreed although. I would have an exam next day. She did a good job despite her most attention to the youngest boy (either did I :v).
The family we guided is from Isarel, but they have lived in Hong Kong since 2 years. They have 3 boys, all of them are very cut, especially the youngest boy. He is 5 years old but he can speak 3 languages. He even taught English for Huyen as well, haha. At the first time we met, he came toward and said “Hello, I’m …. (I forgot his name). Nice to meet you” and shook our hands as an aldult. During the tour, we could not stop laughing at everything he did and said.
OMG, I have no more words to express my feeling with him. This was so awesome!

A- outskirt-tours-at-Bat-Trang-village-Hanoi-Free-Local-Tours-report 1

A- outskirt-tours-at-Bat-Trang-village-Hanoi-Free-Local-Tours-report 1



Hanoikids Tripadvisor| Free Amazing Hanoikids Tours on Tripadvisor

Hanoikids Tripadvisor| Free Amazing Hanoikids Tours on Tripadvisor

Hanoikids Triadvisor December 2016

Best free tour guides, best tour ever! Hanoikids Tour

5 stars for every aspect of this tour!

After experiencing a half day free tour with hanoikids, I see why they are top 1 thing to do on tripadvisor. Chi and Duc were amazing tour guides, they were so knowledgeable about Hanoi sights and Vietnamese culture and history, we were so impressed! They catered the tour to our interests (history and culture) and as a result, we toured the Temple of Literature and Maison Centrale on a half day tour. They really made history come alive and were great at answering all of our questions. I would 100% recommend this tour to anyone coming to Hanoi!

Hanoikids tripavisor review  December 2016
Amazing City tour with Hanoikids on tripadvisor!

We enjoyed our full day tour with HIen and Oanh. We spent a half day seeing temples and musuem, and a half day for street food walking tour in the Old Quater. And we had great experience. The 2 guides were so helpful and informative. Their English was perfect. We loved Banh mi and bun cha. The egg coffe was very worth trying.
Thank Hanoikids!

Visited November 2016
Wonderful experience
Reviewed 3 weeks ago via mobile
We were lucky to book a half day tour with Hanoi kids on Triapdvisor ! The whole experience was seamless. They met us at the hotel. We chatted about what we could see that morning. After we had decided on the Museum of Ethnology they called for a taxi so we could maximize our morning experience. Our two guides, Ali and Phuong spoke English very well. They were knowledgable about the history of the country and different cultures. They were such personable lovely companions. We chatted effortlessly about many topics all morning. We were pleased they had time to join us for lunch. We enjoyed Bun Cha at one of the most popular restaurants that we would never had found on our own. All in all it was a unique opportunity to learn about local life and history. This is a voluntary organization that is offering a truly amazing free tour service. It books up quickly so it’s best to arrange as soon as you know you will be in Hanoi. They have many different tour suggestions and will customize to your time and interests. The online booking was easy through their website, or hanoikids tour tripadisor booking. I emailed our request and received a reply that same day.
Thank you Hanoi kids, thank you triapdvisor for showing me Hanoikids tour. You provide a truly unique professional experience.
Visited November 2016
great experience with Hanoikids tour
5 of 5 bubblesReviewed on tripadvisor 4 weeks ago

We had a tour with Joy today. We visited Temple of Literature and Ho Chi Minh complex. Joy was fantastic – great command of English, very knowledgable and great company. We learned a lot. We were taken aback that she provided this service to improve her English and wouldn’t accept payment. Many thanks to Hanoikids for making this possible

Hanoikids Triadvisor November 2016

 Wonderful morning with Hanoikids travel mates

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with our Hanoikids “travel mates” today! Lan & Ollie met us as planned at our hotel, and we jumped in a taxi heading for the French Quarter as we had requested when we booked online. Lan asked where else we had been in Hanoi (basically nowhere), so when she suggested that we visit the Temple of Literature first, we followed her lead & are very glad. As a professor, my husband really appreciated the emphasis on learning in Vietnam, dating back to 1070. As we strolled thru the different buildings in the complex, our Hanoikids hosts made history come alive…a terrific experience! We so enjoyed the French colonial architecture in St. Joseph’s Cathedral and Hanoi Opera House as well as the ritzy Metropole Hotel, along with a running commentary regarding what we were seeing.
We ate lunch at Net Hue cuz it’s Ollie’s favorite and again, we’re sure glad we did. We greatly appreciated the air conditioning after a morning of walking through the French and Old Quarter, and that he ordered for us (nice selection of 2 different fresh spring rolls, a fried spring roll and a dumpling which we all shared.). We especially liked the Nem Lui (fresh spring rolls with grilled ground pork on a stalk of lemongrass). You assemble your spring roll with the provided ingredients: rice paper, vermicelli noodles, shredded carrots & bean sprouts, sliced cucumber & pineapple, various greens & herbs, with lemongrass/pork on top… Roll it, pull out the stalk leaving pork inside, dip in supplied sauces…Yummy and fun…thx to their instructions.
The Hanoikids on tripadvisor concept is fantastic, and was a good learning experience for all 4 of us (please note ALL of us making the Hawaiian “Shaka” sign in the photo!). We will book hanoikids tour on tripadvisor again when we return next year.



Half day tour with Huyen of Hanoikids  highly recommended

We spent a very warm morning with Huyen from Hanoikids tours on tripadvisor, a free tour booked directly through their website leading by hanoikids tour on tripadvisor before we left home. All we had to pay for was the taxi and entrance fees. It was completely our choice as to how we structured the tour and we decided to visit the temple of literature. Huyen was able to meet us at our hotel or at a meeting point near Hoan Kiem Lake. The tour was brilliant, informing us of many cultural aspects of the Vietnamese both historically and in current times, in a friendly and easy to understand manner. We would recommend this tour service to anyone.

It’s like friends taking you around Hanoi!
Reviewed 29 September 2016

Booked 2 tours with HanoiKids, a half-day upon our arrival in Hanoi and then a full-day tour the next day.

The main objective of HanoiKids is to enable the “kids” (usually university students) to practice their conversational English while taking foreigners around Hanoi. You are at liberty to choose your own itinerary or take their recommendations or mix them.

We highly recommend engaging the HanoiKids as you get to meet the future leaders of Vietnam, engage them in conversation and understand their passion for their city. It’s a pity we don’t have this concept anywhere else, even in Ho Chi Minh City.

A special thanks to Mai (nickname) who took care of us on the first day, taught us how to cross Hanoi streets, introduced us to Bun Cha and told us where to buy Vietnamese coffee.

Another big thanks to S (nickname) who showed us how passionate she is about her country and towards children, took us around by taxi, shared a meal at a KOTO training restaurant (for disadvantaged children) with us and then took us to a local iced fruit yogurt stall to chill.

We learnt a lot about Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular and look forward to keeping in touch with them.

Sure, you don’t get professional tour guide (with their corny jokes) 5-star service and move around in air-conditioned transport but you get real Hanoi youths sharing their passion with you. We saw a side of Hanoi that the professional tour agencies will not take us to unless you pay through your nose to get a personal guide to take you around.

For my wife and I, we will choose this way 10 times out of 10 times.

Please do book early to avoid disappointment.

You can book hanoikids tripadvisor

Visited September 2016

Hanoikids Triadvisor October 2016

Expected and Unexpected Lovely Experience.

We just completed the tour today with Huy from HanoiKids tripadvisor. We want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was such a positive experience. Huy was so friendly and we were very relaxed during the tour like friends hanging out. He made us feel very comfortable and he was very knowledgeable. He took his time to explain many historical values and helped us to understand life in HaNoi. The free tour is very flexible and you can do as much or as little as you want. We were not stuck to a rigid schedule. We had a very good time and so full from all the great foods we tried together. We made a new friend here from HaNoi and we thank you so much! Highly recommend Huy and HaNoikids tour compare to massive bus tour groups if you are ever in HaNoi.

Hanoikids reviewed Triapvisor , September 2016

Fascinating walking tour of Hanoi

We spent a fascinating and relaxed morning exploring the streets of the Old Quarter and the French Quarter of Hanoi with our friendly guides, Huy and Linh. Not only were they very accommodating to our interests but knowledgeable about the history and culture as well as recommending certain specialty food items and introducing us to some delicious coconut and rice flake ice-cream. Cannot speak highly enough of our experience and of this tour company run by a volunteer organisation. What a fantastic concept and one I am glad to support.

Visited August 2016
“The best way to explore Hanoi
Reviewed 16 August 2016

We booked two half day trips with Hanoi Kids and were very impressed by the value and service.

On our first day we explored Temple of Literature and Hoa La Prison with Linh (Pea Pea) and Moon. Both girls were knowledgeable and friendly. They even took us to a great coffee shop called Cong Caphe afterwards and used their own vouchers to save us money on the drinks which I thought was very selfless and kind.

On our second day we went to Ho Chih Minh Complex and Museum of Ethnology with Phoenix and Hye (unsure of spelling of this name). Both were also great guides. We left a camera in a taxi and they managed to get it back to us straight away.

The best thing about using these guides is that they give you a genuine insight into everyday life in Hanoi. You learn a lot more and provide a seamless service without even asking for a profit. They are also very genuinely interested in learning from the tourists and took time to ask us questions about life in England, and seemed to learn from us too which is great. They are truly an asset to the brand and Hanoi more generally!

Highly recommended. Make sure you book well in advance. Not a bad idea to split into 2 half days as you still get a lot done.

“Wonderful hanoikids!
Tripadvisor Reviewed July 30, 2016

We traveled with young teens and want our boys to interact with local students and choose this tour. And this must be a wonderful experience with them. Our free guide was excellent. She had good knowledge of Hanoi, wonderful English skills. She kept talking about Hanoi and Vietnam history, introducing us best streets food of Hanoi and recommend restaurant, must-see sites basing on our interests. We will recommend this to any to Hanoi!

Visited July 2016
Free and a Good Way to See City Attractions
Tripadvisor Reviewed July 18, 2016

I found out about these tours two weeks before I went to Hanoi. Wish I would have found out about them earlier as I was only able to get a half-day tour due to solid bookings. It’s free and a local college student guided me through the Old Quarter visiting an old Vietnamese home, stopping off at the market and a place called Cong for refreshments. It was a great experience for both of us.

My suggestion is to contact them early in your travel planning as they are a very popular free tour that books quickly. All they ask is that you pay their admission fees, buy them coffee, lunch, or dinner and any other small incidentals you might incur on your tour.

Hanoikids Tour Booking

Hanoi Free Local Tours

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Full day tours



Hanoi Free Walking Tours Daily Report – November 2016 | Free Walking Tours in Hanoi

Hanoi Free Walking Tours Daily Report – November 2016 | Free Walking Tours in Hanoi

Hanoi Free Walking Tours Daily Report – November 2016

[ Free Walking Tours report]
– Tourist: Jean Paul
– Nationality: England
– Date: 29/10
– Time: 9am- 1.30pm
– Tour guide: Nga Nguyen
– Destinations: Bach ma temple, Sword lake, Hoa lo prison



Free Morning Walking Details 

First of all, I am so sorry for the late report because of some problems. Hjxhjx. Jean is very friendly and knowledgable because he had been a history teacher in High school for 2 years. I guided him to Bach ma temple, a place our free tour guides were trained well, Sword lake and Hoa lo prison. I was very happy that he sounded very pleased about the tour. I just planned to guide him to try egg coffee on the way to his hotel. But while coming to the coffee shop, he was quite hungry so I guided him to try Banh Canh ghe in Nha Chung street, quite confused hehe because I had never enjoyed it there. Luckily, he was very interested in this cuisine and “Nha Đam”juice. ^-^. As you know,we was going to organize the Halloween party in that night. So I asked him to invite Huyen to chat in Cong coffee next to Hanoi cathedral. Of course he is very willing. We had successfully invited him to our party although he said thatbhe was too old to join with us. But it was not problem. If you think You are old, you’ll be old. If you think you are young, you’ll be young. Our party was very wonderful and brought some new and meaningful experience to him



And thank Jean again for giving us an excellent review on tripadvisor

Hanoi Free Walking Tours ‘review on Tripadvisor French

“Ce sont des jeunes étudiants qui en contrepartie de pratiquer l’anglais avec vous, vous font découvrir leur ville bénévolement. Et il y a de forte chance que vous vous fassiez de nouveaux amis !! J’ai eu cette chance de visiter le plus ancien temple d’Hanoi, Den Bach Ma, avec une très agréable et bien informée guide, le lac Hoan Kien et la bien triste prison Hoa Lo. Et pour les remercier vous ne pouvez faire guère mieux que de les inviter pour un café ou un repas. Et là les guides vous emmèneront dans les meilleures endroits d’Hanoï.
Un must comme dit et surtout de belles amitiés qui naissent.”

Hanoi Free Walking Tours ‘review on Tripadvisor in English

“These are young students in return to practice English with you, you discover their city voluntarily. And there’s a good chance that you do new friends !! I had this opportunity to visit the most ancient temple of Hanoi Den Bach Ma, with a very pleasant and knowledgeable guide, Hoan Kien and sad Hoa Lo Prison. and thank you can do no better than to invite them for a coffee or meal. and then the guides will take you to the best places in Hanoi.
A must be said especially beautiful friendships that arise. “


Hanoi Free Local Tours Reviews | Free Local Tours Review From Our Members

Hanoi Free Local Tours Reviews | Free Local Tours Review From Our Members

Hanoi Free Local Tour Reviews

Tour report from Hanoi free Local Tours members.

Date: 8 October 2016
Time: 8:30 am- 5:30 pm
Tourists:the old couple from Canada
Itinerary: Ho Chi Minh Complex, General House, The imperial citadel of Thang Long, Cong Coffee, Temple of Literature, Bun Bo Nam Bo, Hoa Lo Prison, Fruit Salad.



It has been more than a month since my last unforgetable free local tour with 2 Italian Guys booking free local tours with our club  therefore I firstly thought I had already forgotten everything including destination information and guided skills apart from my enthusiasm and my road memory. I was so surprised when first time picking them up from their small hotel because the lady is Vietnamese and the other one is from England. However, that feeling disappeared immediately when that women raised her voice to greet me with a bright smile since that moment I could figure my tour out with a couple of Vietnamese women and an England man living now in Canada. she was talkative and friendly, he was silent and kind. the shy feeling of the first time met was faded by our laugh and very warm handhold. She was the connection of 2 elders and one young little girl by encouraging to talk lots and considering to be a happy family. Then, we visited some places in which we discussed a lot political issues. Because “mommy” originally was born in the south of Viet Nam in the period time of American war and she left Viet Nam also right to that time so she actually knew more than basic things that we only read from the limited textbooks or from some ex-generation. We learnt much from one another that we really appreciated in that tour. I can not say anything about that tour because it is overload to be possible to write down so I presume to keep it as my memory in my deepest heart cabinet.





“taking care my parents” please, i hope you can hear my wishes.
thank Hanoi Free Local Tours (HFLT) so much for bringing me the very valuable experiences.



Hanoi Free Local Tours – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Reports]

Hanoi Free Local Tours – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Reports]

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report]

the description of the free tour guides with 2 tourists from UK in Hanoi on 27, July, 2016

– Tourist: Dan and Janette
– Nationality: UK
– Time: 2 pm – 7 p.m Wednesday
– Tour guide: Linh, Nga Nguyen
– Destinations: Sword Lake – Hoa Lo prison – Vietnamese Women Museum – Drinking

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – A free tour from the the guide’s view will help you understand how our guides work.

– Description of Hanoi Free tour Guide report. 
At first I was told that the 2 tourists were really knowledgeable (because they travel a lot) and they required a free experienced tour guide. Obviously, I was by no way an “experienced” one (it was my 2nd tour so far). So before going to the homestay, I was a little bit worried: what if they were not friendly and open to me, what if I could not make good interaction with them during the trip and so on… However, that concern seemed to be redundant. The moment I met the tourists, I was happy that both the guy and the girl, who was his forever – girlfriend, were so nice and friendly. Dan is a typical Briton who is really gentle, polite and caring. On the way, when I seemed to run out of what to talk or ask, then it’s him who asked me about my study and life. He even asked me if I was okay with walking. We talked and talked and I found out that many interesting things about them, like both of them were teachers who had taught English for a couple of years, they had been to lots of Asian countries and they could speak really good Korean (omg, they even called each other “yobo”, it’s so cuteee :3 ).

The feeling of the free tour guide after a tour with 2 travelers from UK

Hanoi Free Tour Guides - Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 2

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 2

On our way to the prison, there was a sudden rain and we were nearly wet from head to toe. In Hoa Lo, 3 of us were joined by Nga Nguyen (a former member of Hanoi Free walking tour) (she was waiting for us there in 30 mins) and the tour became really fun (the more the merrier u know). Dan was really thoughtful when he offered to pay us the tickets (though we refused, saying we could pay for ourselves). After spending lots of time in the prison, at around 4 p.m, we headed for the Museum. It was the 1st time Nga and I had been to the museum. Despite reading something about the museum beforehand, we were still bewildered in front of lots and lots of objects there, some of which I had no idea why they were on display (i.e: the red wedding dress of “Nguoi Hoa” – Chinese people). So my only choice was going with the flow. We were not well-prepared, so we told them whatever topic that came to our mind when we saw the objects on display. For instance, when we saw the pictures illustrating gender inequality on the 1st floor, we had a quick discussion about the role of women in society. It seemed to me that the Western were generally open-minded about gender-role: it was not unusual that men can stay at home and take care of the family. Janette told me once they had a baby, she would be the one who worked and Dan would be staying at home (it was really surprising to me, though =D).

Hanoi Free Tour Guides - Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 1

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 1

We ended our amazing free Hanoi city tour with a stop-over for a drink. I suggested them a smoothies shop nearby, which was Vu canu, in Ba Trieu Street. I went past the shop hundreds of time and was absolutely confident that I would lead them there in 5 mins. However, having my head in the cloud due to chatting, I walked past the shop without any notice and kept leading them farther away from the shop. The moment I realized the situation, I was freaking out, but I tried to be calm and not let them know (even my partner Nga – sorry, Nga =D ). Luckily, upon walking down, I spotted another coffee shop and that what saved me. We settled down in the 2nd floor with beautiful view towards the street, and enjoyed ourselves with some fresh juice, which was a treat from the lovely couple). Janette was really nice and understanding: she appreciated our effort as being free tour-guide and offered to treat us something special as a “Thank-you” <3. Then we were back to the homestay.

Hanoi Free Tour Guides - Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 3

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 3

It was a long, long walk but no one seemed to be exhausted, as we were so into chatting with each other on the way. It was so fascinating to know more about the climate, the food and the lifestyle in another country, which you could only have once you partner with those wonderful foreign people. For sure that was worth your time and effort. (we even added each other’s facebook and phone number that day and discussed the next tour together). My partner nga was supportive and amiable; we get on really, really well. That was simply AMAZINGGG. My MOST AMAZING TOUR so far. I LOVE IT =D =D 🙂

Hanoi Free Tour Guides - Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 4

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 4

by the way, when I wrote this report, I did another 2 tours with Dan and Janette on Saturday morning and Saturday night and it was really fun, especially the one in the Night Market (We ended the night tour at around 11:30 PM and then back home, I overslept and couldn’t wake up for the team-building :'( ) Dan and janette really mastered the art of Bargain in Hanoi. They even asked me to teach them how to say “anh oi” , “chi oi” so that they could say that to a seller in return for a bargain ( a secretive strategy to get cheaper price :v). When haggling for a T-shirt, Dan urgently asked me to whisper to his ear how to say a compliment in Vietnamese to the shop keeper, which was “Em dep qua”. He said that to the girl a couple of times but couldn’t get a bargain. It made me and Janette laugh loudly on the way……. =D

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi

Written by Le Dieu Linh

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