Tourists from Malaysia
Date: 4th Nov 2016
Tour guide: Vũ Thạch Thảo
Destination: Hoan Kiem lake => the Saint Joseph Cathedral=> the Temple of Literature=> a primary school=> their hotel


Hanoi Free Private Tour Guides Report

I wonder if I was lucky or not on that day. At first, I applied for a 1:30pm tour from Hanoi Free Private Tour Guides’ Diretor but when I arrived the hotel, the receptionist told me that the tourists were not at the hotel. Then the tour was cancelled. OMG!!! And I decided to guide another tour at 2pm . Lucky me! 2 tourists booking a free private tour with our club coming from Malaysia are university students as well so we were excited to share together about our study and passion. Cadmon who really likes taking photos and recording videos about everything on his journey to make travel video and I was really interested in his videos which he showed me. When we visited a primary school on the way to their hotel, they were really excited with the students’s reaction there =)) One more time, I was invited to travel to Malaysia. Finally, we said goodbye to each other and they gave me 20 ringgits as a gift. This tour was a memorable experience.

Thank hanoi Free Private Tour Guides for giving me this oportunity of guiding these such amazing travellers.



Hanoi Free Private tours reviews on Tripadvisor.

Nice and friendly local guides” 

Chris from Spain

This experience is way more than what I expected. I was very happy to meet my new guide May and her friend Cuong, who brought me to another side of Hanoi. They brought me to the local restaurants that I would not have been able to find on my own, and we had such a great time visiting the museum and trying out food together. It is a must-have itinerary for everyone’s trip and I would recommend it to anyone who’s visiting soon!

Great evening with Hanoi free private Tour guide

Noorties from London 

This tour was really nice! We did more of a street food tour, because it was almost evening and not many sights would be open in Hanoi. Still a lot of fun. We ate traditional local food and had some drinks. We had a lot of fun exploring the city and talking to locals. Thats how you best experience the culture!!

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you just need to book a free tour here 1 day in advance, our tour director will arrange your a free local tour guide who is studying in hanoi doing the free tour for enhancing his/her english skills.


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