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April 1, 2016
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Why do vietnamese sit on little chairs

Why do vietnamese sit on little chairs

I have done quite a lot of city tours with tourists from different countries, which brings me the ability to answer some tough questions that even hardly do locals give though to
If you have been to Vietnam, you may be wondering why Vietnamese sit on little chairs along streets. I explained that because it is more convenient for everyone to move once the police come (it is not legal to take a seat on pavements in Vietnam).
why do vietnamese sit on small chairs?
Literally this answer could be true but this actually did not satisfy both me the tourist who I was talking to. Until another tourist from Israel noticed that normally the smaller chair he sat the less money he had to pay for the restaurant owner. He told me his story, which helped me understand what is the right answer for “the tough question” .
In Vietnam the higher the chair is, the more money you have to pay. If you go in restaurants offering you high chairs, nice atmospheres, you should be ready to be charged much more than in restaurants providing you with meals on small chairs.
Would you be willing to sit on the ground to have a free glass of lemon tea? Just kidding!
 It is not the end of my article today.
 There is another convincing answer to that question. That is
 While sitting on a small chair you will see the big world!
 The lower you are, the better you can learn from others.
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