Hanoi Free City Tour with Locals ( Half-Day)

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April 1, 2016
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Hanoi Free City Tour with Locals ( Full-Day)
April 2, 2016

Hanoi Free City Tour with Locals ( Half-Day)



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Hanoi Free Local Tours, a non-profit organization, was established to bring tourists and locals together. Therefore, tourists can truly explore our culture, customs, history of Vietnam while local people have opportunity to get to know more about diverse culture, reaching their full potential. We bring tourists and locals together

 Hanoi Free Half-day Tour Option 1
+ Duration: 3-4 hours
+ 8:30Am – 12am or 2:00Pm -5 pm
+ Places: The Old Quarter,  Sword Lake Area,  Hoa Lo Prison, Dong Xuan Market, Long Bien Bridge

The Old Quarter:
After the guide picks you up at your hotel at 1 p.m, the tour will begin with walking to the Old Square which any tourist comes over when visiting Hanoi.



If you visit Hanoi without stopping over in the Old Square, certainly you will overlook the most interesting part of your trip. Coming to Old Square, you will be charmed by architectural construction with ancient houses having hundreds of years old and animated, busy space of trading in various commodity. Moreover, this is a good chance for you to experience, contact with friendly local people and have more understanding of customs and cultures of Vietnam. You will know to how to bargain, to buy some souvenirs or to find routes. Because the old square looks as a maze with 36 wards associated by the system of interlacing intersecting routes, if you don’t go with a native person, you will go astray easily. Maybe the thing tourists like most is to do sightseeing and enjoy some typical food of Hanoi such as pho, bun cha, banh mi,…Sometime you can catch culture-spirited activities directly on the street. Although this nowadays area has innovation than the past, peaceful and simple lifestyle of people and the features of ancient architecture in here still maintain and preserve. Maybe this reason the Old Quarter

Sword Lake Area:

Hanoi free walking tours

visit Sword lake with Hanoi free walking tours

After having a good time at the Old Quarter, we will go on foot to Sword lake area at 2:30pm. The community of the Sword lake area is the soul of culture as well as history of Hanoi in 19th century. You will be told legends or pieces of interesting stories to interpret for its name . If you are lucky, you can see the big and rare turtle having hundreds of years old surfacing. Furthermore, you also contemplate the turtle tower, the pen tower, the Huc bridge and Ngoc Son temple. They are not great works such as Eiffel in France or the statue of liberty in the US,… but they are a harmonious works of art bringing historic meaning. It will make you exclaim ‘Wow! Perfect’. Coming here you not only have knowledge of Vietnamese tradition but also enjoy a little peace in busy life and beautiful nature. In addition, you can take part in interesting activities, folk games or simply go for a walk on pavement or walking streets. With all reasons above, from the long time, the Sword lake area became the symbol of Hanoi and a place attracts to a large number of tourists. Let go and take a lot of memorial photos with us.

Hoa Lo Prison:

Hoa Lo Prison with Hanoi free tour guides

The facade of the Hoa Lo prison museum, formely known as the “Hanoi Hilton” during the Vietnam-American War, in Hanoi, Vietnam, Asia.

We will follow the instruction of tour guide to move to Hoa Lo prison and buy tickets at 3:30pm. Vietnam was known as a war nation with the two resistance wars against the French colonialists and the American imperialist producing a stir in world. So they had misunderstanding that Vietnamese people are ambitious and warlike. They didn’t know Vietnamese nation always longed for independence and freedom. We will discover together where Ho Chi Minh president of Vietnam and John Mc Cain of the US used to be detained, where is called ‘Hell on earth’. The French had the prison built to arrest political prisoners and patriots of Vietnam in 1896. Go deeply in prison, you can feel blood-curdling cold and cheerless space covered with black walls and terrible sounds. Then tour guide will help you understand about history of Vietnam  and important events in the war. The prison displays statues and implements to reappear poor life condition as well as ways they were tortured and persecuted savagely by the French. But the specialist thing in here is in the same place the way the French treated Vietnamese prisoners and the way Vietnamese people treated the American pilots were absolutely contrary. Nowadays Hoa Lo prison becomes an attractive sightseeing site to abroad visitors desiring to learning about Vietnamese history.

Traditional Market Hanoi Free Local Guides

Trying food is always a fundamental part of a travel. And Pho or Cha Ca are traditional foods in Vietnam. If you are a vegetarian, we will have lunch at a unique vegetarian restaurant which serves the food that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

In the afternoon, we will take a taxi to the oldest traditional market in Vietnam- ( Dong Xuan Market). This is the place to see how locals make their livings and discover a variety of interesting alleys with diverse tasty street foods. There are only a few tourists there, which makes us feel like we are going to discover the new place in planet.

Long Bien Bridge:

We will go to Long Bien bridge by taxi and reach there at 4:45pm. Escape of quite stuffy air of prison, we will visit a well-aired place with strong wind blowing through your hair. You will feel when going for a walk along bridge to contemplate peaceful and plain landscape. This is the first bridge built by the French at the end of 19th century. It existed thousands of years and witnessed the rise and fall of history of a nation. With the classic architecture of the west, the bridge likes central character in poetic natural picture of Vietnam. We go with each other to admire the sunset and listen to interesting stories. Let your journey finish in here and in perfect space by checking in a memorial photo.
So we will finish a half day tour in 5:10pm and it’s time for us to say good bye. Have a good journey!

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Hanoi Free Half-day Tour Option 2:

+ Places: The Old Quarter,  Sword Lake Area,  Hoa Lo Prison, Long Bien Bridge
+ Duration: 3-4 hours
+ 8:30Am – 12am or 2:00Pm -5 pm

Ho Chi Minh complex

Ho Chi Minh Complex- hanoi Free Local Tours

Ho Chi Minh Complex- hanoi Free Local Tours

Location: Hung Vuong Street, Dien Bien precinct, Ba Dinh district, Ha Noi.
Time opening hot season:

+ 7h30 am to 10h30 am
+ 1h30 pm to 4h30pm

In cold season: – 8h to 11h am.
On Saturday and Sunday, it is opened from 8am to 11h30 am

it reflects a period of Ho Chi Minh‘s life. Nowadays, there are thousand people visiting Ho Chi Minh complex each day to express their admiration and gratitude towards him
Ho Chi Minh complex has 8 areas.

1. Ho Chi Minh mausoleum : the a place to preserve Ho Chi Minh corpse
2. Ba Dinh square : the place has been taken place many important national historical events for many years, especially : September the 2th 1945, HO Chi minh president read Vietnam independence Declaration
3. Ho Chi Minh house: the place Ho Chi Minh President welcomed Heads of State.
4. Stilt House: where Ho Chi Minh worked and lived.
5. Fish pond
6. The 54th house: where Ho Chi Minh president worked.
7. Ho Chi Minh museum: display traces, introduce about Ho Chi Minh’s life and fighting of Vietnamese.
8. One pillar pagoda : In 2012, the pagoda was admitted the most unique pagoda in Asia
Tips: because it is a revered place, you should notice on your clothes and etiquette.
Temple of Literature.

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Quoc Tu Giam Street, at the south of Thang Long citadel.
It has two areas :
1. Van Mieu: it was built to dedicate to Confucius who created the Confucianism – the most powerful idea at that time. There are many traces reflecting the moral popular at that time. Especially, Constellation of Literature Pavilion was chosen to be the symbol of Ha Noi since 2012
2. Quoc Tu Giam: It was the first university in Viet Nam. Traces are still preserved to reflect the form of examination at that time.

West Lake
located in the west north of Ha Noi in Ho Tay district. It is not far from Temple of literature. It is the biggest lake in Ha Noi. There are many legends relating to names of it such as Trau Vang or Xac Cao. It is also an attracting destination for check in, eating and viewing. West lake is known as heritage road in Ha Noi with 20 history heritages such as : Tran Quoc pagoda, Vong Thi pagoda, Ba Danh temple. If you want to buy souvenirs for friends or family, To Ngoc Van, Xuan Dieu or Yen Phu street are crowed with many unique stores serving primarily for foreigners.

Moreover, our lovely tour guides will introduce a variety of delicious food. Ice cream, banh tom or roast meat are the most food of interest of tourists. It is an ideal place to explore the lifestyle of Vietnamese. Exploring a new country may take a long time so a good partner will help you enjoy the most exciting experiences. It would be wonderful if we get to take a trip together. Ha Noi Free Local Tour welcomes you to Ha Noi – the Viet Nam’s heart.

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  1. Sandra says:

    Tomorrow we’ll arrive Hanoi. We are interested in your tours but we don’t undestand english. Is there any guide who speaks spanish?
    We are 4 people.

  2. Pei-I Lin says:

    To whom may concern,
    I’d like to book a half day tour for tomorrow morning, and I have several questions:

    For option 1:
    1. How much is the ticket for Hao lo prison?
    2. On the website mentions we will be taking taxi. How much does the taxi cost to go from hao lo prison to Dong Xuan Market, and the market to the long bien bridge?

    For option 2:
    1. Will the ho chi Minh complex be opened tomorrow on Monday? Is there any entrance fee?

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