Hanoi Free Walking Tours Daily Report – November 2016 | Free Walking Tours in Hanoi

Hanoi Free Walking Tours Daily Report – November 2016 | Free Walking Tours in Hanoi

Hanoi Free Walking Tours Daily Report – November 2016

[ Free Walking Tours report]
– Tourist: Jean Paul
– Nationality: England
– Date: 29/10
– Time: 9am- 1.30pm
– Tour guide: Nga Nguyen
– Destinations: Bach ma temple, Sword lake, Hoa lo prison



Free Morning Walking Details 

First of all, I am so sorry for the late report because of some problems. Hjxhjx. Jean is very friendly and knowledgable because he had been a history teacher in High school for 2 years. I guided him to Bach ma temple, a place our free tour guides were trained well, Sword lake and Hoa lo prison. I was very happy that he sounded very pleased about the tour. I just planned to guide him to try egg coffee on the way to his hotel. But while coming to the coffee shop, he was quite hungry so I guided him to try Banh Canh ghe in Nha Chung street, quite confused hehe because I had never enjoyed it there. Luckily, he was very interested in this cuisine and “Nha Đam”juice. ^-^. As you know,we was going to organize the Halloween party in that night. So I asked him to invite Huyen to chat in Cong coffee next to Hanoi cathedral. Of course he is very willing. We had successfully invited him to our party although he said thatbhe was too old to join with us. But it was not problem. If you think You are old, you’ll be old. If you think you are young, you’ll be young. Our party was very wonderful and brought some new and meaningful experience to him



And thank Jean again for giving us an excellent review on tripadvisor

Hanoi Free Walking Tours ‘review on Tripadvisor French

“Ce sont des jeunes étudiants qui en contrepartie de pratiquer l’anglais avec vous, vous font découvrir leur ville bénévolement. Et il y a de forte chance que vous vous fassiez de nouveaux amis !! J’ai eu cette chance de visiter le plus ancien temple d’Hanoi, Den Bach Ma, avec une très agréable et bien informée guide, le lac Hoan Kien et la bien triste prison Hoa Lo. Et pour les remercier vous ne pouvez faire guère mieux que de les inviter pour un café ou un repas. Et là les guides vous emmèneront dans les meilleures endroits d’Hanoï.
Un must comme dit et surtout de belles amitiés qui naissent.”

Hanoi Free Walking Tours ‘review on Tripadvisor in English

“These are young students in return to practice English with you, you discover their city voluntarily. And there’s a good chance that you do new friends !! I had this opportunity to visit the most ancient temple of Hanoi Den Bach Ma, with a very pleasant and knowledgeable guide, Hoan Kien and sad Hoa Lo Prison. and thank you can do no better than to invite them for a coffee or meal. and then the guides will take you to the best places in Hanoi.
A must be said especially beautiful friendships that arise. “


Hanoikids Tour Booking | Book Free Tours With Hanoikids

Hanoikids Tour Booking | Book Free Tours With Hanoikids

Hanoikids tour booking – Book a free tour with Hanoikids

Let book a free tour with hanoikids in Hanoi, Vietnam to experience the top 1 thing to do in Hanoi on tripadvisor . Have you heard about Hanoikids Tour and would love to travel to Vietnam, the tour that has been one of the top thing to do on tripadvisor for more than 3 years  If you want to visit Hanoi, meeting the local university free tour guides, booking a hanoikids tour is best way to truly understand Vietnam on the eyes of locals.

How to book a free Hanoikids 

There are several situations that you can book a free tours with Hanoikids in hanoi

If you are one of those, try to read carefully before doing the hanoikids tour booking.

  1. Family hanoikids tour booking

hanoikids tour booking email is often be full with the tourist with the whole family, this is very common to travel with your kids to a new city like Hanoi, and choosing a hanoikids tour is a good option for your family.

  1. Solo Travelers  hanoikids tour booking

If you are a solo traveller visiting Vietnam and would like to book a hanoikids tour you will be guided by one university student from Hanoikids

  1. Group of Friends hanoikids tour booking

And try to do the hanoikids tour booking several days in advance because there are a lot of tourists booking hanoikids tours. So the earlier you book, the more chance your tour will be arranged.

About Hanoi kids Tour

Temple of literature – Hanoikids Tour


hanoikids tour booking in hanoi

The Temple of Literature is one of the first visit during the tour with Hanoi kids, which is the oldest university in hanoi, and Vietnam as well,  where the royal exams were held to choose the talents for helping the country. Originally, temple of literature dedicated to Confucius, this complex was built in 1070. Nowadays, no longer is it is considered as a university and became one of the most popular tourist destination for visitors travelling to Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh complex – Hanoikids Tour

 HCM Complex is the second place if you book a Hanoikids Tour

The Ho Chi Minh complex consists of the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, living space of president Ho Chi Minh, the Ho Chi Minh Museum and One Pillar Pagoda.


Hanoikids tour to Ho Chi Minh Complex

– Note: Visitors are required to wear shirts with sleeves and pants under knees.

Hoa Lo Prison – Hanoikids Tour

The facade of the Hoa Lo prison museum, formely known as the "Hanoi Hilton" during the Vietnam-American War, in Hanoi, Vietnam, Asia.

The facade of the Hoa Lo prison museum, formely known as the “Hanoi Hilton” during the Vietnam-American War, in Hanoi, Vietnam, Asia.

The political prison built by French to arrest vietnamese prisioners during the wars is an area that you should include in the tour with Hanoi kids members. The prison was then taken over by Vietnamese government and used to arrest pilots, including John Mccain. during the wars with the US

How to book a free Hanoikids tour

You can access their official website Hanoi kids to book a free tours. Their tour directors will respond your email in 24 hours.

Hanoikids Tours reviews on Tripadvisors


Spent an interesting and informative morning with Joy and Hang from Hanoikids tour, we visited the mausoleum and temple of literature the knowledge both girls had was amazing which made our visit much more interesting than if we would of gone alone. Joy and Hang were a pleasure to spend time with and a tour with Hanoikids is a must for anyone visiting Hanoi

Highly recommended,

thank Triapdvisor for letting me know Hanoikids.


We booked a full day tour with Hanoi kids in advance. On our first day Yun picked us up in our hotel earlier than our meeting time and she was very kind to wait for us while we still have breakfast. She’s very lovely, polite and knowledgeable. She brought us to the Ho Chin Minh Complex and Temple of Literature which I don’t think I would enjoy without her interesting stories and facts. She also brought us to St. Joseph’s cathedral, around Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake and we had lunch at local Vietamese restaurant to try Bun Cha. If we weren’t too tired from our midnight flight we could still visit a lot of places and I felt really bad when we had to part ways. This free city to tour is a must when in Hanoi!

Hanoikids Tour report from guides.

Report 1. 10/2016. Khai

Here is my afternoon today with 2 young sisters who booked a hanoikids tour in the last minute through Triapdvisor

I got their hotel 15 minutes earlier as normal, waiting for them in the lobby.
Simply, I asked them where they had been to and where they would like to visit. A quick discussion was done to know that their needs were visiting as many places as possible because they had only one day in Hanoi. Then, I took them to HCM complex, one pillar pagoda which were mention in the hanoikids’ tour booking email for a short while before truly being a informative guide at temple of literature where there were many university students having their graduation pics taken. After that taking a taxi to Hoan Kiem lake is a good way to save time for a cup of egg coffee at Giang Cafe, they loved it! 🙂
once again, it was very interesting to visit Dong Xuan Market, Long Bien Bridge to see how locals delivery food, vegetable.

– Time: 2:00Pm-4:45Pm
– Destinations: HCMC, temple of literature, Hoan Kiem Lake, Egg coffee, Dong Xuan Market, Long Bien Bridge,O Quan Truong

Report 2. 10/2016. Khai

“Today I met an awesome couple from the US, (the contry with a lot of tour booking with hanoikids.)
They told me a lot of stories that I had not heard about before from how they met each other to how they have been together organizing a non-profit healthcare company in Myanmar.
Visiting almost all the tourist destinations, 3 coffee stores, several local places helped the tourists get to know more about the beauty of our country.

they also told me that they would definitely recommend hanoikids tour to their friends if they visit hanoi, so I made friends with them on facebook and sent them our tour booking from on our hanoikids official website.

One the way to the hotel, the tourists gave the 30 US dollars and told me that their day with me was much more worth than a private food tour they had taken yesterday.! Nice! J

the thing has made my day is that I got 10 dollars for our organization.
not a lot, but hope that 10 dollars would help us have a better room for the mewbie first meeting, better training program!!!
Try up! “

Hanoikids Tour report 3 
Tourist: Emily, Chris, Sam and Emily’s teacher (Singapore)
Guide: Đào và Thanh Thanh
Places: Vietnam national museum of history, HCM complex and Cộng cà phê.
Just by accident, Thanh and i supported each other again and this tour was AWESOME and became one of my memorable tours. We guided 4 tourists from Sing. Three of them are in their middle 30s and their teacher is even older but they are not only nice, polite but also CUTE, open and funny. We laughed almost of the tour due to their cuteness and humors.
Thanh is cool tour guide, she provided us a lot of information about our president. They were very useful and interesting. She is worthy of the being- member of Vietnamese communist party.
During the tour, we learned a lot from them. Each meal, they always shared their drinks and food. The way they took care together and showed their affection. I specially admire the friendship between Emily and Chris.
The reason made this tour special than others was i found my lost sister from Singapore. Thank to Thanh, Emily and I found each other. We are on the same team because we have a lot of things in common.
This tour was so meaningful and made our days. We are very happy and lucky to be your members.

Hanoikids Forum

Hanoikids forum is where Kids could discuss a lot of topic like how to be a informative, professional tour guide or even common talks as other forum.

How to book free Hanoikids tours

There are several situations that you can book a free tours with Hanoikids in hanoi

If you are one of those, try to read carefully before doing the hanoikids tour booking.

access Hanoikids official website to book their free city tours!

Besides, there are also many student-run organizations providing tourists with the free tour services as Hanoikids in Hanoi. Such us Hanoi Free Tour Guides, Hanoi Free Walking Tours, Hanoi Free Local Tours.

They all have excellent reviews on Tripadvisor, so if hanoikids tour booking of yours is difficult, or in the waiting list, consider visiting Hanoi Free Local Tours to raise the chance!

Hanoi Free Walking TOUR REPORT – Free Walking Tours in hanoi

Hanoi Free Walking TOUR REPORT – Free Walking Tours in hanoi

Hanoi Free Walking TOUR REPORT – Such an amazing free walking tours

– Tourists: Jen and Sergio
– Nationality: US
– Date: 3/11/2016
– Time: 5pm-8.30pm
– Tour guide: Nga Nguyen
– Destinations of Free Walking Tours in Hanoi
: Sword lake, French quarter, HN cathedral, Quan cay da and egg coffee



OMG Last night, I just said to Huyền Ngọc Nguyễn that I haven’t guided tourists at Apricot hotel. Luckily Linh had pointed me this tour today and tourists from this hotel. At first, I was quite worry because of their high expectation with the rich, even we, as a free local guide just provides free city tours. . So I had asked Trang for supporting me. Hehe okay,she said: ” Don’t worry” and advised me to guide this tour by my own. I had prepared a lot about the French quarter because I had rarely guided tourists there. They were very very nice,friendly and funny. I introduced a lot about the war between French and VietNam and why having the French quarter in the past. Maybe because of the old,so they really focused on my speaking and my introduction :3.



Free Walking tours with local students in hanoi

Then I also helped them take many nice and cute photos around the Sword lake like a photographer :v :v. Next, we enjoyed the pillow cake,Shrimp cake, summer cake,.. in the restaurant near the church. And finally, to finish our free walking tours,  we tried egg coffee in Hang Gai street with the beautiful view of the sword lake. I don’t know why I felt free to share everything about my life in Hanoi, my family, my part time jobs,my school,etc. They also told me about their daughters and showed me a lot photos of their home, their garden and their trip in African. By any way,we had a wonderful time tonight. Thank you Pinky Boo very much :3 :3 :3 

Thank you Hanoi Free Local Tours for giving me this chance of taking those amazing people around hanoi event for free.

Nga Nguyen

Hanoi Free Local Tours – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Reports]

Hanoi Free Local Tours – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Reports]

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report]

the description of the free tour guides with 2 tourists from UK in Hanoi on 27, July, 2016

– Tourist: Dan and Janette
– Nationality: UK
– Time: 2 pm – 7 p.m Wednesday
– Tour guide: Linh, Nga Nguyen
– Destinations: Sword Lake – Hoa Lo prison – Vietnamese Women Museum – Drinking

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – A free tour from the the guide’s view will help you understand how our guides work.

– Description of Hanoi Free tour Guide report. 
At first I was told that the 2 tourists were really knowledgeable (because they travel a lot) and they required a free experienced tour guide. Obviously, I was by no way an “experienced” one (it was my 2nd tour so far). So before going to the homestay, I was a little bit worried: what if they were not friendly and open to me, what if I could not make good interaction with them during the trip and so on… However, that concern seemed to be redundant. The moment I met the tourists, I was happy that both the guy and the girl, who was his forever – girlfriend, were so nice and friendly. Dan is a typical Briton who is really gentle, polite and caring. On the way, when I seemed to run out of what to talk or ask, then it’s him who asked me about my study and life. He even asked me if I was okay with walking. We talked and talked and I found out that many interesting things about them, like both of them were teachers who had taught English for a couple of years, they had been to lots of Asian countries and they could speak really good Korean (omg, they even called each other “yobo”, it’s so cuteee :3 ).

The feeling of the free tour guide after a tour with 2 travelers from UK

Hanoi Free Tour Guides - Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 2

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 2

On our way to the prison, there was a sudden rain and we were nearly wet from head to toe. In Hoa Lo, 3 of us were joined by Nga Nguyen (a former member of Hanoi Free walking tour) (she was waiting for us there in 30 mins) and the tour became really fun (the more the merrier u know). Dan was really thoughtful when he offered to pay us the tickets (though we refused, saying we could pay for ourselves). After spending lots of time in the prison, at around 4 p.m, we headed for the Museum. It was the 1st time Nga and I had been to the museum. Despite reading something about the museum beforehand, we were still bewildered in front of lots and lots of objects there, some of which I had no idea why they were on display (i.e: the red wedding dress of “Nguoi Hoa” – Chinese people). So my only choice was going with the flow. We were not well-prepared, so we told them whatever topic that came to our mind when we saw the objects on display. For instance, when we saw the pictures illustrating gender inequality on the 1st floor, we had a quick discussion about the role of women in society. It seemed to me that the Western were generally open-minded about gender-role: it was not unusual that men can stay at home and take care of the family. Janette told me once they had a baby, she would be the one who worked and Dan would be staying at home (it was really surprising to me, though =D).

Hanoi Free Tour Guides - Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 1

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 1

We ended our amazing free Hanoi city tour with a stop-over for a drink. I suggested them a smoothies shop nearby, which was Vu canu, in Ba Trieu Street. I went past the shop hundreds of time and was absolutely confident that I would lead them there in 5 mins. However, having my head in the cloud due to chatting, I walked past the shop without any notice and kept leading them farther away from the shop. The moment I realized the situation, I was freaking out, but I tried to be calm and not let them know (even my partner Nga – sorry, Nga =D ). Luckily, upon walking down, I spotted another coffee shop and that what saved me. We settled down in the 2nd floor with beautiful view towards the street, and enjoyed ourselves with some fresh juice, which was a treat from the lovely couple). Janette was really nice and understanding: she appreciated our effort as being free tour-guide and offered to treat us something special as a “Thank-you” <3. Then we were back to the homestay.

Hanoi Free Tour Guides - Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 3

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 3

It was a long, long walk but no one seemed to be exhausted, as we were so into chatting with each other on the way. It was so fascinating to know more about the climate, the food and the lifestyle in another country, which you could only have once you partner with those wonderful foreign people. For sure that was worth your time and effort. (we even added each other’s facebook and phone number that day and discussed the next tour together). My partner nga was supportive and amiable; we get on really, really well. That was simply AMAZINGGG. My MOST AMAZING TOUR so far. I LOVE IT =D =D 🙂

Hanoi Free Tour Guides - Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 4

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 4

by the way, when I wrote this report, I did another 2 tours with Dan and Janette on Saturday morning and Saturday night and it was really fun, especially the one in the Night Market (We ended the night tour at around 11:30 PM and then back home, I overslept and couldn’t wake up for the team-building :'( ) Dan and janette really mastered the art of Bargain in Hanoi. They even asked me to teach them how to say “anh oi” , “chi oi” so that they could say that to a seller in return for a bargain ( a secretive strategy to get cheaper price :v). When haggling for a T-shirt, Dan urgently asked me to whisper to his ear how to say a compliment in Vietnamese to the shop keeper, which was “Em dep qua”. He said that to the girl a couple of times but couldn’t get a bargain. It made me and Janette laugh loudly on the way……. =D

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi

Written by Le Dieu Linh




Welcome to Hanoi Free Local Tours, a non-profit organization running by students with the mission to bring tourists free walking tours around Hanoi in any available time as long as you remember to reserve your tours in advance.

Let us give some information about Free Hanoi Street Walking Tours

With more than 1000-year history, Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, has so many attractions that could keep tourists engaged all the time: from well-preserved buildings along with lush and verdant parks to handful of well-appointed museums, from many natural lakes to handicraft villages and delectable cuisine, from attractive buildings of French to Chinese and  Russian architecture .



Particularly, our free Hanoi walking tour today concentrates on guiding tourists through Hanoi’s most attractive destination, the OLD QUARTER, which first appeared when King Ly Thai To relocated the capital city from Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh to Thang Long, Hanoi. The Old Quarter, at first, consisted of many workshop villages around the royal palace, but now it is a trading place for guilds and craft cooperatives. Most streets in the Old Quarter begin with the word “Hang”, which means merchandise or shop, and the other word, which shows their product, service or location.



We begin our journey in HANG DAO Street, one of the oldest streets in all of Vietnam. It goes right through the middle of the old quarter and divided it into two directions, north and south. Hang Dao Street was once a center for the trading of silk products under the French colony. This street now specializes in ready-made clothing.

Turn right at the end of the street, we reach HANG BAC street, which dates from at least the 13th century. This street was a silver factory under the Le Dynasty; therefore, its name is Hang Bac, which means silver shop . Since the 18th century, the street has become a popular place for jewelry makers and money exchangers. Besides, the heavy metal bars were exchanged in Hang Bac for business transaction, so the French called it “Exchange Street.”

Keep walking straight forward, we come across TA HIEN Street, whose nick name is ‘international intersection’ as there are many foreign backpackers gathering there at night. Stopping here gives you great pleasure of tasting fresh beer and street food, as well as enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the Old Quarter in the hospitable atmosphere.



Next, we turn left and walk onto MA MAY Street, which is a union of two old streets: Hang May and Hang Ma. Rattan products were sold on Hang May and sacred joss to burn for the dead were sold on Hang Ma. The streets then became one: Ma May. The ancient house at 87 Ma May street which dated back from the late of the 20th century, is still preserved with typical architecture of ancient houses. Though being restored in 1999, this house still retains the pristine beauty of itself. Tourists can buy tickets to take a tour around the house.



(Ratten products)                                         (Sacred joss)

continually the free walking tour in Hanoi, we enter HANG BUOM Street, which means Sail Street. Sails used to be  sold in the past, but now there is no demand for them anymore. Therefore, to the western end of the street, confectionery is sold instead. If you prefer savory food, look out for the roasted meat store at No. 108 Hang Buom Street.

Roasted-Duck-with-Fig-Stuffing- FREE HANOI STREET WALKING TOURS

Roasted-Duck-with-Fig-Stuffing- FREE HANOI STREET WALKING TOURS

(lines of people queuing in front of the store) (roasted duck – one of the most popular dishes in the store)

Midway along the street, at the junction of Hang Giay, is Bach Ma Temple or White Horse Temple. There is a legend that King Ly Thai To was directed by a white horse to find an appropriate place to construct the Citadel. Hence, the temple was built to honor that white horse.



(Outside Bach Ma Temple)

Now turn right to HANG DUONG (Sugar) Street, which sells all kinds of sugar, sweets, and dried fruit (in Vietnamese: “Ô Mai”). Together with the ups and downs of history, the street’s appearance has changed but the treasured old houses such as Cau Dong Pagoda, which has been classified as national historical relics, are still preserved on the street.




Outside Cau Dong Pagoda with Hanoi Free Local Tour members

Going straight ahead, you step onto DONG XUAN Street / Springfield Street, which originally belonged to two villages Nhiem Trung and Hau Tuc. Dong Xuan market, Vietnam’s oldest and largest market, occupies half of the street, was one of the busiest urban areas in Southeast Asia thanks to its location at the confluence of To Lich and Red River. The French required merchants to bring their goods inside the market in order to facilitate tax collections. When the number of merchants increased, the market was enlarged. In 1889, a structure was built over it, and five gates were built leading to it. Each of the five market gates was used only for specified goods. In 1994, a fierce fire destroyed almost the market, leading to its being renovated.

With a smartphone, any foreign tourist can easily find online direction to explore Hanoi on their own, so why should you choose us to be your company in a couple of hours ? Because our tour guides are so friendly and enthusiastic that they certainly try to make sure you have a good time here. We will not only give you useful information about the Old Quarter but also share with you genuine stories of Hanoians from the perspective of a local. As our club’s slogan indicates: “Bring tourists and locals together”, the free walking tour offers you  authentic experience in exploring the city with a local companion – an experience that you shall never forget in the rest of your life!.

Seeing is believing. Hope to see you in Hanoi.

Many tourists have tried the tour with Hanoi Free Local Tours and kindly give us 5-star reviews with encouraging comments on TripAdvisor.


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