Become a HFLT member

To become a member of Hanoi Free Local tours
1.  Applicants have to pass the CV round, the written test and the interview to become HFLT’s collaborator in the first month.
2.  After one month, Department Managers and Leaders will base on your operation and contribution when you are a collaborator and consider recruit you as our official member.
3.  An official member works continuously within 3 months (including a month of collaborator’s time)
Recruitment :

There are 2 forms to register to be a member of Hanoi Free Local Tours club.
1. To join in tour guide activities and develop the club (work in Marketing, Human Resources or Academic Department)
Form 1 is suitable for freshman, sophomore and third- year students who have time to participate in tour guide activities and desire to improve regular skills in work
2. To be a tour guide : only take part in training activities and tour guide of Hanoi Free Local tours Club
Form 2 is suitable for members who have no time and conditions to join in the activities in Human Resources or Marketing of the club.
With this form, a member needs to contribute 100,000VND/month for developing the club thanks to communication, advertisement, printing, etc

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