This is my first free city tour in my life with a family from UK and an experienced guide  (Hanoi-Free-Local-Tour member).

  • Tourist: Rob (husband) + Chima (wife) from England
  • Free Hanoi Tour Guides: Đào + Ngọc
  • Time: 8.30 pm – 4p.m (30 Jul, 2016)
  • Destinations: Temple of Literature, Imperial Academy, Trang Tien ice cream, Bun cha, Sword Lake, Coffee Egg

This is my first time being a free local tour guide in life, but actually today I was not 100% a guide. It was more about observing how a tour works. Initially, we planned to go to Temple of Literature (Ms. Đào would take care of it) firstly, then visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum (I would take care) then. However, this plan did work as we expected because we had not enough time for both 2 places in several hours in the morning. If I had done better preparation, I would have anticipated this, :((( So in this morning, Đào handled nearly everything by herself about Temple of Literature and some other places involved. Although I was just an observer and a supporter today, I was still happy and got tons of useful experience.

3 Days in hanoi -Ho-Chi-Minh-Mausoleum-Hanoi-Free-Local-Tours

3 Days in hanoi -Ho-Chi-Minh-Mausoleum-Hanoi-Free-Local-Tours

I would like to say more about the tourists that our Free Local Tours club provided us today. They were very nice. I felt that I was a lucky person who had the opportunity to accompany them for my first tour. They spoke to us with the manner of real British. Actually, they are not native Briton. They had lived in South Africa for long while before moving to England few years ago, So that’s why Rob has a strange accent, kind of a British one mixed with something else. Luckily, we were easily and quickly accustomed to their accents.

Hanoi Free Local Tours TOUR REPORT

Hanoi Free Local Tours TOUR REPORT

They seemed to be delighted and eager to know the historical information, Vietnamese cultures as well. Sometimes one of the couple was distracted by their children. Yet they still tried as much as possible to focus on what Ms. Dao was saying.

Once again, I would love to emphasize how nice they are (sorry ^ ^). Rob always readily paid all money for all the expenses during the tour like, lunch, ice-cream time, taxi and entrance). Plus, he did not forget offering us bottles of water and recommending buying ice-cream for us.

Lastly, at the time of farewell, he gave each of us a can of English tea as a gift.

As for Đào, my partner today, as a tour guide, she did well. She speaks very good English. For chatting time, the tourists were really interested in her own stories about her family. Occasionally, she felt worried a little bit and asked me whether I felt her performance boring or not, and I gotta say “nooo, u are doing well, keep doing”


5 reasons why I am satisfied with my very first trip:

– Undoubtedly, the tourists are super nice, they also shared a lot about them, E.g.: their first date, their efforts to be a couple even though they were not allowed to do so by their families.

– Chima, Rob’s wife, has knowledge about psychology which I have accidentally been interested recently

– This is the first time I encountered a serious robbery in Sword Lake area

– My enthusiastic partner

– The cute gift

Written by Do Bich Hong Ngoc

Thank Hanoi Free Local Tours for giving me this chance. 
Do Bich Hong Ngoc

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