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the description of the free tour guides with 2 tourists from UK in Hanoi on 27, July, 2016

– Tourist: Dan and Janette
– Nationality: UK
– Time: 2 pm – 7 p.m Wednesday
– Tour guide: Linh, Nga Nguyen
– Destinations: Sword Lake – Hoa Lo prison – Vietnamese Women Museum – Drinking

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – A free tour from the the guide’s view will help you understand how our guides work.

– Description of Hanoi Free tour Guide report. 
At first I was told that the 2 tourists were really knowledgeable (because they travel a lot) and they required a free experienced tour guide. Obviously, I was by no way an “experienced” one (it was my 2nd tour so far). So before going to the homestay, I was a little bit worried: what if they were not friendly and open to me, what if I could not make good interaction with them during the trip and so on… However, that concern seemed to be redundant. The moment I met the tourists, I was happy that both the guy and the girl, who was his forever – girlfriend, were so nice and friendly. Dan is a typical Briton who is really gentle, polite and caring. On the way, when I seemed to run out of what to talk or ask, then it’s him who asked me about my study and life. He even asked me if I was okay with walking. We talked and talked and I found out that many interesting things about them, like both of them were teachers who had taught English for a couple of years, they had been to lots of Asian countries and they could speak really good Korean (omg, they even called each other “yobo”, it’s so cuteee :3 ).

The feeling of the free tour guide after a tour with 2 travelers from UK

Hanoi Free Tour Guides - Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 2

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 2

On our way to the prison, there was a sudden rain and we were nearly wet from head to toe. In Hoa Lo, 3 of us were joined by Nga Nguyen (a former member of Hanoi Free walking tour) (she was waiting for us there in 30 mins) and the tour became really fun (the more the merrier u know). Dan was really thoughtful when he offered to pay us the tickets (though we refused, saying we could pay for ourselves). After spending lots of time in the prison, at around 4 p.m, we headed for the Museum. It was the 1st time Nga and I had been to the museum. Despite reading something about the museum beforehand, we were still bewildered in front of lots and lots of objects there, some of which I had no idea why they were on display (i.e: the red wedding dress of “Nguoi Hoa” – Chinese people). So my only choice was going with the flow. We were not well-prepared, so we told them whatever topic that came to our mind when we saw the objects on display. For instance, when we saw the pictures illustrating gender inequality on the 1st floor, we had a quick discussion about the role of women in society. It seemed to me that the Western were generally open-minded about gender-role: it was not unusual that men can stay at home and take care of the family. Janette told me once they had a baby, she would be the one who worked and Dan would be staying at home (it was really surprising to me, though =D).

Hanoi Free Tour Guides - Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 1

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 1

We ended our amazing free Hanoi city tour with a stop-over for a drink. I suggested them a smoothies shop nearby, which was Vu canu, in Ba Trieu Street. I went past the shop hundreds of time and was absolutely confident that I would lead them there in 5 mins. However, having my head in the cloud due to chatting, I walked past the shop without any notice and kept leading them farther away from the shop. The moment I realized the situation, I was freaking out, but I tried to be calm and not let them know (even my partner Nga – sorry, Nga =D ). Luckily, upon walking down, I spotted another coffee shop and that what saved me. We settled down in the 2nd floor with beautiful view towards the street, and enjoyed ourselves with some fresh juice, which was a treat from the lovely couple). Janette was really nice and understanding: she appreciated our effort as being free tour-guide and offered to treat us something special as a “Thank-you” <3. Then we were back to the homestay.

Hanoi Free Tour Guides - Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 3

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 3

It was a long, long walk but no one seemed to be exhausted, as we were so into chatting with each other on the way. It was so fascinating to know more about the climate, the food and the lifestyle in another country, which you could only have once you partner with those wonderful foreign people. For sure that was worth your time and effort. (we even added each other’s facebook and phone number that day and discussed the next tour together). My partner nga was supportive and amiable; we get on really, really well. That was simply AMAZINGGG. My MOST AMAZING TOUR so far. I LOVE IT =D =D 🙂

Hanoi Free Tour Guides - Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 4

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi [Tour Report] 4

by the way, when I wrote this report, I did another 2 tours with Dan and Janette on Saturday morning and Saturday night and it was really fun, especially the one in the Night Market (We ended the night tour at around 11:30 PM and then back home, I overslept and couldn’t wake up for the team-building :'( ) Dan and janette really mastered the art of Bargain in Hanoi. They even asked me to teach them how to say “anh oi” , “chi oi” so that they could say that to a seller in return for a bargain ( a secretive strategy to get cheaper price :v). When haggling for a T-shirt, Dan urgently asked me to whisper to his ear how to say a compliment in Vietnamese to the shop keeper, which was “Em dep qua”. He said that to the girl a couple of times but couldn’t get a bargain. It made me and Janette laugh loudly on the way……. =D

Hanoi Free Tour Guides – Free Tour Guides in Hanoi

Written by Le Dieu Linh

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