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April 1, 2016

The Future of Vietnam

The Future of Vietnam

If you want to know the history of Vietnam, you can read history books

If you want to see the presence of Vietnam, go and see what is happening in Vietnam

And, if you want to know the future of Vietnam, you should talk with students

And, why is it?


photorealistic 3d sky-high future ahead street sign

Because, they are the people who are going to build this country. If they did not have any passion and pursuit what they were born for, what would the future of Vietnam be? Nothing!

Almost all people could dream of stable lives in which they would live in their villages with children and  alcoholic husbands. And Vietnam would again be ranked as one of the most “happiest country” in the world.

We, the member of Hanoi Student Guides, do not want to see it happen!

We are going to change the game!

Studying hard, every day we will learn something new and be better than yesterday. We get that our hard work will pay off.

We also practice English, hopping that we will have more access to the latest knowledge, new ideas in other countries.

We are doing it through working on “Hanoi Free Tourguides ”. We will guide you around Hanoi, be talking with you as a friend, help you discover every single corner of Hanoi, show you how to get a real bargain!

The future of Vietnam

And, why do we do it?

We are learning, we want to be better than what we are today. Everyone has different stories, you are from America, German, China… different cultures mean different perspectives. We need it, we will have more understanding of how people think, access vast of knowledge around the world without paying much money to study abroad.

We need you!

And hope that you want to see “the future of Vietnam” or just give us a try!


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