Hanoi Free Local Tours Activities

I. Objectives
1.  Provide information and gain insights into Vietnamese people, culture, customs and lifestyle to international tourists, which greatly contribute to the development of Vietnamese tourism.
2. Members actively explore and preserve the values of Vietnam, improve English as well as train skills.
3. Members have the opportunity to experience in multicultural environments in Hanoi. This creates great chance to train skills before working in international workplace.

II. Advantages of joining free local tours
1. Foreign tourists understand Vietnam through the eye of locals, avoid some risks such as getting overcharged.
2. Members of the club have chance to express knowledge and love to our own country, learn about the culture of other countries, practice English and train life skills.

III. Procedure
Each tour occurs in a full day or a half day, visiting attractions such as Temper of Literature, Hanoi Old Quarter , Bát Tràng pottery village, Vạn Phúc silk village and so on.
In the role of travel companions, volunteers are non-profit, members help tourists explore Hanoi, give them the chance to experience the natural local life.

IV. Impact on the community:
1.  Encourage people to understand and preserve the beauty of Hanoi and Vietnam.
2. Create the good impression on visitors, express the positive image of Vietnamese tourism, bring traditional beauty of Vietnam to the world.

V. About tour guide activities
The club’s rules Club’s members have the rights and obligations as follows:

1. Rights
+ Participate in the club’s free tour guide activities which can improve personal skills, experience and knowledge of multinational culture.
+ Join in many activities for training about cultural, historical knowledge and soft skills in preparation for guiding tour..

2. Obligations
+ Members of the club have to fully participate in training activities and regular meetings.
+ Follow the tour guide’s schedule, time and place.
+ Contribute to develop the club to become the greatest tour guide club in Hanoi.
+ Besides taking part in tour guide activities, members need to join in managing the tours, ensure the quality of tour, communicate to the club, make fund as a non-profit organization.
+ A member who can’t participate directly in the club’s developing activities (join in Communication or Human Resources Department) needs to contribute 100,000 VND/month to maintain the club’s financial source.

+ When guiding tours, it is acceptable if the tourists pay for tickets, food, drink and travelling expenses to support members for their operation.
+ Prohibit members from suggesting for money, payment or defrauding the tourists for the sake of your own benefits.

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