• Overview of Bat Trang ceramic village

Bat Trang_ Aaseven-century old village with tradition of making porcelain and pottery through historical ups and downs is a destination that you shouldn’t miss when you are in Hanoi. No matter how many places you have visited, the Bat Trang village will give you unforgettable experiences and truly understand historical stories of Vietnam- an age-old culture country. Moreover, you will have interesting feeling when making something like a glass, a bowl, a vase,…in your own.

  1. History of Bat Trang village.



Located in an area near Red River- the silty river in Vietnam, Bat Trang village has advantages to make pottery and porcelain. However, the name of village existed since Le dynasty when five big families decided to move to Thang Long imperial citadel to do business. Craftsman and pottery makers also moved to the places with their children and relatives. The way they produced products at that time was household productions so number of products were very limited. After 500 years, Bat Trang village has been known as a traditional village. Then, production of village was organized again with a view of develop the village faster and faster.

Despite of being an officially traditional village for 500 years ago, products of village had been highly appreciated since 14th and 15th century. Not only did it famous in domestic market but they were also exported to big market in the world thanks to the Japanese, Chinese and Western trading boasts that passed by.

Unfortunately, under Trinh and Nguyen dynasty, restrict foreign policy prevented ceramic products. These products could not export to any countries except for our domestic market. Since 1986, when Vietnam reclaimed freedom and became an independent country, opening trade policy encouraged to produce strongly. That’s why the world has a chance to know a high quality ceramic and porcelain brand like Bat Trang Vietnam.

Once time, production in the village felt down because demand of market has changed all the time. In order to catch up with market trend, potters and craftsmen renovated their production to come back to the golden age. Nowadays, apart from producing for market, more than 1000 household productions with many shops are always ready to serve tourists.

2. Creative Pottery Products



With creativity and skill, Vietnamese craftsmen made many forms of ceramic and porcelain products to meet customers’ demand. Bowls, cups, plates, bottles and so on are popular products of the village. Besides, customers can order product as they requested.

Compared with other famous producing-ceramic countries in the world, Vietnam has fewer advantages in all aspects. Nevertheless, not any person can deny the high quality products of Bat Trang village.

Initially, all of products were made by hands. Processed soil was shaped in potter’s wheels. Nowadays, no longer does the form of production used because of demand of market. Potters shape the soil into mound. Yet, most of other steps are still made by hands.

There is no doubt that handmade products can’t have a perfect appearance like mass products in factories. So why are these products accepted in the market? If you are a pottery and ceramic lover, you will have answer easily: imperfection makes perfection. These products aren’t as perfect as mass ones but they have spirits of potters that no factory can make. Vignettes drawn by hand give a strong impression on customers and are emphasizes as well. Sometimes, potters have to spend hours on drawing vignettes of products. So many workforces is spent that products seem to be spiritual children of potters. Another vital reason is that each product of Bat Trang village reflects Vietnamese’s culture. In other words, they help preserve cultural values of the country for thousand years.

3. Ceramic-making Activities



If you have an intention of visiting Bat Trang village, half day tour is recommend. You’ll have chance of taking a walk on beautiful dams what hardly do you see when you are in your country. In addition, joining buffalo tour is an interesting choice for tourists to enjoy the view.

Located about 10km from Hanoi but Bat Trang village has no difference from other villages in countryside. Fresh air and comfortable feelings are plus marks for it. Taking wonderful photos to share with friends and family is a wonderful idea.

You may buy product in stores as a gift for family. At no time do you have to worry about origin because all of them are produced by potters in Bat Trang village.

Especially, you can be a potter in pottery and porcelain market. It is unbelievable, right? Don’t worry because no one judges your product. For a moment, you feel like being in a time machine to come back your childhood. No judgment, no worry, just fun.  You will definitely have unforgettable time and a unique gift for your friends.

4. Tips tips and tips


How to transport: the village is 10km far from Hanoi center so you have many choices to transport. Bus, motorbikes, taxi or even bikes all allow you to arrive.

+) For bus, all you need to do is Google and a good wireless to find bus journey and choose the most convenient bus stop for you. In contrary to what you know about bus, bus in Vietnam may surprise you because of its bit difference. There is no question that bus is cheap but you may get into some troubles such as crowd, wasting much time or language barrier. Many Vietnamese use bus to transport everyday but for foreigners, it seems to be a quite hard. Nevertheless, because of your safety, public transportations are recommended.

5. What you should prepare?

Visiting the village consumes you much energy for interesting activities and on one make sure that you find your favorite food here so preparing your meal is the best choice. You only need to bring some food like a picnic and enjoy it during your tour. Food, drink and fruits enable you to have a good meal. Besides, many stores serve you all the time if you want to try Vietnamese food. Don’t worry about price here on account of all stores are controlled strictly. You can survey price and leave in case you think it’s too high without any annoying from stores owners. Plus, because you just spend half day in the village so there is no need to concerning about hotel or hostel. You can take a rest in any stores if you need.

6. Is there any new experience in Bat Trang?


The answer is yes. As you know, buffaloes are the most common animal in Vietnam but in big cities like Hanoi, hardly can you come across a real buffalo. Understanding it, people in the village bring to you amazing experience. Nice buffaloes are your driver. Really? Certainly.Thus, you’ll have chance of discovering Vietnam in a unique way. Each visiting around the village costs you about 150k-200k VND.

On the way, sometimes, you may have feelings that you are in a pottery exhibition. Many pottery and porcelain will come into sight. They are diversified in shape, vintage and form. A useful tip for you is that if you notice, you might find a beautiful and unique thing but taking notice on avoiding faulty goods is recommended. Before buying it, you should bargain with owners. 2/3 of asking price is reasonable price for you. Taking photos with pottery goods allows here as long as you pay attention in order to not break them.

  • Now, after taking note all of these information and tips, are you ready to leave your position to discover the village? Why not booking a tour in Hanoi Free Local Tour to have a nice free tour guide? So exciting!

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