Hanoi What To Eat

May 7, 2017


Tell about Vietnamese breakfast of Hanoi Free Local Tours: As far as you might know, the breakfast is the most important meal in a day. It plays an indispensable role in supplying all the necessary nutrients for body for a day of hard work. It is said that a suitable breakfast will help your body create energy for a new day with vitality as well as supplement nutrients consumed after a long night. According to […]
January 14, 2017


If you are in Ha Noi and want to have a different experience to explore the Viet Nam’s capital, I think our Ha Noi Street Food Tour online is very useful for you.  I think you may know that Ha Noi has many delicious dishes and each dish has many kinds of it. However, you have only a limited amount of time; can you enjoy all best dishes?  Don’t worry because we have a list […]
January 13, 2017
local flavor pho hanoi beef noodles soup-best pho hanoi


  Someone said “Food reflects not only the material world but also the spirit world of a country.”  Therefore, for foreigners, enjoying food in another country is one of the most special ways to explore its culture. According to CNN Travel “What list of Vietnamese cuisine would be complete without best pho hanoi? It’s almost impossible to walk a block in Vietnam’s major cities without bumping into a crowd of hungry patrons slurping noodles at […]
January 11, 2017
a cup of egg coffee in Haka coffee shop-Vietnamese coffee filter


You are addicted to coffee and it is a dispensable part of your life? You are too familiar with instant coffee and you think it is your the most favorite coffee? One day, you visit Viet Nam and want to enjoy a cup of coffee. You ask a cup of coffee like you did in your country. Don’t be surprised if the waiter serves you a strange cup of coffee. It has a metal filter […]
January 10, 2017
Bo De Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian Restaurant Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi  is well- known for the best street food in the world, is not the most popular destination for those who are vegetarians, there are still some locations where you can enjoy decent vegetarian food. We have compiled a list of the 8 best vegetarian restaurants in the capital of Vietnam. Bo De Vegetarian Restaurant Bo De is a family owned vegetarian restaurant. The eclectic menu changes a little bit every day and it always […]
July 10, 2016
Hanoi Free Local Tours Pho

Pho – The essence of Vietnamese cuisine

ABOUT PHO Viet Nam is  a small country but it has a variety of tasty food which gives a deep impression on foreign tourists when coming to Viet Nam  and try it on. It would be a great mistake if we do not mention Pho when talking about Vietnamese food. In fact, it is the most famous food of  Vietnam that is listed to “must-try food” when foreigners visit Vietnam. Because of its unforgetable delicious […]