Hanoi Motorbike Tour

Before going into detail of Hanoi Motorbike Tour itinerary, we would like to give you a short video made by Vladimir Pcholkin, a famous travel blogger

Riding a bike on the streets of Hanoi is like being inside computer game. It’s crazy fun. I wouldn’t risk it myself, but my tour guide does it everyday. It is amazing experience when visiting Hanoi Vietnam. Vietnam is a beautiful country and Vietnamese people absolutely wonderful. Food in Vietnam is world famous.” –  Vladimir Pcholkin

Excursions to Hanoi city as local people 

If visitors are tired of seeing the street through the glass window and being in a narrow space on the car, Hanoi Motorbike Tour can be considered as a “worth a try” for those who want to discover Hanoi with a free local guide. Specifically, a pretty female driver will take you around the city.


Being a Hanoian by taking a free local tour on mortorbike around hanoi

Hanoi Motorbike Tour information:

step icon – Step 1We pick you up at your hotel or hostel, then go around Hanoi the old Quarter
step icon – Step 2We will go to Long Bien Bridge one of the oldest bridge in Vietnam
step icon – Step 3Then, have a visit to west lake, Tran Quoc Pagoda – must do in Hanoi, that you should not miss.
step icon – Step 4On the back of the motorbike, going to where locals go, eat what local enjoy. Keep your own amazing experience in Hanoi
step icon – Step 5We take you back your hotel or hostel.

NoDestinationsTicket Price
1Hoan Kiem lake
2St.Joseph Cathedral
3Long Bien bridge
4West Lake
5Can be customized to anywhere


  • 28 USD/Pax/
  • All included: motorbike rental, parking tickets, petrol, Helmets, Entrance Fee, A cup off coffee (or a meal)
  • Excluded: Personal expenses.


There are many attractive places for tourists such as Free Walking Tours around Old Quarter and Hanoi Street food tours, visitors will be taken to a famous coffee shop to sip a warm egg coffee then they will walk around Hoan Kiem Lake, Opera House, the old town, Dong Xuan market… -which are the most bustling places of the capital for everyone to learn the rhythm of Hanoi. You can stop by these destinations to buy a baked corn, baked potato, to enjoy a cup of tea … or any special street food.

Hanoi Motorbike Tour at night

Hanoi Motorbike Tour at night

After that, the guide will show you the beauty of West Lake ( the biggest lake in Hanoi), stop at Ngu Xa street to enjoy favorite pavement dishes  such as rolled noodle with beef, stir-fried noodles … and drink cool beer. If you want to hang out in Hanoi at night, doing a food tour is one of the best option that you shouldn’t miss. It is not only for you to taste warm-hot dishes in the Old Quarter, but also tourists will visit Long Bien Bridge and feel the wind blowing into you , drop in a restaurant along the Red River to try some Hanoian’s local food.

It may take from 3- 4 hours to do Hanoi motorbike tour, the charge for it is just $ 28. Alternatively, visitors are able to make a customized tour including going shopping or going for sightseeing in 2 hours. Our female guides will help customers to bargain, buy anything, or give them some trustworthy restaurant addresses in Hanoi.

Real experience Hanoi motorbike tour

Real experience Hanoi motorbike tour

According to Mr Adam Pham, founder of Hanoi Free Local Tours, said that

Special tours have been formed since April 2016. He found that many foreign tourists coming to Hanoi expressed their desire to enjoy delicious food – especially street food, but there were not many tours relating this requirements…Therefore, he opened to own tour service by himself. Initially he introduced tour services to restaurants, hotels in order to put them on a try. From that, visitors have been very fond of doing many tours in Hanoi and a lot of people have experienced these tours due to mouth to mouth. Mr. Pham said that in a month Hanoi Free Local Tours served 150 customers, many of them have become familiar customers of the organization.

Best Female Drivers for Motorbike Tour

The most interesting factor of Hanoi Motorbike Tour is the female drivers. According to Mr Adam Pham, the criteria for candidates selected on the Hanoi Motorbike Tour need to meet the requirements of appearance, having a driver’s license, being fluent in English. Before driving in official, the drivers have to undergo a training course of communication skills, as well as handling traffic situations.

Each one is equipped with a walkie-talkie to keep in touch with the main facilitator and tour director when happening emergency. Images of young girls in elegant long dresses are being on a motorbike with tourist show a good impression on everyone. But it is not usual for “small” girl to take a tall Western visitor on her motorbike.

Nguyen Thuy Linh, an employee of the Hanoi Free Motorbike Tour, said: “Foreigners who are not used to sitting behind motorbikes, so before departure, we talked to each other, as well as guide visitors to sit, lay their hands to balance the car and ensure safety. After the initial hesitation, many people are excited. “

“My friend and I booked a motorcycle tour for the last day before leaving Hanoi,” said Rafael, a tourist from California. Surprisingly, the ladies in the long dress are charming with a smile on their lips. They speak English very well. They are happy to answer whatever we ask. We had Vietnamese coffee, ate delicious food and enjoyed the view of Hanoi city. However, the most amazing thing is the feeling of being crossed by a crowded lanes with a beautiful Vietnamese girl. I will never forget this feeling. “


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